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What’s The Easiest Way To Clean Blinds Using Items From Home?

What's The Easiest Way To Clean Blinds Using Items From Home?

Cleaning Window Blinds with Household Items

Cleaning window blinds can be a chore for many homeowners but everyone’s desire is to keep them look spotless as the day they were mounted. Blinds are designed to keep your interior pleasing and comfortable throughout the day by blocking unwanted sunbeams while providing privacy from neighbors. But they are great at collecting dust, pet hair, and other dirt as well. Clean window treatments not only help them look attractive and sober but also enhance the functional values by allowing more natural light and fresh air into your home while making you feel more connected to the outdoors. Whether you have vinyl blinds, wood blinds, or venetian blinds, it can be tricky to figure out the right way of cleaning the blinds while avoiding damages.

Opting for professional blinds cleaning will save your time and effort, and eliminate all the unwanted particles to a professional standard. Creating a layer of dust or dirt on the blinds makes them hard to clean but professionals can clean and disinfect them efficiently that too without ruining the aesthetics or functionality. Though window specialists recommend regular cleaning of the blinds to maintain efficiency and smoothness, but it’s not possible to call the professionals every day for cleaning. But don’t worry as you can clean them at home using a few household items. Usually, the tools you require for this process are very common and available too. All you need to do is keep them handy and give them a few minutes to improve the view. Read on to learn the easiest and quickest ways to clean blinds using items from home, and add the below simple methods to your regular list of cleaning!
Vacuum Cleaning Roller Blinds

DIY Ways of Cleaning Window Blinds

Before you get started, gather all the required tools such as a vacuum cleaner (soft brush attached), microfiber cloth, dishwashing gel, warm water, vinegar, and baking soda. Have a look at your window blinds and depending on the nature of dirty elements decide whether you need to remove the blinds from the window frame or not.

• Regular Dusting:
Keep the blinds completely close, make sure the slats are tilted downwards. Take a micro-fiber cloth and start dusting the slats from top to bottom in a downward motion. Be gentle while cleaning them. Now, flip the slats and repeat the same process for the other side too. Don’t have a microfiber cloth? No worry as you can dust them using your socks instead. Wear the sock over your hand, insert it into the water, and clean them.

Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to remove the dust from every corner of the slats. Make sure to keep it in a low suction setting. Rotate the blinds and run the vacuum to the opposite side. Remember, while dusting always starts from the top so that dust doesn’t fall on areas you’ve already cleaned.

• Wiping Blind Slats:
If dusting doesn’t help then consider wiping them out. Take a cloth and dip it into warm water, squeeze it and wipe the slats. You can use a mix of water and vinegar to clean them in a natural way. Do not apply vinegar directly on the blind slat or else it will ruin the material quality. Let them dry in normal air.

• Deep Cleaning:
If the blinds have stubborn dust, grease, or residue then you should opt for a deep cleaning method. First, remove the blinds from the window frame and lay it on a plain surface. Fill a tub with water and mix dishwashing gel or baking soda, and put the blind into the mixture for about one hour to soak and then rinse off. Wipe out the excess dirt using a cloth and let the blind dry.

Still, if you feel that they are looking dingy or yellowed, then you have the solution for that too. Fill the tub with water and put the right amount of bleaching solution, and soak it. Then wash them and use them again as a new shiny one. Before bleaching the blinds, make sure they are suitable for it otherwise you will end up with more damage.

Some Needful Tips and Tricks

• Clean the blinds once a week to avoid unnecessary damage, making them look stunning and gorgeous.
• Do not use any chemical products in the process of wiping or deep cleaning, always look for gentle liquid solutions.
• Before you go for any of these DIY processes, consult with the professionals. Because depending on the blind material, the method can slightly vary. Check whether the method will work for the particular blind or not because some methods may damage certain blinds or materials. ZebraBlinds is not liable for any damage caused from the above instructions

Following the above cleaning ways will save you the cost of professionals. And you will find all the items in your daily essentials. Go for the right cleaning procedure, clean them like a pro, and increase the lifespan of your product!

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