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Choosing The Right Look For Your Drapery Hardware – Square, Round, and more

Square Drapery Hardware

Draperies – A Timeless Beauty

Window treatment solutions have undergone enormous changes in the last few decades. There are innumerable options for homeowners today. There are different types of blinds, shades and shutters flooding the market and each comes with their own unique features. Corded blinds have made way to cordless motorized shades and in recent times smart shades have become a fad. But despite the stunning array of choices in blinds and shades, they have not been able to displace the timeless beauties-draperies and curtains. They continue to reign over the window treatment market and the hearts of the people. Classy, elegant, regal, luxurious, simple, stylish, you can have them just the way you want. Whenever in doubt, draperies have stepped in as a savior and continue to impart softness, warmth and glow that remain unparalleled today.

Draperies & Drapery Hardware

Whenever we talk about draperies and the look you want for your home, you think about the fabric, color, design and texture. These are no doubt the most important as a mismatch of color or cheap fabric can completely ruin the look of your home and is the perfect recipe for a disaster. There is another feature of draperies, which is often ignored and not accorded much importance but can equally make or break your home décor look. These are your drapery hardware. They frame your room, add the finishing touch to your décor and help make a bold statement but how often we fail to recognize their impact. Selecting the right size, shape, color and correct pair of finials for your drapery hardware will determine the final look of your draperies.

How to Choose the Right Drapery Hardware for your Rooms

To get the look right, you could follow some tips when choosing your drapery hardware.

Room Style
To determine the right hardware finish it is important to understand the décor style of your room. if you have a country-style bedroom where there is a lot of use of wood, then brass and white wooden finish will look good for the hardware you choose. Dark wood and wrought iron hardware complete the look for your ranch-styled home. If you have a modern or minimalist décor style for your home you can settle for chrome or acrylic finish. They look stylish and blend beautifully.

• Metallic finish works brilliantly for formal rooms and for rooms with an eclectic and bohemian interior. Brass and rose gold have an opulent traditional finish.
• Painted wood finish looks good in rooms with country interiors or monochromatic interiors.
• Wrought iron compliments a traditional interior like nothing else.
• Chrome, nickel and silver have a stunning impact on homes with sophisticated interiors, modern or minimalist homes.
• Acrylic blends well with both modern and traditional decors. Pair them with brass rings for a touch of opulence.
• Bamboo looks best in bohemian homes.
Metal Drapery Hardware
Drapery Style
Not only rooms, but your drapery will also determine the look for the hardware. If you have opted for silky or satin fabric for your drapes then it will be complemented brilliantly with wrought iron or wood finished hardware. For rough linens, wood and bamboo finish works better than acrylic or chrome.
Wrought Iron Curtain Rod

Color Scheme of the Room
When determining the color of your curtain rods takes a look at the dark furniture in the room. If there are beams in the room or an accent chair, take cue from them and go for espresso rods. You could opt for thin black rods if they are found elsewhere in the room like the bed canopy or accent furniture. If you have an all-white room, do not hesitate to go for white rods. If your room’s interior has grey color tones, pair them with brushed stainless rods while brass rods suit gold tones better.

Hardware Size
What size to choose for your drapery rods, thin or thick? Thinner rods look better than fatter ones but it is advisable to never go below 1”. Anything less than 1” looks cheap and spoils the look for your drapes. It is also important to take your furniture into consideration; a thin metal headboard, lamp with large wooden base or stool with dark wood legs. It is preferable to synchronize the size of your curtain rod with the furniture. If you have thicker furniture, match them with proper sized curtain rods and finials.

Curtain Finials
A finial is a decorative knob that is mounted at the ends of a curtain rod. Choosing finials for your curtain rods are as important as choosing the rods themselves. Match them to your curtain rods and room style.

• If you are looking for a glamorous look for your drapes opt for glass, crystal or sculptured finials.
• If a mid-century modern look is the one for your rooms, geometric or wooden shaped ones with brass accents will look perfect.
• Carved wooden finials will pull off your traditional look stunningly.
• If you are not sure of the look, play safe and settle for classic cap of ball finials. They are timeless beauties and never fail to impress.
• If you choosing finials for your kid’s rooms you could go for themed finials like animals, basketballs etc.
Choose a finial by selecting a material that is already there in the room. For example, if you a glass table that is the highlight of your room, go for glass finials. This helps the hardware blend and match the existing décor.
You could choose motifs for your finials. The secret behind pulling off the right look is selecting a motif that is already present in the room somewhere. If you have floral wallpaper, go for a flower-shaped finial motif. It helps to complete the look.

Curtain Rods or Curtain Tracks
Curtain rods are supported by brackets and help to hold up our curtains and also act as a decorative piece. Curtains are hung using rings and curtains with tab tops can go straight through the rod.

Curtain tracks are designed to blend with a wall or hide behind decorative features like pelmet or valance. The tracking mechanism is hidden from view and gives a neat and clean appearance. If your minimalist room décor demands a neat, simple look you can give curtain tracks a try or else still to rods for some drama and flair.

Choosing the right size, color, style of curtain rods for your drapes and completing the look with the right finials is of utmost importance if you want to do justice to your drapes. We can never think of drapes without rods, rings and finials but still, so often fail to give them the respect they deserve. A little attention to detail and see the impact they make on your rooms!

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