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The Enigma Called Vertical Blinds

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“I think every person has their own identity and beauty. Everyone being different is what is really beautiful. If we were all the same, it would be boring.” – Tila Tequila

The same could apply for the window dressings as well. It is the distinct and unique charm of each window treatment that makes it more appealing. The beauty of vertical blinds is how it stands apart from standard horizontal window coverings with breathtakingly graceful sophistication. Tall and handsome, vertical blinds give your windows an elegant appearance by covering the entire length and breadth of windows and doors. Some people choose to let the vertical blinds on their windows drop till the floor for elegant style, even when their actual requirement would be just half that size. More than functionality, it is always the style factor that scores points for vertical blinds.

Vertical Versus Horizontal Blinds.


If you pit horizontal and vertical blinds against each other, there will be no winner. They both come with their own set of pros and cons. The final choice will be based on the type of windows, customer need and style of the interior decor. Horizontal blinds do not operate well on wide windows, sliding glass doors, wide sliding glass patio doors, whereas vertical blinds fit in quite easily. Wide horizontal slats can become uneven with time due to their weight, which is not a problem with vertical blinds. For Horizontal blinds slats stacking height will obstruct the head room of the doors, since vertical blinds move side ways this would be the best choice for sliding glass doors.

When it comes to privacy and light filtering, many argue that horizontal blinds are the winner. Vertical blinds may have some gaps at the ends where it meets the wall. Undesirable light may sneak in through such gaps in vertical blinds, compromising complete light control you may desire.

Vertical blinds have been the choice of modern and contemporary interior decor in Canada due to its streamlined appeal. They often add space to a room with their vertical height, making it appear larger than its original size. Yet, there is no denying that horizontal blinds are more versatile and mesh with different interior styles with ease.

The direction of the windows also makes a difference to the type of blinds that you would mount on them. Horizontal blinds are preferred for windows that face to the north or the south; on the other hand, vertical blinds are a perfect choice for east or west-facing windows. They are best suited to tackle the sunlight angles that are different for each direction.

Meeting Big Challenges.


Vertical blinds meet the significant challenges of covering large windows and wide sliding doors. The graceful flow of vertical blinds gives your patio doors and large windows a spectacular dimension. They are available in fabric, sheer, wood and vinyl louvers in a wide range of colors and patterns.

The versatility of vertical blinds allows you to move it completely out of the way when you need the space open. You can have partial privacy and light control as well by tilting the vanes.

For those who prefer natural airflow from outdoors inside their room while controlling the light, vertical blinds are the right choice. When you open your window for ventilation but leave the blinds closed to block out the light, there will be sufficient air flow through their vanes to keep you comfortable. Take care not to expose them to high winds though, which may damage or break them.

Fabric Vertical Blinds.



Fabric-Vertical-Blinds-Canada -



The visual appeal of fabric vertical blinds is awe-inspiring charming. The broad spectrum of striking colors and patterns adds to the decorative elements in the room. They are perfect for places where privacy is welcome with some amount of daylight filtering in. For room darkening options, you may have to opt for PVC-backed fabric vertical blinds that give you the decorative value of fabric blinds along with the functionality of PVC vanes. These vanes overlap tightly together to give you better privacy and insulation as well.

The 3½-inch fabric vertical blinds brought to you by Graber can revolutionize your interior decor with their hanging drapery-like appearance. This product is a rare combination of beauty and functionality, giving you a unique and alluring cover for large windows and sliding doors. They are dust and moisture resistant, and can withstand high humid and high traffic conditions with ease. Easy to install, maintain and operate, they give you ultimate in comfort. Made of polyester fabric, they are extremely durable.

The touch of technology ensures consistent spacing between the louvers with G-71 Super-Vue vertical track system. The fabrics are free of halogens, lead and allergenic dyes along with the GreenGaurd certification to ensure safe indoor environment for you.

Wood Vertical Blinds.


There is something special about wood which brings a majestic and royal aura to your decor. The American hardwood has made it possible to create lightweight, richly textured, color consistent, durable and attractively grained vertical blind vanes that give your decor a finely refined appearance. They can enhance the magnificence of your glass sliding doors, corner windows, French doors, patio doors, three-way bay windows and many more.

Sheer Vertical Blinds.


Sheer vertical blinds give you the smoothness of sheer fabrics with light controlling functionality as well. This has been made possible by draping the vinyl louvers in sheer fabrics. They can let in diffused light when the vanes are open while blocking out light completely in the closed position. Another awesome feature of these blinds is that you can take down the sheer fabric and give it a machine wash to have them sparkling clean. Light filtering cannot get better than this.

PVC Vinyl Vertical Blinds.


Vinyl PVC Vertical Blinds combine durability with functional beauty to give your windows and door a long-lasting appeal. Available in a wide range of exquisite patterns and embellished with a variety of textures and designs, vinyl vertical blinds can enhance the visual appeal of your décor tremendously.

Modern technology gives the vinyl blinds the appearance of flame stitch, linens, Jacquards or silk string fabrics, increasing its charm. They have excellent light controlling function, which can be further customized to meet your requirement. They are easy to maintain and clean as well.

If you want your decor to go a notch up in luxury, aesthetic quotient to make a bold style statement unique to you, then you are ready to take the plunge for vertical blinds.

Be different, be beautiful!



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