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Fabric Cellular Shades for a Classy and Comfortable Interior

Fabric Cellular Shades

Fabric Cellular Shades for a Classy and Comfortable Interior

Window treatments have a lot of responsibilities and functions to serve. They have to provide privacy and better light control. They have to insulate the room so that the external temperature does not affect the atmosphere inside the house. Apart from this, they also have to look good and accentuate the beauty of your interiors. If there is a window covering that is this multi-functional, then it would be the fabric cellular shades. People used to prefer the traditional window coverings like shutters and sheers until they found out about how energy efficient the cellular shades are. Ever since they have been gaining popularity by leaps and bounds.


How does the Cellular Shades Fabric Conserve Energy?

First and foremost, a major feature of the fabric cellular shades is that they are made to fit for the window in question. There is no mix and matching or cutting and sewing of any sort. A single fabric is cutout according to the measurements of the window and the shades or blinds is created. This way, there are minimal gaps or leaks at any part of the window.

The next amazing feature of these shades are their structure. The honeycomb-like structure of the window shades captures the external light and keeps them away from the interiors of the house. Achieving a completely blacked out room is absolutely easy with these fabric shades.

The best feature yet would be the insulation that these window shades provide. The honeycomb structure not only blocks away the external light but it also traps air pockets that help to create a barrier on your windows and reduce heat transfer. This way, the energy consumed to air condition the room or heat the room will be more effective. This is how these blinds are able to insulate the room and in turn help in saving energy consumption.

Smart Motorized Honeycomb Shades


Where do the Blackout Cellular Shades Come Handy?

We all know that a house feels homely only when it is filled with a lot of fresh light and air. But sometimes, we are in situations where all we need is a completely dark room, even in the middle of the day. Maybe you had a long night and need that sleep, but you are unable to sleep due to the broad daylight streaming into your room. Or maybe you have bought a cool new media player and would like to give it a try, but the glare from your window is disturbing the view. There are multiple situations where you need to black out your room and that’s where the blackout honeycomb shades come truly handy.

These shades are an amazing fit for your bedroom. That is where the need for blacking out the room arises. Not just during the day, but even in the night, there might be a few disturbances from outside affecting your sleep, like the glare from the street light or the lights from your neighbor’s windows. Blackout shades trap away any and all light from the exteriors and keep them from affecting the ambiance inside the house. Apart from the bedroom, they also make a good fit for your child’s nursery, media room, and any other room where there is a need to black out.

Blackout Cellular Shades


Better Light Control with Light Filtering Cellular Shades

Cellular shades also come in multiple fabric choices, shades and patterns. With these choices also comes the choice of light control. Light filtering cellular shades give us the option for better light control. You can achieve anything from a blackout to a completely well-lit room with these shades on. You can choose to go for shades with sheer fabric for kitchens and living room where you need a lot of natural light. These honeycomb structure shades filter the light falling through them to create a clean and soft glow in the room. The blackout shades can be chosen for media rooms and bedrooms where you need to block out the light completely.

These blinds are a great option when it comes to light control, insulation and saving energy. For child safety, the blinds can be made cordless so that it is completely safe in households with children and pets.

Light Filtering Cellular Shades


Customized Combination Fabric Honeycomb Blinds

Customizing the window according to the needs and requirements of your home is a possibility and is much advised too. When it comes to window treatment, there is no one size that fits all. You could automate the windows for better comfort. You could go for cordless option to ensure the safety of your children. You could choose a sheer fabric or a light filtering fabric or a blackout fabric based on the kind of lighting you need in a given space. The fabric could be of plain colors, neutral shades or of bright and pop colors if you like to add some funk to your interiors.

Combination fabric cellular shades are a combination of two types of shades. It could be light filtering cellular shade on the top and a blackout cellular shade in the bottom half. This way you can create your own unique kind of window solution that caters to your special needs. They are personally customized to suit your requirements and bled in with the décor of your home. These allow greater versatility in light control and let you choose two colors for a unique look for your home.

Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades


Cellular shades have multiple functionalities and they are very versatile by nature. They can blend into any kind of décor and cater to every need of your home. This increasingly popular kind of shades could do a lot of good in your household. These window blinds can convert a modest looking home into a classy and comfortable abode.

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