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Embrace The Dark: Design Your Home With Blackout Window Shades

Energy Saving Blackout Window Shades

How to Choose The Ultimate Blackout Window Shades?

If you love darkness, then blackout window shades are perfect for your room. These shades will allow you to block out all light as well as prevent anyone from looking into your windows.

Blackout shades are made from a unique material that helps you block sunlight from getting into your room, and also obstructs any light inside being seen by anybody on the outside. These shades also help reduce your energy bill by reducing heat gain and heat loss. This means the shades maintain your room’s temperature by reflecting or by absorbing the daylight. This makes blackout window privacy shades ideal for bedrooms and media rooms where you require privacy and darkness.

What’s the difference between blackout and room darkening shades?

Blackout window shades provide maximum light blockage. They are great for nurseries, media rooms, and even bedrooms for when you want to sleep in. Room darkening shades stop just short of total light blockage but offer an abundance of styles and light-control options.

What makes them useful for my bedroom or media room?

When you watch a movie with your family or friends, the best thing you can bring to your living room or media room is an enjoyable viewing experience. Blackout shades are excellent for bringing complete darkness to your room, giving it that home theater feels.

For our bedrooms, all we want to do is relax after a long chaotic day. A completely dark room is the key to a good night’s rest. So choose any blackout shade to get that perfect sleep. Blackout shades help you sleep properly and keep your bedroom dark and cozy.

Light Gaps

While blackout and room darkening fabrics block light, some light may get in through light gaps on the side of your shades. These gaps normally allow the shade to raise and lower without rubbing the side of the window frame. Roller type shades typically have a light gap of ¾” on each side, while the light gap on cellular shades is negligible.

Graber Blackout Roller Shades

The main features of Graber Lightweaves Blackout Roller Shades are to block out all UV rays and offer complete privacy. Blackout roller shades will help you turn your room into a peaceful place you and your friends will love hanging out in. The shades eliminate nearly all sunlight from entering your room and have the sleek and clean look. These shades are also Greenguard Certified, meaning they use environmental-friendly materials with low chemical and particle emissions. They come up with an assortment of lifts: continuous loop, cordless lift, and a motorized option that is perfect for homes with children.

Electric-Blackout-roller-shades -

Get the best price for blackout roller shades with the highest quality. These durable window coverings will bring you years of satisfaction at a budget-friendly price.

Smart Motorized Z-wave Shades

Smart motorized shades control your blinds and shades by using a mobile device or voice assistant. You can get your home more secure by opening and closing your blinds at regular intervals, as outsiders will think that someone is inside the home even when you are away.

Graber-Smart-Motorized-Z-wave-Shades-Canada -

Graber’s Z-wave motors use the Z-wave communication protocol, which is used by smart home hubs and automated devices, including Samsung SmartThings. Z-wave technology for blinds works seamlessly with smart home devices and allows integration between multiple products and manufacturers. Shades can be voice controlled by interfacing your compatible home automation hub with Google Home or Amazon Echo. These shades can be conveniently operated from virtually anywhere in the home, up to 65 feet or more, as they bounce signals off of other Z-wave devices to extend range. An optional single channel remote control is also available to control shades individually or in a group.

Virtual Cord Blackout Cellular Shades

Blackout Honeycomb Shades are the perfect choice for your room when you are looking for extra insulation added to the blackout fabrics. Cellular shades contain air pockets in their cell structure. These air pockets allow the shades to prevent heat loss during the winter season and heat gain during the month of summer.

Virtual Cord Cellular shades are Graber’s brand of Smart Motorized Z-wave Shades. Using Virtual Cord means shades can be conveniently operated from virtually anywhere in the home. Virtual Cord Shades are powered by an external battery case or plug-in transformer. The Virtual Cord option eliminates the strangulation hazard of dangling cords for kids and pets, enables access to hard to reach windows, and allows you to control multiple shades at the same time.

Blackout cellular shades come with some customizable options, including popular colors, different types of fabrics and control options such as top down bottom up (TDBU), cordless, and more for your kids’ and pets’ safety.

Graber-Virtual-Blackout-Honeycomb-Shades -

Choose from CrystalPleat Graber Blackout Cellular Shades (with the option of customizing your shade to a variety of different cell sizes for your insulation needs), Slide-Vue Graber Blackout Cellular Vertical Shades (Great way to insulate a doorway or other large window that brings in a lot of heat), and CrystalPleat Blackout SkyTrack Skylight Cellular Shades (ideal for hard to reach skylight windows).

Combining all of these functions into one window treatment ensures you will get the best sleep possible by keeping your room dark and comfortable.

The key purpose of blackout window shades is to provide an efficient and effective barrier to stop external light sources from disturbing your sleep and, depending on the type of shade; they also have lots of other advantages like temperature control, thermal insulation, and noise reduction.

For your convenience, ZebraBlinds has a wide selection of blackout shade products. They are the perfect blend of beauty and functionality. Browse our website to know more about blackout window shades and blinds at best prices.

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