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Everything that You Need to Know About An IoT Setup

Everything that You Need To Know About An IoT Setup

Have you ever stopped to wonder what it was for people to share large amounts of data to another when the computers weren’t invented? Information was written and printed on paper and then sent via posts. This process of sending and receiving information would take days, even weeks on end. Not unlike the time we have now, where information could be sent and shared and received within an instant. The world has become more connected, and tasks are no longer put on hold. No wonder production and efficiency has multiplied because a lot of time is saved. Thanks to the world of internet and artificial intelligence, the process of sending as well as receiving the information have reached the confines of our homes. Through the Internet of Things, now you can have little things in your home share information and communicate with one another, while you operate their functioning with a common hub that integrates all such devices. With the arrival of smart devices and wireless networks in our homes, you can now turn anything, from a light bulb to a pill, as part of the IoT network. Connecting all these devices among one another would require a certain degree of digital intelligence so that even dumb and inanimate objects could communicate real-time data without human intervention.

The Significance of IoT

There is no limit to the number of devices that can be connected to the internet by placing such small chips inside. Using a smartphone device, something as insignificant as a light bulb can be turned on and off without walking over to the switchboard. An IoT device could also be a teddy bear or a little vehicle that your kid plays with. On a larger scale, IoT devices can control a particular environment by first understanding it and then adding sensors to it.

Thanks to their popularity and the wide number of tasks that can be accomplished from a single place, IoT devices are gaining prominence across the world. It is predicted that there will be approximately 42 billion connected IoT devices by 2025. The biggest use will be that of utilities, followed by security devices, which is in high demand thanks to the rising number of cases of intruder detection and the need for keeping all our homes safe. The fastest-growing sector will be that of building automation, such as the lighting in our homes and offices, followed by the automobile industry and healthcare.
IoT Applications

The Incredible Applications and Benefits For IoT Users

The applications of the Internet of Things cuts across spheres and industries. For the common user, though, they have found applicability in home automation or smart homes, enabling us to control a number of everyday devices remotely through a common network. This is where the smartphone comes into the picture, which synchronizes these devices through a downloaded app. These solutions go a long way in making our lives easier and comfortable with their high-tech functionality controls. Integration of IoT in the mobile app enables us to manage the temperature, monitor the inside and outside the house with a surveillance system, adjust the lighting in our homes, turn our window shades on and off, and so on.

What’s In It For Your Window Decor?

For those who have been checking this space for any solutions for their window treatments, there are a lot of practical benefits. And it’s not just limited to convenience, flexibility and a sleek and minimal appearance. When you know that you have a smartphone controlling the movement and adjustment of blinds, your life automatically becomes simpler and you can relax in your home and bid your stress goodbye. We would list down all the benefits of a smart motorized operation of window shades. And these features will be applicable to just about every window blind.

1. Customization: We have all heard about how customization is a feature that is applicable to almost every home decor item. When we are spending money on something, we deserve to get the best out of it. And personalization and customization is not just limited to window treatments that come with a corded or a one-touch setup. The design, color and size options come in motorized window treatments too. You can have a smartphone-enabled setup in all modern window treatments, including roller shades (fabulous for summers), honeycomb shades (arguably the most popular ones, for their sleek appearance), plantation shutters, and so many more. Go for trustworthy brands in Graber, Crown and Hunter Douglas, and you will not be disappointed.

Smart Z-Wave Shades
2. Safety and security: Well, a smart home may already have a surveillance system and security cameras that help you to keep a check on the things in and around your space. This is particularly useful when you have a large home and you do not know what is happening in the other portion of your abode. However, a surveillance system doesn’t come cheap. Their installation procedure can cost you a ton. However, smart motorized shades can protect your home against intruders, especially when you are outside because of some important work to attend to. All you need to do is schedule them to adjust themselves at different times of the day, based on the outside weather. Their automatic movement will make others think that someone is constantly home, and they will think multiple times before even attempting to get inside.

3. A convenient operation: We have already discussed how their operation via a smartphone entails multiple benefits like ease of use and controlling their adjustment. However, many of you might be oblivious to the fact that you can have multiple shades operated with a mere touch of a finger on your mobile device. No matter how many window coverings you have inside your house, you can control them at the same time from one location. Besides, a voice setup can make it even more convenient. Whether you have an Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo, Google Assistant or Ok Google Setup, you can simply instruct your shades to “open at 40 degrees in the living room”.
Alexa Cotrolled Smart Blackout Shades
4. A Safe Indoor Haven: No matter how comfortable you are with your corded operation, you must have had that experience when your strings become jaded and faulty over time. They may create problems and become ugly, besides being irreplaceable. A motorized control of a smart home, however, keeps things convenient and light. Besides the minimal look and appearance of the shades, they are safe for your kids and pets, who may otherwise get entangled in the cords and hurt themselves.

Final note: IoT, or the Internet of Things, has converted homes into smart homes. In an era that entails such technology, devices can communicate among themselves with minimum human intervention. Thanks to artificial intelligence, you have sensors involved in-home devices that can enable temperature control, an effective surveillance system, and adjustment of motorized shades just by the tap of a smartphone or voice instructions.

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