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Do Curtains Help Keep Heat Out?

Do Curtains Help Keep Heat Out

One of the great things you can expect from your home is having a window mechanism that lets in plenty of light without compromising on the view. I have a bay window in my bedroom, where I prefer to work and relax without interruption. It overlooks a verandah and a gate outside, on top of which is a bird feeder. I wake up every day to the sounds of birds chirping in my front yard, lining up for the food I kept for them during the night prior. The curtains that I have are light, sheer window coverings which let in the sunlight, creating a soft and fabulous glow in the bedroom. I can close the curtains and still enjoy the outside view. However, I know that summers are approaching soon, and I certainly need to do something about it, for my sheer curtains will not suffice in keeping the heat out.This is a quandary that many people face, especially during the hot weather. The scorching sun threatens to make the indoors very uncomfortable. For avoiding this, you need to have the right curtains. Which brings us to the important question: are all curtains equally effective in keeping heat out? Which ones should you rather choose in lowering the temperatures inside?

Is Too Much Of Sunlight Harmful?

For heat and light control, you may get certain curtains, but all depends on the outside weather conditions. Many people do not mind the sun as long as the effects are balmy and mild even when it is shining at its brightest during the day. After all, who wouldn’t want to save on electricity costs and work or read, instead, in natural light? Besides, everyday exposure to sunlight releases a chemical called serotonin in the human body, which is related to well-being, happiness and elevated moods throughout the day.

However, as much as we desire sunlight, extended exposure to it may give rise to major skin defects, such as pigmentation, sunburn as well as skin cancer in certain cases. So what do we do? Lack of sunlight may lead to depression, while the excess of it may be detrimental thanks to its UV radiation. What we need are curtains that can keep the excess heat out and provide a decent outdoor view, all while ensuring that there’s no dearth of natural light in the room.

Of Curtains Based On Their Light Filtering Capabilities

All of us have different requirements, and that reflects in our choice of window treatments. A number of factors such as the season, budget, material used in construction, decor elements in the room and insulation properties come into picture while choosing curtains.

During summers, however, the focus shifts to how much heat they allow in the room. The windows must be sealed and all gaps must be closed so that there is no scope of heat to filter through. The rest of it can be managed by the right curtains. To make the choice clearer for you, there are the following kinds of curtains based on their heat and light-filtering properties.

1. Sheer Curtains (Maximum Sunlight):

Light curtains, both in terms of material used and the “heaviness” factor. They make use of fabrics such as cotton, linen or a blend of any of them to create see-through window curtains. They allow maximum sunlight to enter your home and can be used during day time, thus reducing the need to turn on artificial lighting. This way, they can be effective for saving electricity costs to a degree. Besides, reading in natural light can be a rather soothing and rewarding experience. If heat control is your purpose, do not opt for these window treatments.
Sheer Curtains for Bedroom

2. Semi-Sheer Curtains (Some Sunlight):

One step closer to a darkened room; not exactly transparent or translucent, but these curtains can give you a fair idea of outdoor activities. They help you make out if anyone is standing outside the window, trying to get a good look inside the room. They can be used for people who don’t want to be spotted, but who can keep a lookout for suspicious characters in their verandah. These curtains are constructed from a combination of two different materials, a light one with a dark one, such as cotton and polyester blends.
White Semi Sheer Curtains

3. Room Darkening Window Curtains (Minimum Sunlight):

Constructed from materials that block out most of the sunlight, they can be good options for people who are looking for comfort and heat control. They also entail privacy and allow you to focus on your tasks in peace. You can also watch your favorite show or game without any problem as they prevent the sun’s glare from falling on the television surface.
Room Darkening Curtains

4. Blackout Curtains (No Sunlight):

The ultimate window treatments for keeping out all sunlight, creating a blackened effect in the room when you want to take a nap during day time and do not want to rely on air conditioners to cool the room. Being effective insulators, these are opaque curtains that can bring energy costs down to almost 30%. These are the ideal curtains to keep heat out, and these are what you must go for if that is your sole purpose. Apart from keeping out the heat, these curtains can also cancel out all external noises and help you concentrate on your job if you are working from home. Materials such as silk, velvet, and fiberglass are generally used in their construction, but it also depends on the weave. A closely-knit weave with multiple folds is used for creating a blackout curtain, whereas curtains with loosely held fabrics are more transparent and light filtering.
Blackout Curtains

A Blackout Lining In Curtains

If you do not want to invest any more in buying an altogether new curtain for summers, a blackout lining can be inserted in your semi-sheer or sheer curtain fabric by following a simple DIY procedure. It might be the same as creating a new curtain altogether. You need additional 8-10 inches of fabric for the bottom and top hems. Measure your windows from the rod to the bottom, lay the fabric on the ground, and then cut it accordingly. Iron out the wrinkles and fold your hemlines to create a solid layer of material. The final step involves sewing the curtain with the lining together.

You may take some help from a friend or a family member but ensure first that you have a pair of scissors, measuring tape and a sewing machine at home to make the process a smooth one.

Crown Blackout Curtains

One of the leading names in window coverings, Crown has a range of rod pocket and grommet blackout curtains that boast of varied designs. A wide number of colors such as Rio Stone, Wilmington Ebony, Madison Cashmere and Lyon White can be chosen to suit your inner decor and to complement the colors of your walls and furniture.

Final note: Blackout curtains can keep the heat out of your room with their insulating and opaque fabrics. You may either order a new one online or create a DIY fabric at home to add an insulating layer to your existing curtains. Besides keeping the heat out, they prevent you from the sun’s harmful glare and UV radiation which might damage your skin and other objects placed directly in the line of the sun’s rays.

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