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Top 8 Energy Efficient Window Treatment Options for Homes

Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Do you know that the world is facing another summer of deadly heat? As per the record 2017 has been considered to be the 4th consecutive hottest year. According to the scientists, this effect causing it to heat up due to the sunlight and the atmosphere. You are doing hard to make your room cool and comfortable. According to the studies made by U.S Department of Energy, heating and cooling costs account for about 48% of the energy use in typical U.S. homes, making it the largest energy expense for most of the households. Users can meet some of their issues by receiving energy-efficient technologies and practices. In this regard, energy efficiency is an asset that diminishes the need to produce power. Individuals can now determine and introduce window shades that improve the energy efficiency of the homes. There are various window shades that come up with an excellent solution which not only saves your energy costs by controlling the temperature, it protects your health and furniture also by blocking the harmful ultraviolet rays.Nowadays people are suffering severe health issues such as dizziness, headache, and fainting because of the excess heat. When you go outside you can protect yourself by using an umbrella or wearing sunscreens. But what about your home? This sunlight can also enter to your room through your windows and increase the temperature which will be the main reason of damaging your health even your interior furnishings. Yes, you’ve heard it right! In today’s world, most of the health problem occurs due to excess heat and harmful UV rays which will lead you to the Heat stroke also.

Choosing the Best Energy Efficient Window Blinds and Shades for homes

Choosing good window coverings not only give you the perfect look for your perfect room, it can save your energy bills also. Energy efficient Graber’s window treatment is the perfect solution in this case. You might think that how window shades can save your bills but really it does!

How thermal blinds work?

There are several factors that make blinds and shade fabric resistant to outside temperature changes, so the factors are:

Insulating Fabric:

Window covering works in maintaining the temperature in your home which saves your energy bills. In summer, the outside heat enters to your room through your windows. Insulation involves heat loss through the walls which create a comfortable atmosphere inside the room.

Solar Heat Maintenance:

When solar energy comes to your room during the month of summer, it makes your room horrible by increasing the temperature. But using solar shades you can control this. For example – shades with an openness factor of 1% to 5% blocked the harmful UV rays. It’s harder to see the out view, but they help you conserve more energy. 6% to 14 % give outward view but blocks the UV rays and heatwaves, that is why these are used for dual shades in combination with blackout shades, exterior shades etc.

Solar absorbance and reflectance:

When Solar radiation reaches the shading fabric either it is absorbed by the fabric or it is reflected and keeps the attic cooler on a hot day. Lower solar absorbance reflects more heat rather than higher solar absorbance.


Dayspring means placing your window or any other window openings in the proper place through which natural light provides effective internal lighting. It avoids the usage of the artificial lighting and reduces your energy use.

Insulating Window Blinds

Insulating blinds are best for energy efficient window treatments. This insulating property will help you to keep your room cool during the during the month of summer and provide warmth during the month of winter. This will give you not only comfort, it will help you to reduce your energy bills.

Energy Efficient Blinds

Energy-efficient window blinds create a comfortable environment for you and your family while reducing your heating and cooling costs on your energy bills. This type of blinds provide effective insulation and protect your home from heat loss and heat gain. They have some insulating value also. So using this blind means you can reduce energy consumption, save on heating and cooling costs, and create a comfortable atmosphere.

Top 8 Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Considering all the above factors into account we have deduced top 8 energy efficient window treatments that you can incorporate into your interior and reduce the energy bills.

#1: Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are excellent energy saving window coverings that block solar heat and conduction heat gain or loss. – These shades are also referred as Honeycomb Shades. This honeycomb design creates an air pocket between the window glass and the interior. This air pockets store air inside during summer and winter so it acts as insulation. So basically they are responsible for heat gain and heat loss during the time of summer and winter.

Energy Saving Window Shades

Cellular vertical shades are also perfect for sliding glass doors and patio doors. Because they don’t allow the heat to enter the room during summer and prevent indoor heat from going out during the winter season. This makes your room comfortable and convenient. These shades are ideal for media and bedrooms the needed privacy thermal and sound insulation and sound insulation.

UV blocking blinds
Cellular shades in Winter

#2: Roller – Solar Shades


These Shades block solar heat and glare, provide UV protection for your furniture. Solar shades and mainly used for cutting UV rays without blocking of external view, out of this only 1% give some sort of privacy, all other fabrics don’t give privacy at nighttime. If the room is lite and outside is dark all privacy is compromised. Solar shades filter natural sunlight and are available in several openness levels to control your view. You can choose lighter fabric shades for better temperature control.

Roller shades UV protection

These shades are perfect for the – study rooms, kitchen, sunrooms. Roller shades come in blackout, light filtering, and room darkening shades. Light Filtering Roller shades let in diffused light and give better protection and privacy, Room Darkening Roller Shades let – in lesser diffused light to make room darkening effect and provides privacy, Blackout Roller Shades block out the light completely and give the best privacy and light control.

#3: Exterior Solar Shades

Exterior Solar Shades block 97% of the UV rays before it enters your room. In the case of this shade, light color fabrics reflect the heat before it absorbs the heat itself but all dark colors absorb heat before it reflects. Since exterior shades are installed outside the windows. Dark color fabrics are an option but for patios and porches, light color fabrics are much advisable since it reflects heat before it gets absorbed.


#4: Dual Shades


Dual Shade is the best choice for saving money and energy both. This is a reverse mechanism shade as the weather changes. A Dual Shade system combines two sorts of window covers in one smaller bundle. The external layer is the light filtering shade made of high UV safe material intended to remove the approaching light and give partial privacy while permitting you a view of the outside. The inner layer is a light blocking shade that totally removes the light, eliminating it when darkness is required in a room. It can be utilized as a part of the day or around evening time for a total blackout effect, and for complete privacy. 1% to 5% and 6% to 14% both lightweaves dual solar shades are available which are responsible for light control and energy efficiency. You can use this shade for any media rooms or homeoffice etc.

#5: Roman Shades


Roman Shades work as an insulator. It’s several layers of fabric and sealed edges save your energy bills by adjusting the temperature of the environment. Roman shade ideal for many rooms like for bedroom or bathrooms.

#6: Awnings


An awning is a type of roof cover that controls the sun exposure and heat for both inside and outside of the room. It can be made of cloth, wood, aluminum, vinyl etc. This energy saving window treatment decreases solar heat in the summer by up to 65% on the south-facing windows and 77% for windows facing west. It reduces heat during the summer but keeps indoor warm also during the season of winter. You can choose awnings according to your room as they are available in various styles, colors, and textures. Light colored awnings reflect more sunlight. Some of the awnings can be operated by the motor also.

#7: Draperies


Draperies can be used for greater efficiency as it gently reduces the intensity of the sunlight and heat through your windows. It allows you to control the temperature with the outside temperature and creates a cool environment inside your room. During the summer season, you can prevent heat gain by 33% by closing the draperies on windows receiving direct sunlight and in winter, draperies can reduce heat loss up to 10%.

#8: Vertical Blinds


Vertical Blinds in fabric or vinyl are the perfect solution for large windows. It reduces heat gain up to 45% when the blinds are closed. Blinds block and reflect the direct sunlight onto a light-colored ceiling, which also diffuses the light. In a word, Blinds offer a solution to control solar heat gain and saves the energy bills.
Present day window shades with particular coating and low-conductivity casings are currently accessible for use in new homes and in commercial spaces. This presents great open doors all through where window shades that can save substantial energy, improve comfort, and accomplish these advantages very cost effectively – “Treat the heat with the Window Solar Shades”


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