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Best Exterior Window Shades Design Ideas For Your Outdoors

Best Exterior Window Shades Design for Your Outdoor

Exterior Window Shades Designs & Ideas

“Make your time spent outdoors more special.”

The outdoor spaces of a home is a place to appreciate your environment and your views. With proper treatments, we can use them without confronting the heat, wind, and harmful UV rays. Get ideas for exterior window shades design to make your outdoor spaces the best place to enjoy natural beauty, no matter what climate you live in. Your home’s outdoor spaces are a perfect place for family gatherings or a place to relax – but what happens when it’s too bright at daytime, or the heat is too much during the summer season, or you don’t want your neighbors to see through your windows? Not to worry anymore, we are here to help you with the best exterior window shades design & ideas so that you can sit, relax and enjoy in your outdoor spaces.

Why Should You Prefer Exterior Window Shades?

To protect your furniture and your room from the harmful UV rays and light, pick up some ZebraBlinds exterior solar shades. They will allow you to control the light and the temperature of the room to make it a truly useful area throughout the day and the year. The choices of fabrics also give you the ability to control the level of privacy, degree of transparency, and protection from heat gain and heat loss.

There are tons of versatile exterior window designs and ideas available to you. From awnings to motorized exterior shades, there are many window treatment options to choose from for the exterior of your home. But exterior solar shades are among the most popular type of exterior window treatment because they are designed to reduce glare, provide UV protection and privacy during the daytime all while maintaining an open view of your outdoor living space.

The exterior patio shades have a variety of openness factors. The greater the openness, the better the view – though it will also let in more light and UV. Conversely, a low openness value will provide greater heat and light blocking properties. Some of the best outdoor window coverings are mentioned below:

 a) Exterior Patio Blinds and Shades

If you are looking for patio door coverings in Canada but don’t have space inside to hang shades, outdoor patio blinds from ZebraBlinds are an ideal solution. Exterior shades are an attractive and energy-efficient solution to reduce cooling costs inside your home. Solar screen fabric allows air to flow through windows while blocking damaging UV rays. They are the perfect solution for blocking the heat and glare while maintaining the view. Exterior window shades are a great option to reduce heat transfer from the sun and through your windows.

With exterior patio blinds, you don’t take up any extra space in your home, and since the blinds are outside, they are completely out of the way. They are treated to withstand most exterior weather conditions and look terrific.

You can choose from Crown Exterior Solar Shades and Graber Exterior Solar Shades.

Graber Exterior Solar Shades – The Graber Exterior Solar Shades (openness factor 3% to 10%) are made for the outdoor use, and these shades provide privacy and comfort for your outdoor spaces such as a patio or terrace.

Crown Exterior Solar Shades – The Crown Exterior Solar Shades (Openness 1% to 14%) bring the ultimate solution for your outdoors, available in a wide range of fabric openness and options to meet your specific needs.

b) Graber Motorized Exterior Solar Shades

Graber motorized exterior solar shades are perfect for windows that are out of reach and need coverings. The motorized control makes these shades easy to operate as you can easily control these shades through a remote control device. These motorized solar shades run on metal cables and are available with an optional wind sensor for better control and protection. This wind sensor helps the shades to retract during high wind flow, preventing possible damage. As these shades have no dangling cords, they are safe for homes with kids and pets, and spaces where you might have a lot of movement and activity.


c) Four Season Sun Room Shades

A sunroom is a place from where you can enjoy all the great outdoor views while being sheltered from adverse weather conditions like rain, wind and the sun’s UV rays. While beautiful, these rooms can often be too hot or too cold as they are not insulated properly against the outdoor weather. Pick up some window shades for your sunroom, which are extremely helpful at keeping your room comfortable.

Exterior solar shades can block the sun’s heat while still providing visibility to the outside. They will help you to reduce your energy costs and protect your furniture from harmful UV rays that may fade. If you can mount treatments to the inside of your sunroom, look at our cellular shades for something with a variety of fabrics and light control options while being especially excellent at insulation.  

For exterior solar shades in Canada, shop at ZebraBlinds for defense against the heat. Darker colors on the exterior absorb more light and are therefore more effective than light colors against the heat. The tighter the weave (less openness), the more sun they block and the cooler you are on the inside.

Many homeowners do not prefer to cover their windows in the outdoors as they want to enjoy the natural light and their outside views. But the sun can be harmful and inconvenient, especially during the summer season. You can reduce these issues with our exterior solar shades while retaining your views.

Get the best product quality at the best price with free samples and free shipping. If you have any doubts regarding our products, feel free to call us so that we can serve you the best exterior window treatment solution you need.

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