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Motorize Your Home Blinds in 3 Easy Ways

Motorized Blinds and Shades

Motorize Your Home Blinds in 3 Easy Ways

Blinds have been motorized through improvisation and different implementations over the years. Finally, through innovation, it has become an easy method and significant source of comfort for those who enjoy another hour of sleep every morning.

Various brands are available in the market that manufactures motorized blinds and shades, and they are now being rapidly used by people all around the world. Other than these blinds, simple blinds can also be transformed to motorized blinds with the help of kits and gadgets. If you desire high-quality motorized blinds at suitable prices, it is wise to wait and inquire for the best that your money can buy. Weigh your options carefully and make a choice which is of your money’s worth. Several European brands offer motorized blinds that can encompass a whole wall of glass in the modern office building designs. Motorized blinds can be for both small and large places.

As motorized window blinds are a modern concept, it should be accessible online where we can look at showrooms and videos that cover what is the newest and most popular brands in the market today. You can find plenty of information if you do the proper research on costs, options, and practicality of motorized blinds.

Electric Window Blinds


Easy Ways to Get Motorized Window Blinds and Shades

Various online as well as offline stores offer innovative technology in window blinds and treatments. How great it would be to push a button or flip a switch, or even with a touch of your phone, you can marvel at your shades while they open and close giving you all the privacy or view that you need! Allowing the beaming light inside your home at a button press – it certainly is a thing of beauty. Whether it is a new project you are planning to renovate or for a current home, motorized blinds are always advantageous. To create an ideal ambiance, by allowing easy opening and closing of the windows, high-tech windows coverings are very convenient. Motorized blinds and shades are such that once you get it, never again will you spend the time to adjust heavy or hard blinds manually. Battery powered, solar powered or hardwired, all the motorized blinds are best suited and designed to fit your needs with a cutting-edge technology.


• Using Remote for Motorized Blinds and Shades

Remote controlled electric shades are extremely popular. These blinds make opening and shutting blinds for high windows convenient and are extremely useful for those who may have difficulty getting around or reaching up to raise and lower a blind. Remote control blinds usually work from 40 to 50 feet away from the blind, with a battery operated control and operate on different size batteries. Some use double-A, some triple-A, and some use D batteries. These are the most common form of motorized blinds.

Also, some remote-control blinds come with an adapter, so that you can plug in the blind to your electrical system. Purchasing an electrical blind with an AC adapter may be a good idea, just in case your batteries die at an inopportune time, although many of these remote-controlled blinds batteries are designed to last for a year or more. Experts often advise to have different remote control for motorized blinds solution in each room of your home.


While motorized blinds and shades may be somewhat more expensive than other types of window treatments, they do offer many people simplicity and convenience as well as a margin of added safety. Since these blinds come in a variety of styles and colors, they can comfortably fit and look great in most homes. The best part is that there are no cords to detract from the clean lines of these blinds or cause danger to children.

Remote Controlled Window Blinds


• Solar Powered Blinds

Solar blinds are wonderfully suited for modern homes. They look sleek and stylish and are available in a variety of styles and colors. They are convenient and easy to maintain but, that’s not where the primary attraction lies.

Solar blinds reduce the harsh glare of the sun by 98%. It can block almost 99% of harmful UV rays that find their way into the room. In this way, these blinds are designed to keep the place cool and comfortable. In the winters, they retain heat and keep rooms warm and snug. Thus they shrink your utility bills in summer and winter. In this way, you can quickly recoup the money you spent on these blinds through savings in your utility bills.

Solar blinds which can be measured easily give you the best fit for your windows. You can easily find the size of the blinds you require by measuring the inner area of the window. Many manufacturers also sell Jumbo shades, which are suited for large areas, like a French window.


You may fix solar blinds within the window frame or outside the structure. The dimensions you order will depend on where you want to place the shades. To keep the blinds from being too short, it is better to add about 5-7 cms. of the total length of the blind, after measurement.

Solar blinds may be manual or motorized. Manual blinds are easy to operate. Just pull the cord, and the blinds roll up. Motorized blinds are very convenient. Easily operated by remote control.

Solar blinds are becoming highly popular because they are stylish and highly useful. They allow you to see outside without giving access to prying eyes from the outside. By using these blinds, you not only save on utility bills, but you also keep your furniture, carpets and wall colors from fading or losing their sheen. Solar blinds also give you ample privacy as they block out the view from outside during the day, even when they allow a clear view from the inside.

Solar Powered Kit for Blinds and Shades


• Hard Wired Blinds

An electrician is needed to work with the hard-wired motorized blinds and shades. It is recommendable for renovated or new homes to consider it as an option. A 110-volt wire plugs directly into an outlet in this window treatment or is directly wired from your motor to your power supply. These might be costly initially but are easy to maintain because you need not charge the batteries now and then. Since the hard-wired blinds are sturdy, they are extremely suitable in case of heavy or large window shades.

Other options include wall switches, timers, and sensors, etc. which can also help you control your window blinds easily.

Wall Swithes, Timers and Sensors



Life in the modern world has drastically changed in just the past few decades, and it is difficult to imagine what would happen if the things we take for granted now disappeared from our lives. Having something to control from our fingertips and not having to do so manually is a great feeling. It helps us get over a stressful day as we open our motorized blinds and shades to see the evening stars at night or close them with a press of a button as we get home from work.

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