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Why Dressing Large Windows Can Drastically Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Why Dressing Your Large Windows Can Drastically Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency

Upgrading Large Windows for Maximum Energy Efficiency

Aesthetics are important but not at the cost of functionality. Insulation, energy efficiency, heat block, light block etc. are important functions of window treatments that should not be compromised. Energy efficiency is a vital consideration when you are dressing your large windows. We all know that large windows are a huge luxury for any home decor, they can accentuate and brighten up space dramatically while making a bold statement. With their enhanced beauty and style, they can add a touch of elegance and dimension to your place. By letting plenty of natural light and fresh air in, they help in maintaining the sophistication level of your overall arena. Despite all these pros, do you know that these windows can be the biggest source of heat gain and heat loss? And as a result, you may end up with an increased energy bill every month.

Large windows are considered to be a source of major wasted energy. Compared to standard size windows, these large windows allow most of the direct daylight to enter your space which slowly increases the temperature of your arena. If you live in an older building, chances are more that your large windows are not as energy efficient as they could be and the reason is thin glass. This type of glass has a tendency to let the outside atmosphere affect the inside temperature, and ruin the indoor cozy vibes completely. Even poorly fitted or sealed large windows can make you feel frustrated as cold draft or warm air can easily stream through them. Changing the glass may help you in making your home insulated if you live in a place where temperature fluctuation is a big issue. Well, there are various ways of improving the home’s energy efficiency but if you want something extra from your large windows, then dressing them with the right blinds or shades may work.

Before you consider designing your large windows to ensure incredible home insulation, it is important to know why this is important –

  • Designing windows with blinds will offer complete coverage, will reduce air leakages, keep the home comfortable by eliminating drafts during the winter months and warm air in the summer.
  • Dressing your large windows has a great advantage i.e. lower heating and cooling costs. Always choose window solutions that have the highest R-value that will ensure better insulation and resistance to heat transference.

Top 3 Window Coverings for Large Windows

To keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, large windows need to lower the amount of air and heat that escapes through the frame or glass. And window dressings can help you a lot in enhancing the insulation level of your home. Choosing the right product and material will impact the window’s overall energy efficiency. Check out the top window solutions that will fulfill the needs of making your home more insulated –

  • Cellular Shades

These are the top foremost window designs when it comes to insulation. Their honeycomb structure air pockets help to create an insulating barrier at your window, keeping the indoor temperature balanced and soothing all year long while saving on your electricity bills. Proper installation will help in preventing unwanted sun rays while keeping the heat out of your room. You can add additional blackout or thermal liner to increase their insulation capability. Customize them with the right texture and style options to enjoy maximum benefits.
Skylight Cellular Blind

  • Solar Shades

If harsh sunlight is a big problem for your living arena, then solar shades are perfect for large windows. Choosing the right fabric material will block out all the incoming rays while preserving your view to the outdoors. The shades come in different openness factors, and depending on the light you can choose one. Mount them properly to get the complete light blockage while having improved home energy efficiency.
Roller Solar Shades

  • Window Shutters

Shutters are one of the most durable solid window coverings which are made of real wood, vinyl or wood composite materials. Their thick materials help in trapping the unwanted air between the glass and the covering, which helps insulate the indoor inside and lower the home’s utility costs. You can choose between exterior and interior shutters depending on your needs. These shutters can protect your home from extreme temperatures and weather conditions without damaging them. These come in different louver sizes, adjusting them will take care of the light and heat control. They can fit snugly to your large windows, pair these designs with other coverings to double up your home’s energy efficiency.
Shutters for Windows
There are many window treatments available to dress up your large windows and installing them will definitely help in improving the home’s energy efficiency. Consult with the experts to get more ideas for making your home more insulated!

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