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Do Blackout Sunscreen Shades Provide Adequate UV Protection?


Giving your homes a makeover or making new additions to your home gives rise to a range of mixed emotions. There is excitement as there will be something new about the house, but there is also anxiety as you have that tiny doubt about whether you will get the look you so desire. Selecting stuff for your home is time consuming and also a tiring experience. You must do research, visit shops to gather information and form an idea, study different features and mechanisms to determine the one that suits you the best. At every step you are bombarded with tons of options which makes it difficult to zero down on a single piece that is worthy for your homes. Let us take the example of blinds and shades. There are hundreds of varieties of blinds and shades made of different type of materials. If you choose fabric, there are different types of fabrics, colors, designs, patterns and textures to choose from. You have to keep in mind the functional qualities of the blinds and ensure that your concerns are addressed effectively.  Then there are different mechanisms to choose from like corded, cordless or motorized. If you have kids or pets at home, it is recommended to opt for cordless or motorized control.

So, you see, choosing a single window blinds can be a challenging task. But it has been our endeavor to help you in shortlisting a product for by delving deep into the features and specifications. There is often a confusion centering around sunscreen blinds. Homeowners are curious about sunscreen shades and their differences with blackout blinds if any.

What are Blackout Shades?

Blackout shades need no introduction. Also known as block out shades, these shades completely block out light entering your rooms. We all love natural light and sunshine inside the house but there are times of the day when all of us prefer a little shade and darkness. This is particularly true when you are trying to catch some sleep. During the night it is not so challenging but during the day hours this can be a tough ask. With the sun at its peak and shining down brightly, there is too much light everywhere. Shift workers and emergency service workers have only the morning hours to take some rest. Blackout curtains do a fantastic job of cutting out light completely and creating a dark ambiance for the body to receive sufficient rest and sleep. Blackout blinds also address privacy concerns as they block out view from the outside and also cuts down excessive noise for rooms facing a busy street.


UV Protection

Made of specially woven layers of fabric, blackout shades provide an UV rating of 50+. This is a measure of how much Ultraviolet rays are blocked out by these shades. UV rays are harmful for both health and the interiors of the house. Prolonged exposure to UV rays and harsh glares of the sun can give rise to health concerns and also cause furniture and furnishings to fade and peel off.

What are Sunscreen Shades?

Sunscreen shades on the other hand is more transparent and made of mesh. They are not a block out shade which means that you can still see through them. During morning hours the privacy is well maintained but at night once the lights come on privacy is severely challenged and will need a layered window treatment for preserving privacy.

The specially designed mesh fabric lets in plenty of light but at the same time offers comprehensive protection from the sun’s glares and rays. Sunscreen shades can block out almost 95% of the harmful rays of the sun which is significant.


Blackout Sunscreen Shades & UV Protection

Blackout sunscreen shades will be a fantastic choice for homes that experience specifically harsh summers. The sun shines down in all it glories while the world around burns in heat. It is important to maintain a comfortable temperature and ambiance inside the house. If the sun’s rays are allowed to flood your space it will put enormous strain on your artificial cooling system and lead to high energy costs. You need to cover the windows with effective treatments that will help to keep the rays out as much as possible and keep the interiors cool. Blackout sunscreen shades are a perfect choice. Sunscreen shades are known for cutting out rays significantly. Blackout fabric will further increase this ability and together they can keep the heat and glares out and create a soothing ambiance inside the house. It will be dark and cool even when sun continues to blaze outside. Along with the heat, the double protection of blackout fabric and sunscreen mesh will help to block out the UV rays. It will help to preserve health of the furniture and furnishings, prevent untimely fading or peel offs and also prevent health concerns arising out of over-exposure to UV rays.

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