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The Ultimate Guide to Elevate your Home Decor with Fabric Style Cellular Shades

Fabric Cellular Shades

Level Up Your Window Decor by Playing with Fabric Cellular Shades

When we talk about a home decor project, quality furnishings and other hardware materials are like the jewelry of the room. To give an extra polished appearance, consider dressing the windows and doors which will work as the perfect garments. Window treatments are the right solution in this scenario because, without them, indoor will look unfurnished or even a little bit clumsy. Each and every day the window fashion world is getting the latest and innovative solutions for creating a playful and vibrant décor. Window shades are a one-time investment, so think of the requirements of your home first, and then consider purchasing them. Though there are various things to look for before making any decision, if you are concerned about the increased energy bills of your home, then definitely go for fabric cellular shades. The shades softly diffuse the incoming daylight while providing insulation and privacy.

The way you treat your windows will express your behavior and living style. These shadings come in a wide range of fabrics and hue options to customize them in the best way. Framing windows with attractive fabric materials will complement your home décor and elevate the overall appearance.

Explore these custom cellular shades now to inspire yourself to get the best one for your windows.

A Detailed Study: Unique Features of Fabric Cellular Shades

Most window treatments lovers wish to install soft fabricated shades because of their smooth glaze and robust functionality, and soft fabric cellular shades are a popular option. Being a modern homeowner, you will always be aware of the increased heating and cooling costs. The temperature of the climate is rising day by day, which makes our stay uncomfortable and uneasy. We will always be finding smart ways to make home energy-efficient, but there is no better option than these cellular shades which are cost-effective, versatile, and easily adaptable.

  • What are the best fabrics to control heat and natural light?

Depending on the needs and your taste, window designers have come up with some fabric materials which not only manage the amount of light and heat enter your room but also provide the ultimate privacy for your safety and security. The most popular fabric styles for our Graber Cellular Shades include couture, discovery, enchantment, endeavour, fanfare, montage, prestige, sanctuary, splendour, Valetta, and many more. Below levels will state how much light and privacy the shades can adjust –

  • Sheer – Provides sunlight but less privacy
  • Semi-sheer – Allows moderate daylight but less protection
  • Light Filtering – Diffused the natural light and offer privacy
  • Blackout – Blackout the light entirely and offer the highest protection

Choose the one that meets your requirement and customizes accordingly. You can request the free samples to observe how they will look on windows.

Custom Cellular Shades

  • How do the shades maintain an ideal ambiance throughout the interior?

Cellular shades, with their little tiny air pockets, keep your home’s heat maintained all year around. Those pockets trap the excess air, creating a barrier that helps them to keep the heat out during the summer season and the warmth in during winter months. There are two types of cell fabrics available – Single cell shades and double cell shades. It’s always recommended to opt for double honeycomb blinds if you are concerned about insulation, as they have an extra layer of fabric. Blackout cellular shades are more fruitful when it comes to blocking light and outside noise too.

The insulating feature depends on the R-value of the shade. Now you might wonder what the R-value is. Well, R-value denotes the effectiveness of window dressing at blocking energy from flowing to the outside. If the value is higher, then efficiency will be more. According to window specialists, R-value of cellular shades is more compared to other standard window covering, which is 3.5-5.

There is one more factor to notice, which is called Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) which measures than how well your window blind is in obstructing heat from the sun. It is precise as a number between 0-1. For blocking the unwanted heat gain, lower SHGC shades are always better.

Blackout Cellular Shades

  • Can I Customize them as I want?

Yes, you can customize them to match your existing décor type. A wide variety of colors and texture options are available with these window shadings that will perfectly complement your other furnishings. No matter what kind of window you have, they can be installed in any of them. Take your valuable time and personalize them with the easy customization process.

  • How to Operate Cellular Shades?

This is the common and frequent question everyone asks. There was a time when we used to raise and lower blinds by pulling a cord or chain, but that can pose a hazard to kids and pets. After banning these corded window coverings, Graber has launched a new innovative and tech-featured smart cellular shade which can be operated remotely or using smart controllers, such as your smartphone or voice-activated assistants. Integrate the shades with home automation hub and operate efficiently.

TDBU mechanisms are another trendy way to maintain privacy while still letting the light stream in. Adjust them depending on how much light or privacy you want.

Smart Motorized Cellular Shades

  • What is the Maintenance Procedure of Honeycomb Shades?

The shades are very simple to maintain and care for. Regular dusting and vacuuming will eradicate the dirt and dust completely and will protect the fabric thing from damage. To make them long-lasting and durable, take good care of them.

Cleaning Cellular Shades

Renew your Décor with Fabric Style Cellular Shades!!

Experience the best of these fabric cellular shades in style and make your home more gorgeous and jaw-dropping than before. Fabrics and colors play a major role in decorating the overall décor. So having the right product with the right material is always important. Contact our professional consultants to make the shopping experience easy and smooth.

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