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Why Dual Shades Are the Next Hottest Window Trend

Dual Concept Blinds

Dual Concept Blinds and Shades – The Next Hottest Window Trend

If you haven’t heard of dual concept blinds before, you might think that it sounds too good to be true.

Dual or double roller blinds possess a dual bracket framework that combines two fabrics on the one window, letting you have both a blackout fabric for preventing the light from coming inside and a sunscreen or sheer fabric to help you when you want to view outside. Open the light filtering fabric and you receive warmly diffused light in the room. Use the blackout fabric and you get privacy with complete darkness.

The handling of each blind is separate so that you can appreciate your window views, as well as dim scattered light throughout the day, along with absolute darkness and privacy at night.


Essential Features of Dual Concept Blinds

  1. The dual blinds have both a privacy fabric and a transparent voile, offering you complete control over your privacy and view.

  2. Fabric covered headrail is a standard feature.

  3. The shade rolls to the top when entirely raised.

  1. Automation is also possible.

Seems like the window covering solution you’ve been hunting for? It’s clear to recognize why dual roller shades are becoming so famous as they meet the needs of so many homeowners.

Dual shades have taken the window covering enterprise by storm and have instantly become one of the most prevalent trending styles. Several manufacturers have stepped in to produce their variant of the item that has led to a huge variety of dual-window cover qualities and various product names. Other similar window treatment styles using two shade fabrics are Banded Shade, Zebra Shade, and Mandalay Shade.

Dual Roller Shades


Let’s check out why dual shades are becoming a huge trend nowadays-

  • Versatile Design

Dual concept blinds are very versatile and can match with any style of home or room. Like roller shades, they give clean lines which fit ideally with modern decor yet likewise can fit directly into the traditional settings because of their fine sheer or light filtering fabrics. You can also coordinate the entire window treatment to improve the artistic charm of your home.

A variety of bead chain colors, like black, gray, brown, cream and white are even available to mix with existing color schemes of your home and to fit with the front and back window shade.

  • Smart Shades

As mentioned before dual roller shades have two window shades in the single headrail. You can select to open anyone as per the requirement and time of the day. You can have both a sheer and blackout window shades in the single headrail.

Thus, they are very reliable, smart and a modern way to save your space from outside light.

Smart Motorized Dual Roller Shades


  • Many Fabric Choices

Dual shades come in a wide collection of texture, fabric, and color options. Keep it neutral or go bold with bright color fabrics to fully personalize each room in your home. There are also geometric designs available in these shades.

If a dark fabric shade is preferred for light filtering it gives cool light, on the other hand, light colors give moderate light control.

Dual blackout window shades are also available in the room-darkening fabric, excellent for media rooms and bedrooms.

  • Secure Cord

For better child and pet safety, plus to assure that the chains are not a choking danger, a cord-tensioning device is fitted. It fastens the chain as a result of which it cannot be unthreaded. It doesn’t have to be tight, simply stiff enough to create a loop.

 Kids Safety Dual Roller Shades


  • Energy Efficient

These shades control the amount of heat and sunlight coming inside our homes in summer. This lowers the summer temperature within our homes, thus, providing a comfortable warmth. Additionally, ACs and other cooling devices sustain a lesser load, lowering down the energy consumption.

Hence, dual concept blinds have been highly advised for greater energy efficiency in the homes. The reflective side must regularly face the hottest side or outer side in the winter season, and internal in the summer season.

  • Automation

This era is about automation in every sphere of life! This factor really proves why these shades are trending.

If difficult to reach windows or huge window openings had been trouble for you, this will not be a problem anymore with dual blackout window shades. As automation is available with these shades enabling you to operate your window covering from virtually anywhere from the home. You can manage your window covers individually or simultaneously. This saves you a lot of time and trouble and is quite a wow-factor when there’s a party at your home.

  • Office Friendly

Go for a Graber dual solar shade for the combination of a blackout fabric when you need isolation and to block the glare, or for presentations and meetings. Solar shades are for when you need to illuminate the room while preserving your view outside, keeping your office comfortable without feeling too stuffy.

Blackout Dual Roller Shades


  • Ends Light Gap

Since most inside mount shades have a light gap on the left and right side, they won’t darken the room completely. For a true blackout effect, and to cover the holes to eliminate the light gap from windows, applying a layered window approach that blends drapes with your dual blackout window shades

  • UV protection

The sun can be extremely damaging on interior accessories within your home. These layered window coverings, when closed, hinder 99% of the UV sun rays from entering your room.

Thus, Graber dual solar shades are really reliable when it comes to preserving your furniture and floors from the harsh UV rays of the sun.

  • Sturdiness

The dual concept blinds are long-lasting due to the material used which is a combination of vinyl, polyester, and fiberglass – materials that are identified to back strength for a longer period.

  • Affordable

In past, any window blind that blends sheer fabrics with semi-opaque fabrics used to be a costly but the dual concept shades are more reasonable than some of its equivalents. This has, no doubt, further added the growing popularity of these shades.


Wrapping up…

Hence, dual concept blinds consist of a light filtering screen that permits light to seep in smoothly and offers privacy as well, giving your space a very pleasant ambiance. The biggest benefit of them is that it can be tailored to various forms that feed to different needs of the user like light blocking, natural lighting, or privacy and room darkening.

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