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Give a Traditional Look to Your Home with European Style Roman Shades

European Style Roman Shades

European Style Roman Shades – Give A European-Inspired Look To Your Home 

European homes are popularly-known for their welcoming feel, simplicity, modernized features, and the wise combination of superiority & functionality. You will feel the dominance of fusion and customary charm in European-inspired homes. They look cultured and modern at the same time.

You might be thinking about the cost of transforming your home into European style. It will be an expensive affair if you opt for spending your hard-earned money on purchasing intricately-carved furniture and broadly detailed ornaments. Homeowners generally see a growing hole in their pocket while redesigning their homes. If you want a budget-friendly solution for a  European-inspired look for your home then you have to think a bit outside the box.


Smart buyers will never spend money on knick-knacks. They try to invest in something which is luxurious and efficient for their needs and their home.  What are the elements in your home which contribute majorly to making or breaking its ambiance? Those are the windows and doors of your home. We often overlook them but they play a significant role in the overall appearance. If you have covered your light bringers with old-fashioned curtains or draperies then you really need an upgrade. The most trendy replacement for curtains currently are blinds or shades  They will help make your home look modern and sophisticated without breaking your bank. If you still want to retain the look of your drapery then the best options are Roman Shades.

Here are some tips that you can follow for the perfect transformation of your space with European Style Roman Shades for your windows.


Features of European Style Roman Shades To Make Your Ordinary-Looking Homes European-Inspired

Fusion look

The architecture of homes depicts the choice of homeowners, their taste, and their love for luxury and comfort. These days, people love to remain updated and unique. They have no interest in following the same old-fashioned trends which can be seen for centuries. They love everything with a twist in it. Similarly, you can also bring some twist in the look and feel of your home.


European style roman shades are a timeless classic. They sound very traditional but look great in a traditional or modern setting; they are also made with drapery fabric which should appease all you curtain lovers out there. The shades are available in various lift options such as corded, cordless motorization and now, smart motorization. The smart motors are equipped with Z-wave technology which means They can be operated with a remote from anywhere in the room or your phone when connected to a compatible hub. So, no more hanging cords which are dangerous for kids and pets also. They can also be integrated with home automation hubs like Samsung SmartThings and Wink. This feature makes it easy to set up schedules, control the shades as well as control them using your voice  – Amazon Echo or Google Home; not so traditional anymore is it. This fusion of tradition and functionality will make your home more user-friendly and intelligent as they can be pre-programmed to move to various positions depending on the temperature and time of the day.

 European Style Fold Roman Shades


Light Filtering Properties:

Light Filtering Roman Shades will let a perfect amount of natural light enter your home (you can also get different liners to block light etc) which when combined with interior lighting will create a very soothing ambiance. For European look, o European style fold roman shades are the one. They are elegant, smart and mesmerizing. If your purpose of covering windows is complete insulation then we have Norman roman shades as well as roman shades by Graber and finally our most affordable and bang for the buck option, shades made by Crown. All of them are available with thermal or blackout liners which help with the little bit extra insulation.


Light Filtering Roman Shades


Enlighten Your Home:

One very essential and effective element without which a European makeover of your home will not be complete is Lighting. European style homes have a bright interior ambiance European designs generally use a bright external light source, diffused to and combined with interior lighting to create a soft but at the same time bright interior ambiance unlike anything else you can find. To get this appearance, you don’t need to have an overhead oversized chandelier. You can implement our Graber roman shades that are available with sheer fabric, complemented by a few well-positioned interior lamps. They are an epitome of elegance and allows a perfect amount of natural light to enter inside. They filter out the excess harsh sun rays which are responsible for an uncomfortable & hot interior as well. So, getting European style roman shades installed in your home will give it that perfect appeal and can also be within your budget.

 Room Darkening European Style Roman Shades


Bring Nature Closer

With natural flora and fauna, the look of your European-inspired home will be whole and complete. Combine them with window shades and blinds made from natural material like bamboo, jute, wood, and grass, to make your living spaces more refreshing. The fact they can also be equipped with the smart motors means can also be accessed with a remote or smartphone using compatible home automation hubs. They essentially offer an earthy feel in your home along with the comfort of modern technology. These environmentally-sound natural shades are crafted from stylish deco-pocket hem which is a distinguishing feature of our product. They are also equipped with state-of-the-art motorized systems which ensure quiet operation.

 Cordless European Roman Shades

Follow these simple tips and you’ll have a cost-effective but practical solution to make your home more European inspired.

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