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Dressing Up Your Doors

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Innovative window treatments saves energy.


“It was still quite light out of doors, but inside with the curtains drawn and the smoldering fire sending out a dim, uncertain glow, the room was full of deep shadows.”Kate Chopin

Isn’t it amazing to notice that we can have any desired ambiance inside our homes today, with a little help from science and technology? Air conditioners, heaters, artificial lights and innovative window treatments help us strike the exact balance we desire for our comfort. But there are times, when the windows will allow heat gain/loss or excessive light into our rooms, forcing us to compromise on our comforts. It is not only windows that let in heat and light, with glass doors of contemporary architectural design being equal contributors. Thank goodness we have enough contemporary window treatments to tackle this problem.

The Journey of Shades and Drapes.


The journey of shades and drapes did not just begin with windows, which sounds amusing today. Not long ago, shades and drapes were hung over doors more often than the windows. They were also used to decorate beds, to create privacy or just to add a decorative value to a room. The bed curtains were usually made of expensive imported fabrics like tapestry, rich velvet or brocatelle, not just for privacy but also to exhibit the affluence of the homeowners. The French used the more sophisticated drapery with extravagant patterns and styles, in as early as 16th century, in their interiors.

The ideas of using fabrics to cover openings, separate rooms or hang on the doors originated in Asian countries like Persia, China and India. These nations with advanced production of textiles used them as drapes and shades for various purposes long before Europeans or Americans caught up with the style. With time, shades, drapes, blinds and other window treatments became so famous that it’s become a well-established industry of its own in the modern world.



Contemprory-Roller-Shade-Canada -


Shades and Drapes over Doors.


Today, shades and drapes have become exclusive window treatments, with few designers using them for doors. The need for shades or drapes over the doors becomes a necessity when the home has stylish glass doors that let unnecessary light and heat in. With inventive modern architectural designs used in to build homes, the need for shades and draperies are on the rise. With choices galore, people opt to have an open view of outside world when desirable and also seek complete privacy at times. The patio doors, huge French doors or doors leading to balcony can be given a lovely finishing touchwith exclusive door shades or drapery that add to the beauty, besides providing protection and privacy.

Sliding Doors.


Sliding glass doors are used in modern architecture to provide access from a room in the home to the outdoors, to bring in the fresh spring air, and also to provide natural lighting inside a building. Often, patio doors have one fixed panel and another one that could slide over to create a passage. Innovative designers have also created doors that slide completely into wall pockets to create a wide open outdoor ambiance in your interiors.

The beautiful and affordable patio doors gained popularity in USA and Europe as a pre-war style of architecture, and was effectively used to enlarge and enliven interior spaces. Though everyone wanted the new style statement for their interiors, the challenge was to control the heat gain and loss, and light filtering, which was tough with massive glass doors. With that need came the solution to covering the patio doors with shades, blinds or drapes to have the best of both worlds.

Covering a sliding door with drapery or shades can be a challenging task because you do not want to hinder the sliding function of the door. The solution can be found by following a few smart ideas which would block unnecessary heat and light streaming through the doors, without hindering its functionality. For one, you can use tiebacks to hold the drapery aside when you wish an open view or have to use the door. The shade or drape mounts should be high enough not to hinder the passage under them by brushing against the heads, especially when tall people walk by. For sliding doors, it is not a wise idea to let the drapes puddle on the floor. Though aesthetically pleasing, they can get dirty and look clumsy with sliding doors. The best solution for sliding glass doors would be fabric vertical blinds which move sideways and can be stacked on the sides of the sliding doors without hindering the passage.

French Doors.


The fusion of combining Roman shades over your French doors can make for an unmatched decor for your interiors. Here you will fuse traditional appeal with modernity, bringing together the old and new by using the exquisite Relaxed roman shades to decorate the classic French doors. Its feature beautiful folds giving your door uncluttered, neat and tidy look, taking the aesthetic charm a notch higher.

A great visual appeal is created when you drape your doors with the Artisan Roman Shades that are designed in a classic flat style; they can be raised to form accordion folds to let the light or heat flood in when required. Roman shades bring in a great ambiance when they decorate the doors leading to your balcony by creating a magical romantic touch which softens the decor.

Different Options.


No matter what type of door you are looking to decorate, you are sure to find an impeccable style to match your unique decor. Plantation shutters, blinds, drapes and shades are different options you have to cover up your doors. Motorized roller shades are very popular for patio doors. Vertical sheer blinds are style and practicality joining hands to provide you complete privacy and light filtering, by simply rotating the vanes.

Sliding panels for your doors provide an excellent contemporary solution for insulation and light filtering problems. When closed, you have just one panel width of space covered since they easily slide under each other to exude a tidy look.

When the heat, light or cold comes knocking at your door, be ready for it with the right dressing you chose to tackle them.

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