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Do Plantation Shutters Do A Good Job Of Blocking Out Light?

Do Plantation Shutters Do A Good Job Of Blocking Out Light

Journey of Finding the Right Window Treatment Solutions

In your journey of finding a perfect window treatment for your home, you will come across tons of options. Blinds, shades, drapes, valance, cornice boards, etc. will overwhelm you with their range of colors, textures and features. You are often at your wit’s end trying to decide on a window covering that will do justice to your windows and address the needs of light and privacy. One of the biggest concerns when trying to zero down on a particular window treatment is how well they blend with your existing decor style. Will they enhance and upgrade the appearance of the room? Will they appreciate or depreciate the value of your decor? The real understanding comes once the window treatments are installed but then it could be too late. Window treatments are customized for your windows and you will have live with the choice you make.

What are Plantation Shutters?

To prevent regrets and heartbreaks, there is one window treatment solution that is foolproof and has time again proved that they are among the most gorgeous and stunning window coverings in the market and the room for error is almost negligible. They can be paired with any room decor and are a timeless beauty. Over the years their popularity has only grown. Yes, we are talking about shutters or Plantation Shutters.

Plantation Shutters are distinguished by their tilted wooden louvers resembling the slats on blinds. While blinds are hung on the windows, shutters are fitted on frames and can be opened like doors and need no cords to operate them. They are available in a range of materials and colors. You can get high-end statement-making shutters made of wood like teak and the more affordable ones made of MDF and vinyl. Choose material depending upon your decor. Plantation Shutters are low maintenance and can last for years if they are taken good care of. These shutters are extremely versatile. They offer great insulation from heat and sound. You can maintain your privacy and light by operating the louvers. Shutters can be customized to fit even your specialty shaped windows.
Graber Plantation Shutters

Do Plantation Shutters Block Out Light?

The question that has emerged time and again is whether shutters block out light and how effective are they. There are small gaps between louvers and one assumes that light can easily flow through and light up the room. It is not possible to block all light of the room completely but shutters do an admirable job of blocking out a substantial part of the light. Shutters are made to make an exact fit on your window frames which means that even around the edges you can expect minimal light seepage. Unlike curtains and blinds, shutters help to seal off the edges. When compare to blinds and shades, shutters give users immense flexibility in controlling the amount of light that seeps into the room. Blinds have two modes. They can either be opened or closed. Either you get an obstructed view with no airflow or complete air circulation with zero privacy.

With shutters, you get the best of both worlds. For privacy and for blocking out the harmful rays of the sun you can partially close the louvers or you can open them completely for an unobstructed view and air circulation. The best part of shutters is you can control light flow into the room. Shutters that come with large louvers allow a generous amount of light to flow through during the day but also help to block out maximum light when closed. Larger louvers mean fewer slats and louvers and hence fewer gaps for light seepage. Thinner louvers mean more number of slats and hence more gaps and space for light to seep through. They reduce the shutter’s blackout capability. So with larger louver size, you can cut out light enough for even a sound afternoon lap when outside light is at the highest. Thus contrary to popular belief, shutters are designed to cut out light majorly. Indeed they do a better job than many other window treatments.
Shutters for Bay Windows
If you feel that there is light seepage between the frame and the panel you can address this issue using an Inside Z-frame to mount your shutters. They help to reduce light around the frame. You can also use layered window treatment using a combination of shutters and drapes. Both are elegant and luxurious window coverings. You can install shutters and then use drapes to lend an elegant touch to space by adding some flair and drama. The latter not only help to enhance the look and appeal of the room but also serve the purpose of ensuring complete light blockage.

We can sum up our discussion thread by reasserting that even by themselves, without drapes or Z-frames, shutters are more than capable of addressing your lighting needs and cutting out light. You just need to take care while choosing the louver size.

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