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Easy Tips for Spring Cleaning of Window Treatments

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Spring Cleaning Window TreatmentsCleaning your window treatments may look a bit confusing and difficult, especially if they are pleated shades or made with fabrics. We at Zebra Blinds recommend a through vacuuming or dusting every other week to maintain a general cleaning.

For the special occasions of Spring Cleaning or even you monthly wipe downs here are a few things to do:

  • For window treatments as Graber wood blinds or faux wood blinds a good rub down of individual slats with an every day house hold cleaner or with a cleaner for wooden surfaces will be best.
  • Aluminum or other metal window treatments are best cleaned with some hot water and soap or rub down of individual slats with the every day household cleaner.
  • Window treatments made of fabrics such as Shangri-la Sheer Shades or pleated shades are bit more tricky. Some spot cleaning with stain removers, hot water, and soap can help. But you should maintain a general dusting regularly.
  • If possible and the window treatment is washer friendly a good wash in the gently cycle is best.
  • Drapes should be dry clean friendly and if possible a gently cycle was would be the best way to keep them clean.

Remember if the problem seems to big to handle there are always professional window treatments cleaners. However, for your general purposes a these tips should help you get the chores done right.

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