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How to Plan a Room Makeover with Electric Wooden Blinds

Electric Wooden Blinds

Electric Wooden Blinds – Inspiring Ways to Transform the Aesthetic Appeal of your Interiors


If you are planning to give your room a quick transformation with the best decorating elements then you might have already created a list of home-design ideas to have a breathtaking and phenomenal home. While starting home décor, one of the first and most essential parts is to dress up your windows and doors. They are the best approach to give your home an eye-catching appearance while complementing your aesthetics. But decorating windows can be challenging, especially when you are new to the world of window design. In order to create a perfect stunning window makeover, electric wooden blinds are the most top rated choice to go for that enhances both the beauty and functionality of your space together. Since they are made of real wood that creates a natural and seamless beauty. These blinds do not use any toxic or chemical materials, making them a safe and secure choice for every home.

For a healthy dose of décor inspiration, first, learn the advantages and limitations of motorized wooden blinds before placing your order. These blinds will surely help you to create a stylish, inviting home that will drastically improve the quality of your space as well.

Motorized Wooden Blinds


Electric Wooden Blinds: A Cost-Effective Way to Fulfill Your Interior’s Needs


Electric wooden blinds are a great way to update your windows. When installed properly, the blinds give your room an architectural appearance with an impressive look. The quality material of these blinds adds a natural texture to any room, which means all year around you enjoy a timeless beauty that will never look outdated or out of style. These blinds have a lot of pros and cons to look for –

  • The warmth of the wood tone can add an extra dimension and richness to your interior area while creating an eco-friendly makeover throughout the décor. They come in an array of colors, texture options, and vane sizes to fit any window. Their flexibility, functionality, and extreme durability make the blinds unique and sophisticated.
  • Adjust the vanes to allow natural light to enter your room while having privacy. The blinds can prevent the harmful beams and glare as well to create a warm, elegant, relaxing, and pleasing atmosphere.
  • Wood blinds tend to be heavy, and because of that, adding motorization brings more convenience and comfort in the operation of raising and lowering them. This makes motorization an ideal choice for large and hard to reach windows. Using a remote button will help you operate your blinds without any hassle or complication, and without getting up from your couch.
  • By blocking out excess heat, remote control wooden blinds offer greater insulation that saves on electricity costs offer greater insulation that saves on electricity costs..
  • Cordless mechanisms keep the little ones hazard free from the danger of window cords.
  • Electric wooden blinds are easy to install and care for. To clean the blinds, you can use a damp cloth. Regular dusting will help the blinds to stay longer without being faded or damaged.

Electric Wooden Blinds


Things to Evaluate Before Purchasing Electric Wooden Blinds


Creating a beautiful space is harder than you think. If you are new to window décor, then so many questions can come to your mind. Follow the below things so that you make any mistakes while measuring or installing the motorized wooden blinds:

Room Consideration – This should always be the first step in window design. There are various rooms for various purposes. Wood blinds can be used in any room except ones with high humidity areas because the blinds are not resistant to water or moisture. Installing these blinds over the kitchen sink or bathroom can lead them to be warped or cracked over time. On top of that, thinking about the room’s purposes, you should consider the fabric and color selection as well because proper customization helps to set your entire day’s mood. For example, light-colored wooden blinds will look good on bedroom or workplace windows but living room windows require dark colored electric wooden blinds for a dramatic appearance. And most importantly, your window blinds should match the wall décor for a flawless look throughout the home.

Electric Wooden Blinds for Bedroom


Price Factor – Most homeowners think that motorized shades are expensive. But that is not true at all. The price of this wooden blind depends on the fabric or pattern you select. ZebraBlinds ensures quality product at an affordable price that will not break your bank.

Just focus on what you need or what will look good for your windows and then make a decision of purchasing them. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to consult with our professional window specialists. They will always assist you with the best products that will suit your interior décor type.

Motorized Wooden Blinds for Living Room


Love the Changes: Update Room Windows with Electric Wooden Blinds


Though electric wooden blinds are not the perfect choice for every décor type, they can be a great addition for your beautiful Canadian home. If you want to do something different or unique, then explore these wood blinds at a budget-friendly price along with free samples, free shipping, and exciting discounts. Adding wood to your windows could be just the thing to add style to your space!

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