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Experience Natural Light with Day Night Honeycomb Cellular Shades

Enjoy Natural Light With Day Night Cellular Shades

Best Honeycomb Cellular Shades for Perfect Lighting

“Natural light means Natural views.”

Most homes never have enough general or ambient fixed lighting. Every home needs additional lighting to keep the room from being too dark and constricting. Imagine how your mood changes when a dull, cloudy morning rolls into a sun-kissed day, and then that bright afternoon sun softens into an evening dusk. You go from feeling lackluster to energized and then relaxed. The reason is light. Natural light not only modifies the look of the day but also affects the way you think. Wouldn’t it be nice to improve the amount of daylight in your home to complement your mood and even transform it? Yes, you have the power to do that! Best day night cellular window shades can shape the lighting into space to create the perfect atmosphere for any activity.

When you’re looking to change out your window treatments, selecting just the right color and style can be overwhelming. Each room in your home has a several use and purpose, depends on your requirement. You need window coverings that will meet those needs to enhance your lifestyle. The style of window treatments you select will be different depending on the room and its use, as well as on the location of those windows.

Natural light, instead of artificial light, reduces energy consumption, lowers your electricity bill, provides you with a better sleep at night, and improves your mood. It is essential to your productivity and overall health.


Day Night Honeycomb Cellular Shades

At night, you wish your shades to shut out more light inside the room and allow more privacy. During the daytime, you may need more protection from the harsh sunlight rays while still letting some light in.

Are you aware that you can get two blinds in one? Yes, this is true! With our Light Filtering/Blackout Day-Night Cellular Shades, you get both light filtering shade privacy and a blackout shade, all in one.

Day Night Honeycomb Cellular shades are built with the light filtering honeycomb fabric at the top layer of the shade, and the bottom layer is room darkening or blackout. This product allows you the advantage of two fabrics of different opacity and colors in one shade system, offering supreme privacy and ability to regulate natural light.


Day-Night-Honeycomb-Cellular-Shades-Crown -


While choosing Day-Night Window Shades, one can choose for a standard cord control mechanism or a cordless lift system. The standard cord control system gives easy controls with the left cord controlling the top shade and the right cord controlling the bottom shade. And the cordless lift system allows for easy installation with no tangling cord. This is highly recommended for homes with kids and pets. To raise and lower the shade, simply guide the bottom rail with your hand. Handles on the bottom and middle rails let you adjust the light filtering and room darkening materials for controlling the daylight.


How do Day-Night Window Shades Work?

The Graber Day-Night (or Sun-up Sun-down) Shades consist of a very long shade; half of the shade is light filtering, and the other half is the blackout. This permits you to easily switch between the two. When the shade is completely raised, the light filtering section is piled on top of the blackout shade.
If you desire light filtering, simply pull down on the light filtering handle. It will consolidate the blackout shade at the very bottom. If you want the blackout shade, pull up on the handle and push the light filtering section to the top of the shade.


Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades


You don’t need to choose between light filtering and blackout. Because you can use both at once, or even change the order of the fabrics. Customize your light blockage by fixing the sections of the shade however you require.


Lighten up Your Room

You can use Sun-up Sun-down Cellular Shades in any room like your bedroom or media room. With this cell shade, you will get a perfectly good night’s sleep. You can use the blackout section at night and the light filtering section during the day. If you want to reduce the television glare in your media room, then lower the blackout shade. But when you want to have a family gathering, Use light filtering shade to maintain your privacy, but the shades provide your home that beautiful natural light.

Natural light is a standout amongst the most adaptable resources you can use to let your home show its actual potential. From setting the mood to managing temperature, natural light can change your environment. To get the best from your sunlight, you need window treatments that are just as versatile! Be very careful when selecting the window treatments that allow light in. You need to make sure that you select the window treatments that can keep the heat and harmful rays out.

Choose from Day Night Cordless Cellular Shades Crown and 3/8 Inch Crystalpleat Sun-up Sun-down Cellular Shades.


Why choose ZebraBlinds?

Delivering years of experience, ideas, and product samples, our design experts can help you to customize window treatments to draw gorgeous, mood-boosting, and productivity-enhancing light into your home this fall and all year long. Get the benefits of natural light with our Day-Night Cordless Cellular Shades, while enjoying all other uses that window coverings have to offer.Visit ZebraBlinds today for convenient online shopping, a wide variety of style choices, competitive prices, free samples and free delivery.

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