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Don’t Let Your Skylight Ruin Your Comfort This Summer!


Skylights are in! Every home extension tends to boast of one, while attics and garage conversions consider it to be a symbol of pride. Although skylights have a great design appeal, there is considerable debate if skylights are such a bright idea after all.

There are equally strong arguments on both sides of the spectrum that need to be taken into consideration before deciding to install some skylights into your living space.

Pros and Cons of Having a Skylight

First the benefits!

Extra Light: Skylights bring in a lot of light into the room and can be the perfect solution for rooms that don’t have easy access to a window – or a big room, where the windows are too far away from the center. This feature is particularly beneficial in those short winter days, when the sun lies low in the sky and windows barely catch any sun.

Energy Efficiency: The light that comes in with skylight also minimizes the use of artificial light, which keeps down on your home’s energy usage. Apart from the environmental benefit of reducing carbon footprint, limited use of artificial light will also keep the energy bills down.

Lifting the Mood: As light has a huge impact on our psyche, it goes without saying that a gloomy room instantly gets the mood down. A skylight, raining in beams of natural light, is highly effective in keeping the gloom at bay and instantly lifts up the spirits.

Privacy Factor: Privacy is another factor that drives the popularity of skylights. Their position ensures that that privacy of the room is not compromised. Now you can enjoy the sun all day long, without worrying about inquisitive eyes.

Design Factor: Skylights have versatile design elements that can be effectively harnessed to give a distinct look to a room. You have the option of selecting the depth, as well as the angle of the skylight. The style of your home gets a definite boost with the addition of skylights, and the result is quite stunning in most cases.

Alongside such attractive benefits, skylights still come with some daunting disadvantages.

Excess Heat: In the summer, the abundance of light brings with it an abundance of heat that can push up the temperature of the room, making it stuffy and uncomfortable. You will find that your cooling system is having to work harder to keep the room cool in the presence of sunlight. Similarly, the pro-longed presence of sun in the sky can also bring in more light than necessary into the room.

Difficulty of Maintenance: The position of skylights makes it quite strenuous to open and clean them. This is something that most-homeowners find difficulty in managing.

Insulation Concerns: Skylights can lose heat at a rapid pace. Especially during the night, skylights can be a major reason for heat loss. Sometimes, architectural errors also throw up some insulation issues. All of these culminate into energy loss and ultimately, increased energy bills.

Don’t Let Skylights Spoil Your Summer!

As you might have noticed, most of these problems spring up mostly in summer. But, if you cover up the skylights with a suitable window treatment solution, you will be able to address most of the above-mentioned problems. Let’s look at some of the most popular choices in skylight blinds and shades.

Cellular Blinds: Cellular blinds are very popular for skylights. These lightweight blinds are easily adapted to fit any shaped window. These blinds are made up of air pockets which trap air and turn the whole blind into a formidable insulating layer. Alongside their superior insulating qualities, these blinds also provide some nice light-filtering options, along with the most-desired room-darkening effect. Cellular blinds come in a neat design that is compatible with both modern and traditional décor.

Roller Blinds: Fabric roller blinds are also very popular with skylights. The single fabric design provides heightened insulation, along with greater flexibility regarding light control. You can have a thinner fabric that allow a diffused light into the room, while keeping the glare out, or you can have a blackout blind that cuts off light completely, and gives you a night-like effect during the day.

Venetian Blinds: Venetian blinds are another good option. If you select aluminium venetian blinds, you will have a sturdy blind, capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions, along with prolonged exposure to the sun. The dense design allows you to cut off most of the light, while letting in as much light as you wish. The slats can also be positioned to keep the worst of the glare off the furniture and the walls. Close the slats completely to cut off the light and save energy.

Go Smart!

While having a skylight blind is a great idea, making them smart is the next-best thing. Skylight blinds are very difficult to operate, and you will be taking a lot of stress out of your daily routine if you opt for smart skylight blinds.

Automated blinds can be operated with a remote or through your home-automation system, with the help of smart technology. Now all you need is to tell your home assistant to shut the blinds, and the blinds would come down. With smart blinds, you can also sync them with other smart devices, like the television or the thermostat. This way, you can switch on the TV, and the blinds would come down. The link with the thermostat can also close the blind when the room becomes too heated. You can also set a schedule for your blinds to come down at a pre-determined time. The options are vast with smart technology and allows you to make most of your time and money. Take the stress out of skylights this summer, with gorgeous blinds and sautomation technology.

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