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Embrace Difference: Mixing and Matching Window Shade Types

Different Window Shade Types

Add Function And Style To Every Room With Different Window Treatments


The best part of having fun so many windows in a home is getting to decide the best way to treat them with window coverings, blinds, shades, drapery, etc. People sometimes wonder if they should try to stick to the same treatment throughout their home to give it a more consistent look.

While there are some benefits to having the same window medications in the same room, there are no laws that say you must use the same treatments everywhere. Feel free to get artistic and try different products with different windows. However, before you make any decisions on window treatments, here are a few things you should consider.


What Are Roman Shades?


Roman Shades are made of fabric that folds to emulate the look of drapery. They will help you to transform any space in your home into an inviting and relaxing retreat with its unique texture and character. You can choose from a wide selection of beautiful fabrics, which will bring an elegance into any room. Boasting the soft look and feel of a luxurious fabric, roman shades are the perfect window treatment wherever a formal or casual look is required.

These beautiful Roman Shades Canada allow you to create a beautiful atmosphere, whether used alone or with draperies or curtains. The shades are easy to hang and operate and give you a wide variety of light control, from light filtering to blackout liners.


Decorate-Your-Room-With-Roman-Shades -


Here are few available options available with these shades

  • Cordless Roman Shades – This popular option gives a control system that removes the lift cord from your roman shades and enables the shades to be easily raised or lowered by hand.
  • Continuous Cord Loop Controls – This option means the cords on your roman shades will be secured to a wall or window frame. An excellent choice for larger shades.
  • Motorized Lift – With a motorized lift upgrade, your roman shades can be raised or lowered at the push of a button.


Day Night Cellular Shades – 


Cellular shades play an important role in updating the look of your beautiful home. At night, you may require your window coverings to block out more light inside your room and offer more privacy. During the daytime, you may need more protection from the harsh sunlight rays. Luckily, you don’t need to swap curtains to make it work when you have Day-Night Honeycomb Cellular Shades (or Sun-up Sun-down Cellular Shades).


Day Night Cellular Shades offer both light filtering and blackout shades at the same time, making them the perfect window treatment for any room. For daytime, lower the light-filtering fabric to gently diffuse the light. This gives your room the flexibility of customizing the light filtration in each room of your house. At night, use blackout fabric shade to get the total room darkening and privacy. You can also get extra privacy and light control during the daytime with the blackout fabric.


 Cordless-Sun-Up-Sun-Down-Cellular-Shades -


These cellular shades provide excellent insulation due to the pockets of air formed by the honeycomb cellular design. These insulating cellular shades will keep you protected from the extreme weather will let you save on your energy bills.


Choose from a wide range of fabrics and colors and also get a cordless option for easy operation and a clean, no-cords look for your window. Cordless mechanisms increase child safety and eliminate the hazards of dangling cords. If you want your window treatment to be more flexible than the other shades, choose a day-night cellular shade.


Motorized Roller Shades – 


Motorized window treatments allow you to operate your blinds or shades with just the push of a button on your remote or even your smartphone. These remotely controlled coverings are the ultimate in convenience and are perfect for hard to reach windows. When you are looking for style, UV security, and privacy, then choose these products. For their simplicity, style, and flexibility, roller and solar shades have been one of the most popular window treatments.


Smart-Motorized-Roller-Shades-Canada -


Smart motorized roller shades utilize Z-wave radio technology which can be used with a smart hub such as SmartThings and Wink. When synchronized with a smart home hub, these roller shades can be operated with smartphones and can be configured to hands-free convenience with voice assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo.


Exterior Window Shades – 


These kinds of shades are the perfect window solution for the outdoors and for windows that receive extreme sun exposure. The exterior outdoor window shades can help with glare and blocking the sun while keeping the view, and are treated for exterior use and so can withstand outdoor weather conditions better than other types of shades. They protect from ultraviolet light and keep your interior fresh and comfortable.


Sun-Blocking-Exterior-Window-Shades -


As the shades are energy efficient so consumers can save money on heating and cooling costs.


Some people get so caught up in pairing or coordinating window medications that they forget the main purpose of that treatment. If you are assuming that the window will work as a source of natural light, you will want to make sure you choose window treatments that help it do so. Same goes when it comes to privacy.

Even though you are free to choose whatever window treatment strikes your fancy, you should consider how your home décor coordinates from one room to another.

Take your time with rooms that adjoin to make sure you get something that will look good together.

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