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Create Stylish Doors Using Slim Coverings

Entry Door Window Treatments

Entry Door Window Treatments – Create Stylish Doors Using Slim Coverings


Designing or redesigning a room is not an easy task. You will have to consider a number of factors before finalizing a plan and actually implementing it. Some of the important factors to consider include light, colors, ambiance, texture, base design, and we cannot forget about the WOW factor. If you are looking to give a complete makeover to your home, redesigning and decorating the door is equally important as decorating the window.


Another to interior designers, the correct styling of doors adds a poetic theme to your home. They mark the entrance to our safe haven after a long and tiring day at work. Our doors are where we are greeted and are welcomed by our loved ones, or where we greet our guests.s. Doors can become the focal point of any room if combined with the right entry door window treatments. You might now be wondering how someone can use a window treatment for a door. The answer is very straightforward. There are few categories of doors like french doors, large patio doors sliding doors, etc., for which window treatment gives similar results as they give for the windows. The front door window treatments can add much-needed colors, magnify the size, control the light entering the home, and most importantly they help intensify the look of a room as a whole. From simple fabric blinds to frosted designed shades, to vertical blinds, and tall curtains, there are many shades and blinds for doors as well.

Sheer Vertical Shades for French Door


Window Treatments for French doors

It is important to dress doors with an outside view similar to windows. However, this can be tricky if they are french doors and a wrong window treatment can mess up with the entire room’s design. Here are few of our picks from window treatments that also be used for french doors.


Cellular shades or honeycomb shades are designed for style and energy efficiency. They are currently one of the most widely used window treatment. The creative multi-cell design not only looks stylish but it also traps air within to create a barrier between your windows and your interiors, helping you to maintain temperature, and save on your cooling and heating bills. These entry door window treatments work great with French doors. They can be customized easily to fit into the dimensions of french doors to utilize their light control and blocking features. If you are looking for more privacy and better light control, the top-down/bottom-up version of the honeycomb shades is the best option.

Cellular Shades for Entry Door


If you are among those homeowners who don’t want a permanent covering or bulky curtains and drapes to deal with, roman shades are the simple solution. These shades can add an elegant touch to almost any home décor. You can choose from solid colors, sleek designs, modern patterns, and textured designs. Roman shades can fit easily to the door side without holding up traffic on door mechanism and handle. They look very pretty while blocking sunlight due to their exquisite lines and clean look.


Picking up the entry door window treatment can be very intimidating, but woven wood shades can save you from trouble. They are the eco-friendly way to add style to your French doors and are available in different materials like bamboo, woods, reeds, and grass. Similar to Roman shades, these shades can also be customized to fit the door size in addition to providing a soft and unmatched look to your home.

Woven Wood Shades for Front Doors


Hardwood shutters are more like furniture for windows and French doors. When customized to exact dimensions and finished with premium stain or paint, they add an unmatched charm to your doors and windows. You can mount them to all 4 hinges of your door securely to close and open them as an integrated unit with the doors. On French doors, shutters add a rustic charm and create a clean and subtle look while blocking excessive sunlight in the day and providing privacy during the night.

 Shutters for Entry Door


Window Treatments for Sliding Doors and Patio doors

Sliding doors are beautiful. However, if we talk about decoration, they have challenges of their own. They appear to be doors but, they are also windows which makes them one of the most challenging areas in the home to decorate. While selecting the entry door window treatments for sliding doors and patio doors, you will have to consider the heavy foot traffic in addition to the classics like light control, privacy, strength, and the price. Luckily, we have the perfect window treatment that can be used to solve this problem.


      • Vertical Shades for Sliding doors and Patio doors

Vertical shades are perfect for areas with high foot traffic because their heavy quality can be customized for sliding as well as patio doors. Unlike thick curtains, vertical shades are light-weight, easy to maneuver, and more versatile. Such qualities are must have because shades on patio doors and sliding doors will be abused in a countless number of ways by you and your guests and they should be ready to take that beating from nature as well.

Light control is another feature of the vertical shades and blinds for large patio doors or any sliding door. You can either choose to move the vertical shade completely out of the way or tilt the slats at the required angles to let some light in or close them for complete darkness. Dirt and dust always get accumulated on window treatment and imagine how much of this outdoor muck will get accumulated on your vertical shades for the door. However, there is no need to worry about cleaning the vertical shades. They are one of the easiest to clean entry door window treatments.

Vertical Shades for Patio Doors 


      • Faux Wood Blinds

These can be used to welcome instant warmth in your home. They will uplift your personality inside home even more if you have more of a rustic, contemporary, or traditional style. They can also be installed as blinds for doors to complement modern décor. Faux wood blinds are available in a number of colors to match every style and become a perfect fit for your space. They are available in both horizontal and vertical styles.


      • Sheer Shades

If you are looking for light, graceful, and feminine entry door window treatments, then sheer shades will definitely impress you. They can amaze you by complementing well with your existing decor or for creating an unmatched romantic ambiance in your home. Sheer shades look more beautiful on sliding glass doors and patio doors because they help exhibit the complete architecture of the door.

DoorStyle Sheer Shades 

Back Door and Front Door Window Covering Ideas

Irrespective of the size of a family, your front and back doors are opened and closed multiple times in a day. While selecting a window treatment for these locations, you need to ensure that the treatment can stay intact for some years. We have shortlisted two of the most durable and thin profile entry door window treatments to meet your needs.


      • Roller shades

If you are looking for a minimalistic option, roller shades can be rolled right up into the cassette when lifted. This feature makes them barely noticeable. When pulled down, they look like a beautiful piece of fabric hanging flat to your door. Most importantly you don’t have to worry about someone unintentionally smashing them between doors or on walls to ruin them.

      • Pleated Shades

Pleated Shades are very similar to roller shades and our second choice as a thin window treatment. They don’t take up a lot of space when stacked to the top and they become an integral part of the door.



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