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Using Drapes as an Alternative to Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

Using Drapes As An Alternative To Vertical Blinds For Sliding Glass Doors

Mount Draperies on Sliding Glass Doors for Enhanced Beauty and Functionality

Sliding glass doors are considered to be one of the best additions for your home décor. These doors add a dramatic flair to your interior while giving it a cheerful and colorful makeover. They allow easy access and view of the outdoor space and fill your homes with ample natural light and air. With a sliding glass patio door, there is never a dearth of light and energy in the room. Sprawled across a wall, these sliding doors easily become the focal point of a room and hence a very important part of your decor. When you are doing up the decor of your room, selecting upholstery, furniture and room color, make sure to give just as much importance to these doors.

Apart from the aesthetics, covering these doors well and effectively is extremely important to render them functional. They are the source of energy loss in the house. They will allow warm air to escape the room during the cold winter months and allow them in during summer. Natural light is much desired but there is a pressing need to cut down their harshness and block out the harmful UV rays. In the absence of window treatment, your privacy will also be heavily compromised as the outside world can get an easy peek into the house.

Window treatments will help to create a safe and healthy sanctuary for you and your family. Finding the right window treatment for your sliding glass doors is not too challenging as there are a number of options for you. You can choose from Vertical Shades, blinds and also draperies. You can complement them with valances or cornice boards to complete the look and add a bit of drama. Most of the homeowners prefer vertical blinds to cover glass doors because of their simplicity and incredible functionality. But time has changed and with the changing trend, now you have more options to choose from. If you are looking forward to add some creativeness on your glass doors, then try draperies on these sliding doors. They are popular for creating a fashionable and magnificent look for your décor, and mounting them on the glass doors will highlight the other decorative elements in your home while adding value to space. Draperies also add the right amount of drama to the rooms with their luxurious appeal and flair. Draperies are the perfect alternative of vertical window blinds and offer more benefits in terms of both beauty and functionality. Apart from a range of colors and texture options, these curtains are available in different fabric options which include sheer, semi-sheer, light-filtering, room darkening, and blackout. Each of these fabric options offers different values and benefits to your space. Proper customization and hanging of draperies will create aura and grace for your entire home décor. Learn how these window designs can impact on your overall home décor before you get them!
Drapery for Sliding Glass Door

Drapes for Sliding Glass Doors

• Preserve Light:
Sliding doors are well-known for their unique size that let natural daylight in while allowing other unwanted rays as well, that can cause damage to your indoor furnishing while affecting the indoor atmosphere. But choosing the right curtain will help you out! Depending on the requirement of sunlight, you can select your favorite design. For example, if you are looking for diffused light, then opt for sheer or light filtering curtains, and to make your space dark, opt for room darkening or blackout draperies. No matter what type of drape you choose, it will definitely prevent the sun’s harmful rays that can cause various health issues. To enhance the functionality of these dressings, add a blackout liner that will increase the amount of light blockage.

• Concerned About Indoor Privacy?
Glass doors allow outsiders to peep inside your home which means a lack of privacy. But installing curtains will protect your home in an efficient way. Go for dark-colored and thick fabricated window solutions that will increase the level of privacy. Attach a privacy liner to get ultimate protection.

• Drapes for Insulation:
There is a misconception that drapes are not a great idea to make your home insulated, they can only add style to your arena. But that’s not true at all. Blackout and room darkening drapes do a commendable job of insulating your windows. There are insulated curtains available which are woven in multiple layers to trap air. Thermal liners can double up the functionality and versatility of the dressings.
Room Darkening Drapes for Sliding Door

• Play with Designs:
You are spoilt for choice when it comes to drapes. There is an ample range of colors, designs, patterns, textures, and materials to choose from for your windows. No matter which decor you have you will find the right drape to complete the decor. Your curtains can be checked, striped, or floral. They can be of a single solid color or patterned and designed. They can be of silk, cotton, linen or satin. Always look for interesting texture and style options to create an artistic and royal look. Whether you are looking for a contemporary feel or formal look, customize properly to get your desired appearance.

• Layered Look:
Hanging curtains alone can bring sophistication and warmth to your place but they can be paired with other blinds and shades as well for a minimalistic look along with maximum benefits. You can pair drapes with blinds for added functionality. You can pair them with gorgeous valances for a dramatic appeal or with cornice boards for understated flair. With drapes, you have the flexibility to play with colors and patterns and get the personalized look you were looking for.
Sliding Door Layered Curtain
Custom-made draperies are the right fit for your glass doors that can create an astounding look for your interior. These free-flowing window treatments not only revamp the beauty of overall space but also create a statement, making the doors focal point of your décor. Make these draperies a part of your glass doors and enjoy lifelong benefits!

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