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Dream Away The Cold: Warm up with these Excellent Window Treatments

Winter Season Window Treatments

It’s the time of year when we begin looking for ways to keep our homes warm. If you live in a cold climate, there are a few options that will help keep the warm air inside where it belongs. In the month of winter, you can keep your home warmer and reduce your energy costs by using the right window shades.

Window coverings can be used not only for decoration and privacy but also for insulation. Carefully selected window treatments can reduce your home’s heat loss in the winter. If you spend a lot of money on your energy bills, then energy efficient window treatments are a must.

Shut your blinds during the night to keep out the cold and open them to let the sunshine in during the day. Make sure you have the best shades of your room to maximize the use of natural light, and for your privacy and insulation needs.


Best Window Treatment Ideas for the Winter Season


When correctly installed, window shades can be one of the simplest and most effective tools for saving energy in the month of winter.

Your blinds don’t have to be an eyesore. With our large selection of fabrics and styles, you can make energy efficiency look stylish and trendy. Consider the following possibilities when selecting your shades.


Cellular Shades Pros and Cons

Cellular shades are the best and most energy-efficient window treatments you can get. They use air pockets to trap air around your windows, keeping your rooms warm in the winter. Cellular shades also come in a various range of colors with the child-safe cordless option, making them some of the most popular shades on the market. Consider outside mounted cellular shades if energy efficiency is your first choice.


Cordless-Cellular-Shades-For-Winter -


You can select sheer fabrics for more light, whereas blackout fabrics give you complete light blockage with maximum privacy. Their insulation features the blackout fabrics make a perfect choice for the bedroom.

With the top down bottom up cellular shades, you can adjust them according to your choice.
Cellular shades with double layered cells add extra efficiency for trapping and keeping air insulated in your home.


Roller Shades Pros and Cons

Roller Shades consist of a moving mechanism attached to a length of fabric. These shades are available in both light filtering and blackout shades and give your room a cozy look. That said, the contemporary look of roller shades may not be appropriate for all homes. They are beautiful, functional and provide temperature insulating features, and have many lift system options such as cordless, motorized, and smart-motorized.


Roller-Window-Shades-Canada -


These shades add beauty to any room making them ideal for commercial space like restaurants and office space.


Differences Between Cellular Shades and Roller Shades

1. Cellular Shades contain air pockets that act as insulators. This insulation helps protect your room from outdoor atmospheres. Roller shades also insulate, but they are not as efficient as cellular shades.
2. Honeycomb shades have an R-value of 3.25 to 5. Roller shades do not carry any R-value.


Differences-Between-Cellular-Shades-And-Roller-Shades -


3. Cellular shades are ideal for bedrooms while roller shades are often used in commercial spaces.
4. Cellular shades are more costly than Roller shades.
5. Both the shades are available in blackout and light filtering fabrics, but roller shades have a larger light gap on the sides.

Smart Home Window Shades and Blinds

Whether you’re home often or always on the go, smart home window treatments provide you more control over energy bills. They allowed you control your blinds with your mobile device even when you’re not at home. In winter, you can program the smart window shades to adjust themselves according to the weather outside for cooling or heating. You just have to connect your automatic shades to a smart home hub like Samsung SmartThings. It’s a convenient way to use your coverings on cold days to keep your whole house warm.


Energy-Saving-Smart-Motorized-Shades -

Blackout Window Coverings

Enjoy your winter season with our various blackout products. Feel the difference and enjoy your winter with a unique blackout style and fashion. These blinds will provide you with a perfectly good night’s sleep by blocking out all light during the daytime. Use them to protect your privacy during the day or when your lights are on at home.


Bedroom-Blackout-Window-Shades -


This is the best time of year to look at your window dressings to make sure that they look stylish while keeping your home cozy and warm on those chilly nights. Choose from energy efficient shades and blinds explicitly designed to keep your home hot, while selecting from a wide range of colors, textures, materials, and styles so you can create the exact look you’ve always wanted.

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