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Easter Decor For Windows with Roller Shades

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The multi-option Roller Shades the effective shading solution.


Its Easter time, so as we prepare to praise the resurrected Lord, how about dawning a new look to your decor too! Christmas always steals the thunder, but this time round let’s set our homes for the risen Lord. “Toronto’s humid and hot this time of the year!” said my Uncle Christopher over Skype while we were planning our Family get together this Easter. He’d been wanting to invite us for a family get together since long. And what’s better than this festive season to have us visit him. Although, his secret motive was also to flaunt the newly installed Graber Roller Shades, which he told only to me. He was too fed up of the sunlight making his home much warmer even on those hot and humid days. So, he thought of getting such shades to adorn his home and at the same time be effective sun protectors. Amidst, the range of choices available like the Graber Blackout Roller Shades, 7% Lightweaves Graber solar shades, 10% Lightweaves Graber Solar Shades; he chose the last one with dual roller shade option i.e the 10% openness Solar shades for front shade and back (Roadside) shade blackout solar shade.


Green Guard and Microban certification.


He always says, it feels good to enjoy the sun on your own terms, and that’s exactly what he got from these sheer fabric roller shades. It blocked about 90% of the UV light and filtered 10% of the glare into his beautiful living space. Its dual fabric shades option gave him a better choice for privacy, since he selected back shades as blackout when ever he needs he can put that shades down to enjoy the privacy. My uncle has always been a bit choosy about his decor, and so its technically a task to convince him into buying any home article. But, I guess Zebrablinds did it too well. He couldn’t stop praising the affordable prices, the great collection or the after sales services. He was happy to avail a variety of color options and fabric selections. The shades made in vinyl and polyester blends, or fibreglasss and vinyl blends along with the Green Guard and Microban certificate ensured safety at greater levels. “They release low levels of chemical emissions, which’ve been tested for over 10,000 volatile organic compounds” said my Uncle with great pride. He further shared, that the Microban certification for the shades ensures they are not an easy bacteria breeding ground; keeping them clean for long. So, he was happy that my Aunt wouldn’t taunt him while having to clean the wide frames. He was just too delighted to have those shades put up for a stylish living as he always has!



Cordless Roller Solar Shades -


The Best and unbeatable Roller Shades in Canada.


All he had to say was these are the perfect shades: easy to operate and add sophisticated flair! He also was impressed with the options of designer-inspired fabrics in a multitude of hues, patterns etc. To add opacity to the sheer and airy sheer fabrics is also plausible. His vivid descriptions almost made me think about getting the same for my home. The list continues with Graber Blackout Roller Shades, which is an awesome choice for your bedrooms, where the need for privacy is the highest! These lightweight, durable and beautiful shades are indeed a superb choice. Dust and sunlight stay out without, you having to do much. The cotton/acrylic lining in pure white ensure insulation, and the bold colored fabrics are the best for aesthetic lovers. The enduring quality of vinyl and polyester make them tough. You may have the cordless motor option, with no ill-looking cords or chains hanging. Along with these, we also have the 5% Lightweaves Graber Solar Shades, 14% Lightweaves Graber Roller Shades , and the 3% Lightweaves Graber Solar Shades.

Crown also offers some of the most lovely window treatments for home or commercial place. These, roller shades are effective UV rays protector, energy insulator and durable; that’s why they’re suitable for any room. With the continuous loop control of these, you can raise or lower these shades without hampering your ‘me’ time. The Light filtering ones help diffuse sunlight, the shadows may be seen through, but not compromising on your privacy at all. The pure, woven polyester fabric give a modern touch to your indoors with light filtering. With minimum moving parts these are smooth and ideal for use. The blackout feature with its room darkening facility does not allow light seepage. This option protects your furnishings from sun damage. Moreover, the shades are washable and flame resistant giving higher safety. They’re sturdy and prevent curling, cracking, or distortion. The 4-ply vinyl film makes it strong for rough use. Better illumination can also be obtained by lower openness. Sateen, cabana, stripe, tabby crown, striae, hopsack, leno etc are various available fabrics to choose from. You thus, will get the ultimate desired control over the sun and at the same time maintain your beautiful interiors. The Crown Solar Shades, allow sunshine to stream through your home at 3%, 5%, 10% and 15% levels. The greater the amount of openness the higher the transparency. These also come in different options like cordless, continuous cord loop etc. Solar Shades make efficient insulators, helping you to save energy and lower your electricity bills. Making comfortable indoor environment available with these highly insulating shades at an affordable price.

Roller shades definitely will be a sign of luxury with independence and glamour making it very contemporary and user friendly!

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