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Dress Your Windows In Shades Of Orange For a Radiant Summer Look


This is the season to experiment with color. Bright colors dispel gloom and breathe a fresh lease of life into the room. With nature surrounding us with the most gorgeous colors, our interiors should reflect the same energy and vitality that we see all around us.

Weaving in natural shades into our interiors has a cathartic effect. The soothing tones of earthen décor slowly take away the fatigue and lethargy of the fast-paced drudgery of modern life. As the mind connects more with natural elements, the earthen décor creates the perfect backdrop against which you can relax and unwind.

Orange is one of the colors that has gained immense popularity as the perfect hue to bring home the soothing tones of the earthen décor. Whether it is in the shape of burnt orange of pottery or vibrant orange of cushions, you can easily harness that versatile shade to add a feeling of intrigue and glamour to your summer décor.

The reason orange is so liberating is that it imitates a lot of the colors found in nature. The golden hues of sunset and sunrise ushers in feelings of hope and regeneration, while the soothing tones of earthen oranges brings in the feeling of peace and tranquillity. Depending on your choice of color combinations, you will be able to fit orange into any décor style, be it modern or chic. Let’s look at some of the most happening design ideas that you can use to bring out the full glory of orange for a radiant summer look.

A Minimalistic Look with Grey and Orange

Grey has become almost synonymous with the modern look. It is also a favorite with decorators aiming for a minimalistic look. Why not spice it up with a bit of orange?

Grey and orange might look a bit dreary, unless you get the tone just right. The grey has to dark enough to offset the effect of a bright orange. However, if you use orange sparingly, yet with conviction, you will be able to infuse just the right amount of visual interest into the room. Put orange in the form of cushions and throws on a grey sofa and see how good that looks. Pair the look with some solid wood furniture, with a sprinkling of natural green here and there to take the edge off the two, dominant dark colors.

Add some fluidity into the room in the form of orange curtains. The natural grace of curtains would be perfect to harness the power of orange, and would act as a buffer against any overkill. The single fabric design of curtains would provide great relief from the summer sun, both in the form of insulation and light-filtration. If you go for sheer curtains, you will be able to enjoy the view, as well as have partial privacy. The curtains would cut off the glare and harmful UV rays, to fill your room with the delicate glow of summer sun. If the sun becomes too unbearable, opt for blackout curtains which would cut off the light completely and create the perfect setting for a peaceful nap or a delightful movie time.

Two Tone Orange Living Room

To create a fun-filled summer look, combine two disparate tones of orange. Cover the upper half of the room with lighter orange, while reserve the bottom half for a deeper hue. The contradiction of the two shades would create a spectacular backdrop for a more dramatic décor.

Use wooden or fabric furniture in traditional design to accentuate the look. Use burnt orange accessories, like pottery and wooden artifacts, to round off the look. The gorgeous combination would achieve greater refinement with woven wood blinds on your windows. The naturally sourced materials for the blinds usually come in neutral tones that complement the orange color to a great extent.

Woven wood blinds are sourced from natural resources and are completely eco-friendly. The natural fibers are heat-resistant and can withstand high temperatures, making them ideal for summer conditions. You can have them in different weave styles, which would not only give you different design choices, but also will let you achieve varied level of light-filtering features. Available in roller shades, vertical blinds, as well as curtain-like designs, these blinds would take the aesthetics of your room to another level.

Orange and White

For abundance of light and brightness, combine orange with white. This pristine combination will make the room look big, as well as bright. So, for those occasional gloomy days, you will have not problem imaginings the glories of summer right inside your living room.

For such a neat and trim look, go for orange cellular shades for your windows. These shades come with a neat look that would be ideal for a room aiming for an uncluttered feel. Cellular shades some with air pockets that are great for insulation. Available in room-darkening, as well as light-filtering fabric, these blinds would also afford your total privacy. Available in top-down-bottom-up design, you can have these blinds in any room of your house to achieve the perfect balance between light-filtration and privacy.

Blue and Orange

Navy blue and orange can be a common combination, but it still manages to inspire a lot of innovative renderings. The combination of navy sofa with orange pillows and rugs is both beautiful and soothing. To add a bit of intrigue, combine the look with some wrought iron furniture or chosen Egyptian statues.

For this look, roller blinds would be ideal on your windows. Versatile, flexible, and multi-functional, these blinds would be a great choice for a room that is done in a heavy décor. The minimal look of roller blinds would not only bring some relief to the décor, but will also contribute in making the room comfortable by heightened insulation, light control, and noise-reduction.

Harness the power and glory of orange this summer to create a radiant summer look that both dazzles and inspires your guests.

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