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Economical Window Shading for Renters in Canada

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Economical Shading for Renters

Rental Window Woes

With real estate flying through the roof, that dream home is fast becoming less attractive. With the market in a constant flux, there are four important reasons why a lot of Canadians prefer to rent homes instead of buying them:

Renting a home is generally cheaper –


Renting a house or apartment is often cheaper than having to pay monthly mortgages, and even if it were comparable, one could possibly afford a larger home in a trendier locale for the same price, without having to deal with additional expenses like leaky roofs and property taxes. If the furnace is broken, call the landlord!


Moving or making a change is far easier –

As a renter, I would just have to pack my personal belongings and leave once my lease is up, maybe pay for the movers. A home owner would have to make potentially expensive repairs before putting a property up on the market, in addition to making interesting renovations that would improve the prospects of a sale, and real estate agent fees that would definitely chew into the margins.

Easier to upscale –

For a lot of Canadians, buying homes in trendy areas is hopelessly expensive; renting would be a more viable option, for a fraction of what it would cost to own a place. Often, living in trendy condos means that you pay debilitating mortgages in addition to pricy condo upkeep fees.

Less economic worries –

If the real estate market does crash, a renter has nothing to crib about – in fact, a renter would be able to afford better homes for the same price or less! But home owners who bought houses to fund their retirement are surely sweating under the collar!
However, renters face a number of issues that make it difficult to make ends meet – utilities still need to be taken care of, and one really can’t call the owners every time the duct pipes leaks or the gutters break or the windows and doors need stripping and caulking!

Given below was a question posed on Apartment Therapy –

“I just moved into a great apartment. The only caveat is that one whole side of my apartment has windows that are directly across from other windows in the neigboring building. I’ve installed the non-stick privacy “filter screens” which are great, but it’s also winter here in Canada. So when summer comes and I have to open the windows for ventilation… I will have zero privacy.
Does anyone know of either an already built, sliding screen I could install or some screen that I could make a DIY custom frame with, so the neighbors cannot see in at night (when I have lights on), but the air can flow through?”
It seems a very cumbersome idea to make frames for sliding screen that would need runners to install. A lot of homes, and especially apartments have standard sized windows, whether they are sliding windows, double-hung windows, or picture windows –
Picture windows span a minimum width and height from 24 to 96 inches
Sliding windows of a width from 36 to 84 inches and height from 24 to 60 inches
Double-Hung window of a width from 24 to 48 inches and height from 36 to 72 inches
Going by standard sizes makes it easier to gauge the type of window covering you can decide to use for the purposes you have in mind, especially as the increment in sizes go by the foot. Pricing points of window shading is evidently a concern for Canadian renters, especially as they could move into a place without standard window sizes. But a window shade can fit in with various window sizes, for example, 36 by 60-inch shade that was used as an inside mount on one window can be used as an outside mount for a 24 by 48-inch window.

Some Economical Window Shading Options

For those who don’t want to invest in too much for a rental, there are attractive yet pocket friendly window shading options online in Canada. Unlike huge box store retailers, online retailers don’t have rentals, floor space, floor staff, and car parking to consider, so retailers like offer tremendously competitive rates so that their customers have the best variety with money left over for grocery.



Roller-Shades-Canada -

Let’s look at three options available on, assuming the shade size is 24 by 24 inches (2 by 2 ft.), to counter the issue posed on Apartment therapy – Crown Blackout Roller Shades – $52.38

Blackout shades is the ultimate answer to privacy concerns, any time of the day or night, and when they are mounted inside a window’s casing, set very close to the glazing, they offer better insulation than if it were mounted outside the casing, though the latter would kill the halo effect that is bound to occur with inside mounted shades. They are available in a number of neutral colors, with a hunter green thrown into the palette. Made of GreenGuard certified PVC, it comes with a standard continuous cord loop lift that you could upgrade to cordless at no extra charge. The standard roll offers better privacy and light control. You can opt for a curved fabric covered aluminum cassette valance, and round, wave, or scalloped bottom edges with hem bar at an extra cost. Unfortunately, the shade needs to be raised to offer ventilation, but they offer seamless protection from the relentless afternoon sun and for those who work shifts, help block out daylight for peaceful sleep.

Crown Light Filtering Cellular Shades – $73.26

Cellular shades are known to offer wonderful energy savings, trapping air within the cells to form a barrier of air between the window and the room; light filtering cellular shades don’t block out the daylight, aiding in warming the interiors in winter, keeping the UV rays out, and offering a decent cover against curious eyes and saving you energy dollars that will pay for the shades. They are extremely durable, crafted with sharply creased polyester that hold its integrity for the life of the shades. At night, a clear view inside is not possible when the lights are on, but muted shapes and movement can be discerned through them. The cordless function enabled with a powerful clutch and dual braking system that allows them to be positioned wherever desired, giving the window a clean, uncluttered, designer looks. However, in summer, when windows need to be left open, the shades have to be raised, compromising privacy. But they offer the best solution for homes with children and pets.

Crown TDBU Cordless Light Filtering Cellular shades – $107.90

For approximately thirty five dollars more, opt for the TopDown BottomUp version of the light filtering cellular shades, to deal with both the ventilation and privacy issues. You can let the shades down from the top to aloe fresh air in while blocking the view inside from nosy neighbors, or even even lift a bit from the bottom and let down a bit from the top to block the inside view yet letting in enough and more of the air in as well as allowing for a view of the skyline and the flowers in bloom. You have energy efficiency, privacy and bright interiors all in one. Sure you shell out a bit more, but no shading offers as much function and aesthetics as these shades.
Crown roller and cellular shades come with a one-year warranty that protects against any manufacturing defect. The head rails and brackets are integrated for easy installation.
So there you go, no need of messy frames and railing, just a power drill, screw driver, and a level, and soon you’ll be snapping the shade into its bracket – all you need for your windows! Once your lease is over and you want to move, simply unclip the shades from its brackets and take them with you to your next home. No worries.




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