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Why You Should Dress Your Arched Windows With Faux Wood Blinds?

Dress Your Arched Windows With Faux Wood Blinds

Amongst all the boring walls staring at us, windows provide us with an opening to let the sunshine in. The windows not only lift our spirits up but also lend a beautiful and artistic edge to the overall indoor aesthetics of our houses. These blinds look great and don’t block the view either.

Unfortunately, glass windows are not that great at insulating the interiors of the house from the heat and light the Sun bestows upon us. During the summers it becomes particularly difficult to control the temperature inside the house at comfortable levels. The blinds provide respite by blocking the outside heat during summers and keeping it in during the winters. These also help reduce the glare besides other benefits.

The Beauty that Arched Windows are

Windows come in many shapes and sizes. While the conventional square or rectangular shapes are pretty common, unconventional designs also have their fans. The unconventional designs add a lively twist to the look of the house. Arched windows are also one such unconventional designs. Though, it will be wrong to say that these are a recent phenomenon. Arches were popular amongst many ancient cultures such as in Israel, Greece and ancient Persia. Arched windows, however, were popularised by the Romans and these have continued to be vogue even till today.

Arched windows look gorgeous and profoundly elegant and give that classic Roman appeal to your home décor. While these surely take the décor of your house to a whole new level, it is also true that finding suitable blinds or other such window coverings for the same can be a problem. It is difficult to find blinds that perfectly complement the arched top of these windows. Fabric blinds such as roller blinds, pleated blinds, Roman blinds, etc. are difficult to be adapted to the arches of these windows. But there are other options which you can look at.
Faux Wood Blinds for Arched Windows

The Gracious Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are a good option for covering arched windows. The reason why these are suitable is the high degree of customisability in terms of shape and size. You can get these blinds customized or modified to fit in perfectly over the arched windows. Whether it is the arched top or the greater length of these windows, wood blinds are up to the task.

However, there are a few shortcomings too. Wood blinds are a bit too heavy when compared to other window treatment options. This needs a more secular mounting mechanism which will surely cost more. In the case of any mishap like the blinds falling down, you run a greater risk of getting hurt as these are heavier. Moreover, the wood blinds don’t handle moisture or humidity that well as these are made up of wood which is an organic material and hence can decompose easily.
Custom Arched Window Blinds

Why Faux Wood Blinds are Ideal for Dressing Your Arched Windows?

Faux wood blinds look just like the wood blinds and have a beautiful grainy look that works in their favor. While these blinds have most of the advantages that wood blinds have, these have none of the shortcomings of wood blinds which we discussed earlier. Let us look at some of the reasons why you should consider these blinds for your arched windows:

• Faux wood blinds are light: Since these blinds are not made up of real wood, these window coverings are lighter and hence do not need any extra care during the installation of the mounting mechanism.

• No susceptibility to moisture: They are either made up of PVC or vinyl or have wood coated with high-tech polymers. In either case, these blinds are not affected by water so moisture or humidity is not a problem for these blinds.

• Ease of cleaning: Since the faux wood blinds are not affected by any kind of moisture or humidity, you can clean them more easily. You can vacuum them or can even use water to clean them. This makes these blinds super easy to clean.

• More affordable: Wood is always costlier than PVC or vinyl. These blinds also are cheaper as a result. Thus you can get the great looks and superior customizability of wood blinds at a much affordable price point when you opt for faux wood blinds.

• Strength: These blinds are also very sturdy and since these are not affected by moisture these can be deemed more resolute than even the wood blinds. Knowing this you can definitely breathe a lot easier as you enjoy the grace and the practical advantage of these blinds.

Faux wood blinds and the gorgeous arched windows form the perfect combo you could have asked for. The arched windows look absolutely mesmerizing while these blinds complement them perfectly. You also get far greater control on the amount of light you want to allow inside your house. These blinds just like the wood blinds have superior insulation against the heat and this will definitely come in handy with those energy bills.

Arched windows are normally longer than the usual windows and the faux wood blinds are most suitable for the same. No matter which way you look at them, these blinds always come out as the perfect pic. You can get these blinds in the shades and architectural design you are most comfortable with, besides, the customizability will surely help.

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