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Do Blinds and Sheers Work Well Together?


Selecting Window Treatment for your Home

When you are considering window treatments for your house you are bombarded with varieties of solutions that can be overwhelming, to say the least. There are blinds, shades, curtains, shutters and each of them brings with them a whole wide range of products. There are light filtering shades, blackout shades, TDBU shades, Day/Night window shades, faux wood blinds, wood blinds, mini blinds, plantation shutters, and drapes which include every fabric type, texture, color, and design under the sun. With so much variety how to decide what works well for you and your homes? Apart from the functional aspect, getting the aesthetics right is equally important. You have room decor to consider, a color theme, and a style to adhere to.

Blinds: A Popular Choice

When you are at your wit’s end you research to arrive at a solution. While shades are a fantastic choice, it is not unusual to be bowled over by the aesthetics and understated beauty of blinds. Consisting of slats, blinds have been around for a very long time. They provide fantastic control over your lighting needs. The slats and louvers can be adjusted to control the amount of natural light you want in your room. This is important because while natural light is important, it is critical to control the harsh glares and UV rays of the sun. Blinds allow you to enjoy the warm glow of natural light sans the glare without closing the window covering completely. They also allow you to enjoy the view of the outside without compromising your privacy. There are blinds made of vinyl, wood, faux wood, aluminum, and fabric. Hence they can be used for any room in the house. Vinyl and faux wood blinds make a great choice for high moisture rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. Wood and fabric are a gorgeous solution for living rooms and bedrooms. Aluminum blinds or mini blinds consist of thin slats which makes them a popular choice for smaller windows. Vertical blinds can be customized to cover your large windows and patio doors.


Sheers: An Elegant Choice

Let us now take a look at another very popular window treatment choice for homes. Sheer curtains have been ruling hearts for years. Made of soft semi-transparent fabric, sheer curtains weave magic in your rooms. Sheer curtains are made up of a variety of lightweight materials like net, lace, chiffon, polyester, linen, etc. They can instantly light up and brighten any space in the house.

If you have a sunny room, sheer curtains allow you to enjoy this natural light by diffusing the harshness and spreading warmth and cheer in the room. They help to shield the room from the full force of direct sunlight and the harmful effects of UV rays.
White Sheer Curtains
Sheers are fantastic for daytime when you need natural light as much as protecting the privacy of your homes. Night-time privacy is however compromised once lights come on inside the house and this calls for a layered window treatment solution that will help to address this issue.

The yards of the lightweight fabric provides softness, texture, and movement to your living space. They help to add height to the room and create an illusion of larger living space. They allow the breeze to blow through them creating a well-ventilated living area.


Blinds & Sheers: Layered Window Treatment

Sheers can create wonder for your room and can complement any room decor style effortlessly and create the perfect soothing ambiance that we desire in your homes. And what makes sheers a superb choice for your homes is the ease with which it can be layered with other window treatment solutions like blinds and shades. Together they create the perfect combination for your windows aesthetically and functionally.

Pairing sheers with blinds can be a beautiful way to control the lighting need for your home. If you want more light and view you can keep the blinds opened completely and sheers drawn particularly during the daytime. Allow your home to be bathed in gorgeous warm light. Once the sun goes down you can close the blinds to help preserve the privacy and security of your homes. Blinds are stunners inside out but sheers help to add a whole new dimension to the window and the surrounding decor. They add just the right bit of flair, drama, and elegance that is needed to make that transformation from ordinary to extraordinary and that too with functional benefits.

So if you are just about contemplating the combined looks of sheer curtains and blinds, think no more. It is the perfect recipe for a perfect ambiance.

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