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Do Shutter Blinds Reduce Road Noise?

Do Shutter Blinds Reduce Road Noise?

Soundproof Interior: Say No To Road Noise with Shutter Blinds

Do you know that even a perfect home can be a victim to unwanted noise? Street noise is a big issue for almost every homeowner. Traffic noise and sirens can create an irritating and distracting environment inside your home, destroying the indoor calm ambiance completely. Open doors and windows are the main paths of allowing these undesirable sounds that interrupt your relaxation time, making you feel annoyed. Well, there are plenty of ways to prevent and seal up all the outside noise that can amazingly improve the ambiance of your day to day life. And window coverings are one of them. According to many people, they are designed to obstruct the direct daylight and heat while providing privacy from outside hazards, but we believe that choosing the right one can fulfill the desire of making a soundproof interior too. From endless design options, you might get confused about which one will work for your windows. Our suggestion is not to jump into any purchasing without doing some research or measuring the amount of sound your window blocks. A few windows like double pane or triple glazing windows have the capability to keep the sounds out of the home.

But how do you eliminate this road noise when you have standard thinner windows? Well, there are many solutions and window treatments are one of them which play a vital role for your interior. There are various window solutions available that are manufactured to make your indoors quieter, bringing pleasure and the ultimate peace of mind. Unfortunately, blinds and curtains are not the best for blocking the sound as they are lightweight and loose fitting that can not form any barrier and come with large gaps too which allow noise to pass through. As a result of this issue, most of the homeowners start looking for shutter blinds to solve the outside irritating sound. Now the question is how effective are they in the process of sound insulation? In this article, we will answer this question and in addition, we will mention the best shutters too that will work for your place without any hassle!

How Do Shutters Work in Preventing Road Noise?

Those who live in busy cities or those with houses on or near the main road often confront the problem of loud noise coming from outside. Every day dealing with the irritating sound of passing cars is frustrating and breaks the peaceful ambiance of your home too. But shutters can help resolve this issue, providing you the ultimate comfort.

Shutters are known to have great sound dampening qualities. And a proper fit on the roadside windows will ensure less noise coming in. These window solutions are designed with thick and durable louvers that can efficiently obstruct the noise and the tight seal around the window frame will help reduce any sound that passes through. Adjusting the louvers will allow minimal sound with fresh air and natural light into your space, and keeping them closed will provide protection from unwanted hazards which means from one design solution, you can enjoy multiple benefits.
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Sound Dampening Materials that Can Be Used for Making Shutters

Materials play a significant role in blocking the outside noise. There are different materials available which are used in crafting the shutters. So before we jump into the best-styled shutters, know which materials are good for making the home sound insulated. Check out the below superior quality materials which are used to make shutters –

• Smooth Hardwood
• Grained Wood
• Vinyl

Among all, wood shutters are highly suggested when your first priority is to reduce road noise. Vinyl shutters are not as efficient as solid hardwood but they can still block out some noise. So, if you live in high-traffic areas and need to block out more noise, then grained wood or smooth hardwood shutters are your go-to option.
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Which Shutters are Best for Making a Noise-proof Indoors?

This is a big question when it comes to eliminating sounds from your interior. Since all the shutters are made of premium quality material and can help to lower the sound to some extent, there are few shutters which are highly recommended in this case. Go for solid or full-height shutters which are designed with wooden material that create a seal against the unwanted noise of busy streets. Though they were used in Victorian-style homes, their integrity and flexibility make them a number one popular and reliable choice in recent days’ residential and commercial spaces also. They work well on thinner glass windows.

Cafe style window shutters are not recommended for preventing noise as they leave the top of your windows exposed for letting natural light which can lead you to face unnecessary noises. You can choose tier on tier shutters as well which come with two individual shutters on top of one another in a single frame, letting you open up one half while keeping the other closed. So you can adjust them depending on the outside noise.


Road noise can be painful for many homeowners that breaks the silent atmosphere completely, impacting a lot on your daily lifestyle. But no more as shutter blinds are here to solve this issue. They are not only functional or practical in blocking noise, their efficiency can help you control the direct daylight and heat while maintaining the privacy level of your place. You can customize them with your choice of colors and textures to give the windows an alluring appeal from both inside and outside of the home. Consult with the professionals for more information!

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