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How to Make Your Home Elegant and Energy Efficient with Exterior Window Shutters

Exterior Window Shutters

Install Exterior Window Shutters for an Exquisite and Delicate Touch


By the very first look at a house, our first impression gets created. Before we even enter the house, we start picturizing the interiors in our mind based on the impression we have received from looking at the exterior of the house. However modern or stylish your home decor and interiors may be, it will not create as much impact if your home looks plain and dull from outside. Hence it is very important to dress up your windows from the exteriors as well. Exterior window shutters have the ability to accentuate the appearance of the house to a huge extent. It can increase the value of your house and add to the beauty of your home. They can make your house look like a million bucks. However, they can also ruin the entire look of your house if proper attention is not paid to these window shutters. In this post, we will further discuss about the exterior shutters and how they can be used for our advantage.

Decorative Window Shutters


Decorative Shutters for Windows to Increase the Beauty of Your Home

Exterior window shutters have been used by people for a very long time. They are not just aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide privacy and security. Usually, these shutters are made up of wood, hence they also provide insulation against the cold winter weather and protect the home from the heat of the sun as well. They are easy to install and easy to operate making them the most preferred kind of window treatment by many.

Historically, external window shutters are made up of either a single board or a board and batten style. The board and batten style shutters consist of wooden boards with vertical wooden slats over them. These kind of window treatments have been used in houses small and large. As time passed by and human beings started to experiment and innovate in every field, the traditional wooden window shutters also had a makeover. The wooden board was fixed with some Louvers and slats for better control of light and privacy. This innovation also created a more modern and sophisticated look. Window treatments have served a lot of purpose over time and one of the purposes is to add aesthetic value to the house. Decorative shutters for a window can be mounted from the exterior of the house add more than just a great aesthetic value to the house.

Custom Plantation Shutters


Advantages and Disadvantages of Exterior Window Shutters

People say that “External beauty doesn’t matter. All that matters is what is inside!”

That may be true when you speak about a person and their character. However, for everything else that is materialistic, external beauty matters as much as internal beauty! Like, when choosing a luxurious car, you also see to it that its color is pleasing too. Similarly, when you decorate the interiors of the house, you also have to see to it that the exteriors of the house looks pleasing too.

External window shutters is one of those aspects that adds beauty to the exteriors of the house. They add an aesthetic value to the house and make the house look luxurious and modern. They protect the windows and the interiors from harsh sunlight and strong winds. They also keep away harmful UV rays from the sun. They provide insulation to the house during winters. Over and above all, they provide privacy and security. Since the windows are mount from outside, they also save wall and window space on the interiors.

With all these advantages, there are also a few issues that we cannot overlook when it comes to these exterior window shutters. Since they are mounted outside the house, they are prone to losing their charm just as easily. They have to withstand the harshness of the sun, brave the cold winds and live through the pollution of the environment every day. Hence it is easy for these decorative shutters to lose their beauty! Especially if you go for the wooden shutters. It all depends on the level of maintenance that these shutters receive. That is the only disadvantage when it comes to the external window shutters, but it does make all the difference. If you do choose to add these beauties to your home, then you should know everything there is to know about the external mount window treatments and how to maintain them.

Exterior Wooden Shutters


Mounting and Maintaining Custom Plantation Shutters

Nowadays, window shutters are available in a range of materials that are more budget-friendly easily available than pure wood. Wooden shutters carry a lot of historic value and old worldly charm, but they are also quite costly and tough to maintain, especially in places with high humidity. Alternative shutter material options like composite wood, PVC material and Vinyl shutters have been welcomed wholeheartedly. It is true that these other materials of shutters cannot replace the charm of the original wooden shutter, but they can still look as authentic as the wooden shutters. Apart from this, they are also very easy to mount and maintain and they do very well in places with humidity. They help in blocking away excess light and providing the right amount of privacy. These plantation shutters are made from your choice of material, color and size, and add the same amount of value to your house as a wooden shutters do.

Mounting Exterior Shutters


These window shutters are quite easy to mount. All you have to do is measure the window pane by its length and width so that you can choose a shutter that fits perfectly with the window. The shutters are usually mounted using hinges. The shutters can be fixed with latches when you want to keep them securely closed, but for a more modern version, they can also be fitted with magnets instead of latches. As they are very easy to mount, these external window shutters are usually one of those window treatments that are used and abused extensively by people. However, on failing to maintain the shutters, they have the ability to bring down the value of your house and negatively affect the aesthetic value of your house. Especially when the window treatments are externally mounted, these shutters have to face many more problems than internally mounted shutters. Hence, cleaning them with dry cotton cloth or cloth gloves every now and then can keep these shutters protected, in good condition, and clean. This way, they can do a better job at protecting your home!


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