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Dress to impress: Treat your room with these non-traditional window coverings

Treat Your Room With Non Traditional Window Coverings

Are you looking for high-quality window coverings to dress up your living area? Although homeowners typically think of curtains or traditional drapes when selecting treatments for their windows, there are several other choices available that can liven up a boring or bland style. If you’re looking for a unique classic design, here are some options that coordinate well with any look.

Window treatments are necessary for a successful interior space. Curtains, draperies, blinds, shades, and shutters all add style, light control and privacy to the room. The window treatment correlates with the color and style of the furniture, contributing to a feeling of harmony. Window treatments can be complicated or simple, depending on the overall design plan of the room and your budget.

Th most common types of window treatments are cornices, valances and drapery panels which cannot be your only choice. Sometimes a bit non-traditional may be just the thing that makes your room unique.

Non-Traditional Window Coverings

While fabric window treatments serve to soften a room, pull the colors together, and accent the windows, sometimes fabric isn’t the right choice. And, sometimes there simply isn’t room for a large fabric treatment. Check out some of these non-traditional window treatments for inspiration:

Roman Shades Canada –

These are a great choice for homes with small children, as their cordless option avoids cords for young kids to get tangled up in. Soft Fabric Roman Shades Canada will also help keep heat inside during the fall and winter months, which can help homeowners save on their energy bills.


Roman-Shades-For-Non-Traditional-Windows - Zebrablinds.ca


Roman shades look stunning in just every room. If you’ve always liked the look of traditional curtains but wanted something a little bit different, try Roman shades for that draping fabric look.

Smart Blinds Canada – 

Blinds are a great choice composed of movable slats that can be tilted open or closed when the blind is lowered. Choose from our various motorized blinds which not only give you a non-traditional modern look, they will help improve the value of your home.

  • Smart blinds give you the ultimate comfort & convenience. With automated smart shades, you can automate your window treatments or use a remote to control them. The shades can be voice controlled that is compatible with voice assistant Google Home and Amazon Echo.


Smart-Window-Blinds - Zebrablinds.ca


  • Smart motorized shades can save a big on your energy bills. Connecting your automatic shades to your smart home hub like Samsung SmartThings can help minimize the amount of energy your HVAC system uses by allowing the blinds to adjust based on temperature and sunlight sensors also connected to the smart hub.
  • Smart shades secure your home by creating an illusion of occupancy. When you automate the movement of the shades using sensors and timers it would look as if someone’s home.
  • Smart shades don’t have any dangling cords, are completely child safe.

Sheer Shades Canada –

Light filtering sheer shades filter out UV rays, while still permitting you to experience the beautiful natural view outside of your window, even when your Shades are open. This is crucial since sunlight can be damaging and it can wreak havoc with our electronics and cause color fading on our furnishings and interiors.


Light-Filtering-Sheer-Shades - Zebrablinds.ca


Sheer shades also create a very soft and beautiful ambiance to your room. The Zebra Sheer Shade, Sheer Horizontal Shades, and double layered sheer shades each have unique mechanisms that allow an additional degree of light control when open. If you’re bored of bright sunshine reflecting off of your computer and TV screens but still want the option to retain your view, then these non-traditional window coverings are an excellent choice.

Outdoor Roller Shades Canada –

Roller shades can protect your home from damaging UV radiation, excess sunlight, and give you complete privacy whenever you need. They are available in a number of colors, patterns, and designs. Outdoor Roller Shades Canada are available with a motorized lift option operated via remote control. With the My Link bridge, you can raise or lower your shade, even when you’re away from home. If you want maximum darkness and energy efficiency, choose blackout shades and get complete UV protection.


Outdoor-Roller-Shades-Canada - Zebrablinds.ca


Cellular Shades Canada –

Cellular Shades (or Honeycomb Shades) are the most non-traditional window coverings with their unique style and design. These shades are famous for their insulating feature; they will protect your interior from outside heat and excess light. This energy efficient cellular shade creates air pockets that prevent heat loss during the winter season and heat gain during the month of summer.


Cellular-Shades-For-Non-Traditional-Windows - Zebrablinds.ca


For light diffusion, you can select sheer fabric, whereas blackout fabric provides you total light blockage with maximum privacy level. These have cordless top down bottom up lift options which let you raise the shades from the bottom as well as lower them from the top.

By going a bit non-traditional with your window treatments, you can create a significant, one-of-a-kind space for you and your family. Window treatments can be a challenging task or a major investment. Make it easy with ZebraBlinds and give your room a perfect and beautiful look.

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