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Do You Need A Hub to Use SmartThings?

Do You Need A Hub to Use SmartThings?

What Is SmartThings?

If you want a smart home and increased comfort in your life, then SmartThings is the solution for you. You can control your whole house with the help of just one app. Smart Things is not only a brand owned by Samsung, but also a universal Samsung app that is compatible with both android and iPhone. It is used to control various hardware and compatible devices in your home or office.

Samsung Smart things rely on cloud base management which establishes a connection between the app on your mobile and the compatible devices nearby, thus, making your home more interconnected than before. It is like Amazon Alexa, but doesn’t use any kind of speaker to operate the connected devices. Rather it is operated from your smartphone.

What Are the Features Offered by SmartThings?

You can make your home and life smarter with the help of smart things. This app offers a variety of features including:

  • You can track your steps with the help of a Samsung galaxy watch.
  • You can unlock your door with the help of your phone so there is no need to take keys while going out.
  • You can also set the temperature of your room with the help of smart things. This means there is no need to wait for your AC to cool down your room. Your AC or room heater will automatically start once you enter your room.
  • You can cast your phone screen to your Samsung smart tv screen.
  • You can manage your entire home settings by just sitting at a place from your phone with the help of Smart Things.
  • With the help of a smart thing, you can simply see who is at your door without opening it.
  • You can schedule your washing machine timings with the help of smart things.
  • You can keep an eye on your baby or maid from any corner of your home.
  • You can also control your room’s light with the help of smart things.
  • You can make your morning calmer by scheduling your morning routine. You can schedule your bathroom heater to switch on automatically a few minutes before you take a bath. Or you can set the timer on your coffee machine to start brewing the coffee on its own.

So, there is no need to search for your remote control or no need for separate remote controls for several devices. You can optimise all your Samsung devices as per your need. You can customise your home with the help of innovative devices that are compatible with SmartThings thus making your life simpler and easier. SmartThings serves as a powerful remote control and brings your home into your hands.

Do You Need A Hub to Use SmartThings?

SmartThings hub is one of the most effective popular devices in the market. To use smart things effectively a hub is required. It looks like a router. With the help of a hub, you can wirelessly connect all the compatible devices and operate them through the SmartThings app on your smartphone. An active internet connection is required for its effective working. If you want to connect non-Samsung devices to the SmartThings, you will definitely need a hub.

Also, if you don’t want to spend separately on the hub and wifi router, Samsung offers SmartThings Wifi. It works more effectively than a hub. You just need to place the hub and get it connected with all the compatible devices and the rest leave on to SmartThings. It will take care of your home. So, basically, the hub serves as the foundation of your smart home.

Which Devices Are Compatible with SmartThings?

Several devices are found to be compatible with smart things. There are currently more than 350 products listed that are compatible with SmartThings. You can connect your smart speakers, light bulbs, doorbell, water sensor, smoke detector, wall switches and many more smart devices with smart things.

Is There Any Drawback of SmartThings?

The only limitation with this smart home system is the connectivity. If due to lack of network, your devices won’t be able to connect to wifi and SmartThings won’t work in that case. Also, sometimes you may need to install some product-specific hubs to control some specific devices from your smartphone.


SmartThings is chosen by most people when it comes to making home smarter and life easier. Because of its wide use across Samsung devices, most people encounter SmartThings. With the help of SmartThings, you can control all your smart devices with the help of just one app on your smartphone. But more importantly, SmartThings serves as a great platform and software support to build a smart home and to keep a track of all Samsung devices in your home in one place.

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