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The Elegance of Sheer and Transparent Solar Shades

Sheer and Transparent Solar Shades

Winter has given way to spring, and those cold winds have bid us goodbye. As the sun shines brightly through the windows, all you wish for is a way to dull down the sunlight without darkening the room completely. You have finally decided that you may need a window treatment that helps you around this situation and we have the perfect solution for you, and that is the transparent solar shades. We understand that this period from spring through autumn is also the most beautiful time to look out your window and see the changing colors of nature! Hence, we provide the option of smart motorized solar shades so that the harsh sunlight is blocked while keeping the view through the window!

Smart Solar Shades

What are Motorized Solar Shades?

Solar shades are the kind of window dressings that are installed to block away the harshness of the sunlight without darkening the room. These shades are made of PVC material woven into a mesh kind of formation that has the ability to reduce glare as well as heat from direct sunlight. They are pretty transparent because of their mesh-like structure and hence, the view through the window stays unaffected too. Transparent solar shades are one of those versatile and multifunctional window shades that blend in with any kind of home décor and make space look classy.

The solar shades are usually fitted with the roller design so that the shades can be tucked away neatly when they are not required and during the daytime, they can be rolled down to block away the sunlight. These roller shades are also motorized for furthermore comfort and convenience. Automatic solar shades are more convenient and easy to operate from anywhere in the house with the press of a button. These shades save a lot of time and efforts when it comes to larger and wider windows in the house.

Motorized Solar Shades

What Degree of Privacy can be Achieved with Solar Privacy Shades?

Since solar shades are made up of thin, sheer and mesh-like structure, they do not block the view from the window even when they are pulled down. However, this raises the question of whether the people from outside will be able to look through the shades too. These privacy shades are constructed in such a way that during the day, when they are pulled down, they are see-through from inside the house. But, they provide privacy when looking in from the outside. This way, you can enjoy the outside view from the window without having to worry about the prying eyes of your neighbors or any onlookers.

However, during the night, these shades create a reverse effect. They become opaque from the inside and see through from the outside. This is because of the shift in the amount of lighting. During the day, outdoors are far brighter than the indoors, hence the shades are opaque from outside. Similarly, during the night, the lights inside the house make it brighter inside compared to the outdoors, making the shades see through from the outside. See-through sun shades are the kind of window treatment that play around with the lighting. Hence, during the nights, it is better to cover the windows with a simple curtain or draperies, either over the solar shades, or with them rolled away.

Light Filtering Solar Shades

Are These Shades Best for Blocking Heat As Well?

The solar shades are not just known for blocking away the sunlight but they are also known for trapping the heat of the sun. These shades filter the sunlight falling through them, dialing down the harshness and brightness of the sunlight and filling the space with a soft, muted light. This way, space is absolutely well-lit with the natural light, without its glare affecting out day-to-day life inside the house. These kind of shades are an amazing fit of living rooms, kitchen, dining room, etc. where you need the natural flow of light.

When it comes to blocking heat, these shades help to block heat from the direct sunlight. However, if you are looking for the best heat blocking and insulation, you would want to look for thick blackout fabrics (such as cellular shades) instead. That said, if you need to keep your room light while obtaining protection from the heat, sheer and transparent solar shades are the way to go. This way, the room can be kept cool and the ambiance maintained without darkening the room.

Are the Solar Shades Available Only in Sheer and Transparent Material?

All solar shades have small openings through their fabric, whether it is 1% to 14%. Sheer solar shades are well known for providing protecting against the harsh sunlight without affecting the view from the window. They are light and classy and are for living rooms, kitchens, home offices etc.

Smart solar shades are available in percentages from 1% to 14%. A 1% fabric will block a good amount of light and is harder to see through – you can only really see movement. A 10% fabric, on the other hand, will let in a good amount of light and is very see through – it looks almost like a tinted window. Choose the correct fabric that has the right amount of privacy and light blocking that you are looking for. But note that even a 1% fabric is see-through to a degree.


The world of window coverings have been going through a range of innovations over the years and the see-through solar shades are truly the most innovative ones. Who knew that the harsh and bright sunlight can be muted down and used to our advantage to fill the space with beautiful natural light? These are simply the best heat blocking shades as well as for keeping the view from the window!

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