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Enjoy Natural Beauty Inside Your Home With Eco-Friendly Window Coverings

Eco-Friendly Window Shades

Acquire A Healthy Life By Making Your Space Green With Natural Window Coverings

Living in a city can be stressful with an ample load of work, strict deadlines, and tough competitors. Homeowners hardly get any time to leave the city for a break. To feel relaxed and calm, people prefer to surround themselves by nature. Organic and natural elements always have a way which makes us feel at peace. Now, you can add these elements inside your home for increased health, happiness, and productivity. Eco-friendly window shades are crafted from natural material like wood, bamboo, grass, and jute. With these window coverings, you can bring the vibrant look of nature inside your home. You can bask in the natural and earthy feel of your home with these beautiful window coverings.


Top 11 Benefits of Eco-Friendly Window Shades

Natural woven shades for windows are known as the ultimate stylish window covering which provides a sophisticated silhouette and unrivaled functionality. These coverings are very effective in living rooms where people can reap the full advantages of a clever and classic design. So, if you are looking for a new and fresh look, these window coverings are the perfect solution. These eco-friendly window shades will stand the test of time due to the strength and durability of the natural material.


#1. Add Texture & Warmth

Natural materials look so comfy and appealing, and they work amazingly with any type of home décor. Whether the look and ambiance of your space are completely normal or it looks like a total throwback to the 90s, or it is a modern oasis of clean and bright lines, eco-friendly wood shades will complement your home’s style perfectly. They add a touch of warmth and coziness in the environment. As an adaptable and neutral choice, our Greenguard certified blinds work well with any type of interiors and can add a more pleasant feel and textured appearance to any space.

 Greenguard Certified Blinds


#2. Eco-Friendliness

To shield your home from outside weather conditions, don’t use solutions which adversely affect the environment. Electronic appliances like air conditioners and heaters protect your indoors from the outside weather, but they emit harmful radiations and use up a lot of energy, both of which contribute to making the outside environment unhealthy. Window coverings have no such side effects. Whether you opt for motorized window blinds or wooden window shutters, all kinds of window coverings are an eco-friendly alternative that helps your home to stay at a comfortable temperature. They provide protection to your home by blocking harsh sunlight in summers and chilly winds in winters.

  Wooden Wood Shutters


#3. Perfect For Indoors & Outdoors

Natural woven shades and blinds are a perfect choice for any area in your home, be it your bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, lobby, nursery room, store room, backyard, or dining room. But, they look best in living rooms as this is the area of your home which needs maximum attention and elegance. If you’re a fan of elegant designs along with sophisticated and royal appearance, you can add these eco-friendly blinds to your entire home, both indoors as well as outdoors. By opting for these window treatments everywhere in your home, you’ll have continuity in your home décor, and you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of these blinds in every area of your home.



#4. Pleasant & Bright Appearance

Natural sunlight is important to keep your home healthy, fresh and bright. But when the amount of sunlight reaches a level when it becomes irritating and harmful to the skin, eyes, and furniture, you need to have some control over it. The best solution to control the excess amount of sunlight inside your home is the implementation of eco-friendly window shades. Windows and doors are the major sources of sunlight, heat, and sound. These window coverings control the brightness in the ambiance of your home and make it look subtle and comfortable. They let a controlled amount of natural light enter your home which makes the environment pleasant.

  Natural Window Blinds


#5. Privacy Control

With the proper amount of natural light, privacy is also equally important. Some window blinds and shades can be great to control privacy, but they block all the natural light making the home gloomy. With woven wood coverings, you can enjoy both privacy and natural light in your home. They are designed and crafted in a way that they allow a certain amount of light to come through even when you close them completely still offering privacy at all hours of the day. They perfect for spaces like the living room or bedroom where they can block out excess sunlight without looking overwhelming or out of place.

Cleaning Natural Shades 


#6. Insulation

Eco-friendly window blinds and shades offer an added benefit of noise reduction also. So, apart from blocking the excess amount of light and heat, these are also helpful in making your home more peaceful. For homeowners living in an urban area or on a busy street or have noisy neighbors around, these window coverings can be really advantageous. Of course, there is no window dressing or coverings that can guarantee a full reduction of noise from outside, but with heavy liners, natural woven shades and blinds can provide an effective barrier making your home more peaceful and relaxing.


#7. Fresh Ambiance

Natural materials are always warm, cozy and refreshing, both in terms of their insulation and energy efficiency, along with the elegant style they exude. In winters, the loss of heat from your home will be drastically reduced when these blinds are closed creating a strong barrier. In summers, the entry of heat from outside will be blocked making the space cooler. Installation of these natural window coverings makes sure that you and your family will stay warm in winters and cool in summers. The usage of natural material also impacts the mood of the homeowners. They feel fresh, relaxed and happy which impacts their productivity at work too.


#8. Easy Maintenance

Window slats collect more dust, dirt, and other substances over time. There are several window coverings that require minimal cleaning and frequent maintenance especially when you operate them on a daily basis. But uniquely crafted eco-friendly window shades are easy to clean because they don’t hold much dirt or dust. And because of their durability and sturdiness, they are less likely to repair.


#9. Lightweight

Unlike many heavy and hard window coverings, these natural window treatments are lightweight. This feature makes them easy to install and operate as well. They are less prone to wear and tear.


#10. Customization Options

Whether you prefer window coverings to block out all the sunlight or you opt for those shades which preserve natural light while protecting your privacy, natural blinds and shades fulfill all your requirements. Endless specifications like color tones, designs, materials, shapes, sizes, functionalities, and patterns are available to customize your window coverings to match with your home décor. 


#11. Modern Functionality

Motorized window blinds can be operated very simply by touching a button, a remote control, or an app on a smartphone. These can also be operated by voice commands via voice assistants and smart home automation hubs. These modern window coverings are a proven way to lessen solar gain and prevent heat loss. They are so convenient to open and close, and also the benefit you and your environment to a great extent. Additionally, the ability to set schedules to open and close them according to time and need of the day make them a much safer solution.

Smart Natural Window Shades 

Eco-friendly window shades and blinds offered by ZebraBlinds can be made to fit any type of windows and doors, and complement any color scheme of your home. Check out natural woven shades and blinds collection and invest in making your home energy-efficient and smart.

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