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Exterior Solar Shades

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Extend Your Home beyond the Walls

Exterior Solar Shades are a great way to create cozy comfort in your outdoor spaces in Canada. People love the closeness and connection they share with nature when they are out in open, but how safe is it to be in intense sunlight and excessive heat? Our patios, decks or balconies often remain deserted throughout the day, since we cannot enjoy the outdoors bearing the brunt of scorching rays of the sun. With the installation of exterior solar shades, the outside spaces in our home can keep us connected to nature while protecting us from the harmful UV rays.

Exterior solar shades are the ideal choice to provide the outsides of your home with the protection needed to safeguard it from too much heat during the summers. Exterior solar shades will have a significant impact on your indoor ambiance as well since they block the sun before its rays reach the glass panes and impact the interiors adversely. During winters, they can be raised to make use of maximum sunlight available.

With the installation of exterior solar shades, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a cold drink on your patio, deck or balcony any time of the day in Canada. You need not compromise on the joy of reading books in natural light, fearing the consequences of exposure to harmful UV rays. The shades come with the option of using either the standard roll or reverse roll feature. You can choose the standard roll for maximum privacy; moreover, this feature allows you to opt for sleek, stylish Cassette valances to increase the visual appeal of your home décor.

With all essential features of regular Solar Shades, Exterior Solar Shades preserve your view to the outside while protecting your interior from UV rays while at the same time reducing glare as well. If you desire better view, choose darker colors and for better temperature control opt for lighter colors. Unfortunately, exterior solar shades do not offer nighttime privacy since the lighted interiors allow inward visibility. If complete privacy is desired, you need to consider adding an inside window treatment along with the solar shades.

Check out some of the attractive features of Exterior Solar Shades

• They are ideal for patios, decks, balconies, gazebos and porches of your home
• They are the best option for South facing windows
• They stop heat transference, keeping your interiors cool throughout the day since they effectively deflect sunlight
• They absorb heat to form an insulating layer between the outdoors and the indoors to effect warm and toasty interiors that reduce the need for heating during nights
• You need not compromise on your view to the outside
• Great savings on energy bills
• Protects your furniture, carpets, and other furnishings from fading due to the effects of UV rays
• They cut down the irritating glare of the sun from reflecting off shiny surfaces like TV and computer screens
• They reduce the need for other window coverings, making them ideal choice for commercial buildings where privacy is not a big consideration
• Motorization allows for complete ease of control and management of larger shades
Graber, one of the renowned and trusted brand names for window dressings in Canada, brings you 3% Motorized Exterior Solar Shades, which has superior efficiency in managing the energy requirements of homes or commercials buildings. The shades are available in options of 5% and 10% openness as well. The amount of UV ray blockage is the inverse of a fabric’s openness factor. Low openness values like 3% give you better UV blockage and privacy whereas high openness like 10% or more provides a better view to the outside.


Since exterior shades bear the direct brunt of climate changes and harsh weather you should keep them raised in stormy weather for their protection. The motorized exterior solar shades come with an exciting feature of a wind sensor that allows them to rise automatically in inclement weather. Exterior solar shades are crafted out of skillfully woven polyester-vinyl-fiberglass blends to enhance their durability even as they are exposed to severe weather conditions. The motorized lift system for operating the shades come with a remote control and outside switches specially designed to be waterproof and shock-proof for outdoor use. The motorized shades can be powered using a 3-prong plug for a residential outlet or wired directly by an electrician. Radio frequency operation allows customers to operate the shades from virtually anywhere without direct line of sight. No wiring is required between the motor and the controllers. Upper and lower motor limits are pre-programmed for added convenience, and the components are rated for exterior use.
Graber exterior solar shades are GreenGuard compliant and are treated against stain and odor causing bacteria and mold. Extreme care is taken to keep your shades protected and safe since they are pricey; though we have to agree that their versatile features make them worth every penny in the long run.

Exterior solar shades can be safely cleaned by dusting. Keep them looking new with regular light dusting with a feather duster. For deeper cleaning, you can lightly vacuum the shades with the upholstery attachment of any vacuum cleaner. If you see spots, they can be cleaned with a soft cloth or sponge, mild detergent, and warm water. Take care to blot the spots gently and allow shades to dry thoroughly. Do not use strong detergents or spot removers. Dry cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning is not recommended. These amazing shades can be immersed in water as well.

Keep your home safe from UV rays with exterior solar shades and maintain them carefully so that they continue to protect you for a lifetime.

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