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How to Buy Easy to Clean Kitchen Window Treatments?

Easy to Clean Kitchen Window Treatments

How Your Kitchen Window Treatments Can Help You Make the Most of Your Home Redesign


The kitchen is the most essential part of your home and when it comes to redesigning it, most homeowners think about the functional aspects (table, cupboards, etc.), but what about your windows? Think when the windows near the sink or gas stove meet with the oil and food splatter – it can cause damage or warping. So always choose proper kitchen window treatments that can make a huge difference in your kitchen’s aesthetic, while being durable enough to withstand daily use. Not only do window treatments enhance the style and design of your kitchen, they are responsible for light control and privacy at the same time.


What are the Main Things You Should Consider While Buying Modern Kitchen Window Treatments?


Kitchen windows play an important role in your daily life. So before you choose them, think twice (or thrice!) to get the right kitchen window treatment. Below are the main things you should keep in mind while purchasing them.

  • How Much Privacy and Light Control Do Window Treatments Offer?

 If your kitchen window faces a neighbor’s home or roadside, you will require privacy. But at the same time, you want natural light as well to enter your home. In that case, any kitchen window shades or shutters will be the right choice for your kitchen. Even window shades will help your kitchen to block out UV rays also.

  • Consider Durability

Because of water and high humidity, your kitchen window shades can cause damage, break, or wrap. So always go for hard materials that can last a long time.

  • Easy to Clean Kitchen Window Treatments

Like the other things of your home, you should always clean your kitchen window blinds and shades. Install those window coverings that can be cleaned effortlessly and smoothly.

  • Safe for the Family Members

When you work in the kitchen, cord safety is another choice to consider especially when you have little ones in your home. Always make sure that you install a cord tensioner to guarantee that the cord doesn’t wind up trapped in your sink.


Explore the Right Kitchen Window Treatments for Your Home


No matter which kitchen window treatment you choose, you have several options to choose from. For example – Vinyl blinds offer affordable and versatile look, aluminum blinds provide a modern and sleek look, and wood blinds bring the beauty of nature in your kitchen area.

Our designer experts or window specialists will help you to find out the best one that will complement your new kitchen’s beauty. But if you want to do it yourself then you might be looking for those window treatments that are durable and easy to clean as well because every day, while cooking, your modern kitchen window treatments can get splashed by oil and dirt. So you have to clean them on a regular basis so they last longer. Below are our best kitchen window blinds and shades recommendations that can fulfill your requirement.


#1. Nature-friendly Wood Blinds

If you want to bring nature into your kitchen then consider installing wood blinds as they are flexible and durable as well. They offer great light control while protecting your kitchen from harmful UV rays and harsh sunlight. But these blinds get damaged with water or dirt so pick up those window blinds that have a vinyl protective layer, or only install them where they won’t be exposed to moisture. Always use a dry cloth or a vacuum cleaner to keep your blinds safe from damage. Avoid any chemical solution to wash them.

Nature Friendly Wood Blinds


#2. Kitchen Roller Blinds

These shades are the best choice to bring some life into your kitchen because of their beautiful looks and functionality. Roller shades are available in a wide range of colors, textures, patterns, and styles. Because of all these reasons, they are a great choice for your kitchen; even cleaning procedure is also very simple. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt and then wipe the shades with a damp cloth.

Kitchen Roller Blinds



#3. Aluminum Venetian Blinds

Aluminum blinds are smooth, stylish, affordable, and most importantly moisture resistant. They are available in various hues, and textures. They are the ultimate in durability and they are very easy to clean. After dusting just use a damp cloth and water to clean the slats. But don’t forget to dry the slats or else you will leave a spot on them.

Aluminum Venetian Blinds



#4. Window Shutters

If you are planning to install window shutters in your kitchen then you are making the right decision because they bring the classic look and add an extra layer of protection. Wood shutters can have issues with moisture, so go for vinyl shutters if possible.

Window Shutters for Kitchen



#5. Roman Window Shades

If your kitchen window is near to your garden area then consider choosing window roman shades for your kitchen.  As they need a cleaning on a regular basis, so use a soft fabric attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust and dirt.

Roman Window Shades



#6. Window Solar Shades

Window solar shades are another great choice to dress your kitchen windows. They can be easily wiped down and water won’t damage them. There are so many choices to choose from, so pick them according to your choice and preferences so that you get the facility of better light control and privacy.

Solar Shades for Kitchen



Blinds for Kitchen Bay Windows

Most of the people think that bay windows in your kitchen room can be hard to dress up and clean. But do you know that with PVC vertical window blinds you can install them easily and smoothly? They are moisture and water resistant. While cooking, if any food or oil is sprinkled on them, there is no need to worry because you can easily clean them with a cloth. So order them according to your kitchen’s style or look as they are available in a wide range of colors and pattern choices.

Blinds for Kitchen Bay Windows



Re-imagine Your Kitchen – Get More Help from ZebraBlinds Window Specialists


If you are planning for your kitchen’s remodeling, then don’t forget about the windows. With the right style and design, your windows can transform the look of your kitchen space. To learn more about which windows to choose for your kitchen’s remodel, call our design experts.

ZebraBlinds is your one-stop solution for good kitchen window treatments. Order them at an affordable price as we offer a great discount on selected products. So grab them before it’s gone. If you are not able to understand which one you should go for, consult our team to customize the product for your kitchen. Order free samples to get the best style fit. And after purchasing the window product, get free delivery to your doorstep.


Have questions? You can comment your questions below so that we can help you to design your entire home décor without any hassle.

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