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Fabric Roman Shades – Elegance & Beauty Rolled In one

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Roman Shades drapes and shades are combined.

Once upon a time, when the sunlight filtering through a large window started interfering with his afternoon siesta, an exasperated Roman decided to do something about it. He hung a piece of cloth from a pole to filter the light. This did not help since the piece of cloth kept dancing to the tune of the wind, creating more chaos than before. To solve the problem, he decided to hang the piece of cloth between two poles so that the material would stay in place. With this simple solution, a remarkable discovery called Roman Shades was born.

Back then, the Roman had little idea that people from all over the world would be stealing his idea to add beauty as well as protection from sunlight for their homes and offices, even after hundreds of years. Today, the window dressing market is flooded with variants of Roman shades available in different colors, shapes, patterns designs, textures, and sizes. Wonder how he would feel about this?

A Better Choice.

When you are at your wits end, wondering how to add some sophistication, liveliness, vibrancy or sparkle to your dull rooms, do what the Romans did, no matter where you are. There is no better or simpler way to add elegance and beauty to your interior decor than installing the gorgeous fabric Roman shades. Although these shades exude a classy feel for your home, the price tag allows you to fit them into your budget easily. Though the real purpose of installing shades is to control the amount of light coming into your room, there is no harm in installing shades that will increase the aesthetic value of your room as well.

If you pick fabric Roman shades made from drapery fabrics, you will have an array of trendy colors and dazzling textures to choose from. They adorn your windows with the flair that will be difficult to match, as they blend in impeccably with any style of décor or furnishing in a room. When it comes to Roman blinds, you can choose from a wide range of styles that will match your needs and personal preference. You can exercise flexibility in making your choice, both in terms of design and budget.

Roman blinds in Canada are divided into different categories based on their specific purpose, appearance or type of materials like bamboo or fabric they. You can also choose from single or double shades, depending on how much of light you need in your room. Fabric Roman shades give you more freedom in the choice of colors, size or opacity of the shades. With some creative ideas thrown in, you will see an awe-inspiring transformation in the appearance of your room.

Roman blinds crease into beautiful flat folds when you raise them to allow more light to flood in. But the beauty is when you allow them to cascade freely from the top to the bottom. Roman shades come with pleats that are available in two styles: the flat fold pleat that creates a clean, sleek look or the tear drop pleat that balloons to give a graceful, feminine look. Both are equally pleasing and eye-catching.

If you prefer the cool summer feel, you can opt of lighter fabrics in cooler shades, and if on the other hand you’re looking for some warmth, you can pick darker hues and heavier fabric. No matter what game nature is playing outside, you will be in control of the ambiance in your room. Fabric Roman shades commendably lock in the desired temperature with energy-efficient insulating qualities.

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Easy to Install and Operate.

Roman shades are easy to install. When you choose head rails for your shades, opt for ones that are wrapped in fabric, since they would add glamour to your window with colors blending in perfectly with the shades. Pre-drilled slots are one of the helpful features you should consider in your shades, for they come in very handy during installation. Don’t be sloppy with measurements. Get them right before ordering your fabric Roman shades, since mistakes can prove to be costly. Better still, have a professional take the measurements for you.

You can decide on the right control for shades as well. The accurate fusion of innovative technology, creative ideas and relevant functionality principles has made every control system easy to use. You will find different operative functions like:

· Cordless system with changeable speed

· Continuous cord loop lift system with a safety tension device on rear

· Motorized lift system or the traditional cord lift system

The above examples are just a few of the options you have. You need not even be near the shades to control them anymore. More convenient for those who hate to leave the couch, huh? No matter what control system you choose, make sure they offer maximum child safety for your home. A lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects should assure the quality of the product you are investing your money in.

Smears, streaks or spots don’t need to bother you anymore. If a hand vacuum cleaner doesn’t do the trick, all you have do is use plain water and a mild detergent to get desired results.

When it comes to intensifying the feel and appearance of a room, you need not be in Rome to do as Roman’s do. Their craftsmanship can bring in the royal, aristocratic look into your room, no matter where you are.

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