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Do Wood Blinds Block Light?

Do Wood Blinds Block Light

Cover Windows with Wood Blinds to Block Out Light

Everyone loves the soft and elegant touch of natural daylight, but when it becomes excessive, your interior starts getting overheated and you started feeling exhausted. Harmful sun rays not only make your indoor warm but also cause serious health issues. In order to maintain a cool and pleasing environment, the windows need to be shielded. And blinds and shades are the best ways to protect your indoor from the harshness of sunlight and heat. Remember, the blinds with proper fabric material and color options can work effectively while providing your space with additional benefits. In the window fashion market, there are plenty of window solutions available that carry unique specifications. Depending on the requirements, blinds can be customized to fit any window.

Inviting nature inside the home is the recent home design trend and if you wish to have the same, then opt for natural window blinds such as wooden blinds which are extremely popular and fashionable for its eco-friendly appearance. But how functional are these blinds? What are the functional benefits the blinds offer? There can be so many questions that can occur into your mind while getting these blinds. If you are planning to get these wood blinds for sun blockage along with a nature-friendly ambiance, then this article might help to answer all your questions!
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Sunlight Blockage with Wooden Window Blinds

Do wood blinds obstruct the direct daylight? How efficient are they in preventing sunbeams? All these things depend on few factors and considering those will give you maximum coverage and protection.

• Slat Sizes
Wood blinds are made of different slat sizes which include 2-inch, 1 inch, 2⅜ inch, and 2 ½ inch. Keeping the blinds close block most of the light but sometimes, blind slats can let a little amount of light to enter your home through the gaps between slats. According to the window designers, choosing the smaller slat sizes will lower this risk while creating tighter closure. When the slats are broader in size, there will be fewer slats that make the blinds lightweight and increase the gaps between them, allowing more sunlight inside the décor.

• Mounting Option
Most of the homeowners prefer inside mounting because of the sleek and smooth design. But if you are looking for complete light blockage, then opt for outside mounting. Outside mount cover the windows perfectly and stop all the light.

• Install Light Blockers
The right material and proper mounting block most of the sunlight. But sometimes these wooden window blinds let light through the edges of the window frame. To reduce light gaps, attach side channels or install light blockers to cover light coming through the sides.

• Color Options
According to the interior designers, colors play a significant role in absorbing and reflecting direct daylight. For example, selecting light-colored wood blinds such as white, cream, or natural hues will help in reflecting the light while dark-colored wood blinds will absorb sunlight.
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Motorization: An Added Advantage

Window technology has taken a few leaps forward in the past few years. With the boon of technology, now you can automate these wooden blinds using various smart controller gadgets. Pre-programmable timer and temperature sensor options will automatically keep the blinds close when there is too much sunlight. You can protect your interiors automatically with these remote control wood blinds.


Wood blinds are made of premium quality American Hardwood with sustainable forestry methods which make them a perfect choice to withstand Canadian excess sunlight without losing shine or being faded. These wooden textured blinds not only create a natural vibe inside your home, by blocking all the light they make a remarkable choice to install in bedroom, media room, or wherever you need darkness and privacy. Consider these wood blinds and make your home sophisticated and comfy!

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