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Choosing the Right Fabric and Texture for Window Treatments  

Fabric Window Blinds

Fabric Window Blinds for Beautiful Home Interiors

Are you in search of ways to transform your bedroom into a cozy hideaway? Or looking for ways to block the sun’s rays as your baby takes its nap? Have you ever thought about creating a spectacular media room where your friends and family can watch a movie anytime of the day or night? You can transform your space with great ease by selecting the right kind of fabric and texture suitable for your window treatments. However, with each passing day and more options in styles, fabrics, and textures, it is becoming a daunting task for the uninitiated. Today, we want to talk about things that you can keep in mind while choosing the right fabric window blinds. Pay attention, because your choice of fabric will determine the atmosphere and mood of your room for years to come.

Woven Window Shades


How to Choose the Right Fabric and Texture for Your Window Treatments

If you are desperately looking for ways to decorate your window treatments, then you need to choose the perfect material or fabric for the blinds in your home. It is undoubtedly true that the choices you have in texture, fabric, and style are numerous when you are choosing from the best fabric for formal windows. Determine the main features of your blind, whether you want horizontal or vertical blinds, wood blend fabric, faux wood and even metal blinds. Learn about how each material reacts and behaves with the light, different temperatures and other conditions, and check to make sure it fits your needs.


It’s Time to Enhance the Beauty of Your Home Décor with Fabric Window Blinds and Shades

The decision to choose aluminum or wood or fabric weave for window treatment often boils down to a simple fact – what is it that looks incredible in your living space? In case you already have a lot of wood decor present in your room, or if you’re looking for a more natural look, then wood blend fabric is the right choice for you. It will help you create the look you want for your rooms. Are you trying to add a softer gentler look? Then, consider something like fabric vertical blinds instead.


Step back and take a look at the design styles that is present in the overall room. Make a mental note of the textures and fabric styles that are already present in the room. Keep in mind it is less of intuition and more of an obvious fact which window treatment you should choose. This is based on your needs and the available options within those boundaries.

Fabric Vertical Blinds


Which is the Best Choice of Fabric Window Blinds to Add More Functionality to Your Rooms?

The function that you want your window treatments to perform determines the kind of material or type of blinds that you can put to use. It either offers an endless list of choices or limits them. There are a few regions of your home like the laundry room, bathroom, or kitchen which has an extra layer of moisture always lingering in the air. The humidity and heat have a massive impact on how your window coverings will look like and how long they will last. If you are in search of blinds and shades in those regions of your house that is used more than the other areas, or that section of the house where the environment is a major concern – you should choose either aluminum or faux wood blinds for their excellent durability. These are the tricky areas of your home that need extra focus. Choosing the right fabric, material, and texture for these areas are more crucial.


What Else Do You Need to Consider While Choosing the Fabric for Your Windows?

With an endless number of choices in fabric, blind styles, materials, and textures, you’ll really get to customize the ways your windows will look and operate. The sliding glass doors or massive windows have a tendency to do a better job with the vertical blinds. You can go for a modern panel that offers an incredible view from the inside out. The choice you make when it comes to fabric or textiles is often affected by the size and the placement of the windows. There is absolutely no harm in choosing fabric horizontal and vertical blind for the same room. You can cover the windows quite easily if you understand how the size of the window or its placement plays a role in your final choice.


More About Fabric Window Treatments – How to Make the Right Choice?

Window treatments perform the best job when it comes to setting the right tone of the room by either adding more natural light or performing the task of blocking it when needed. They can add a level of casual charm to the room or simply help the owner to keep things casual. The first question that professionals always ask is whether light control is needed, or privacy feels better. If it is your bedroom that is in question, then the perfect choice is a semi-sheer shade which will offer the necessary privacy during the morning hours along with keeping the room pleasant whereas the functioning drapery panels will block the light entering your room during the night and early morning.

Sheer Shades


In case the view outside your window isn’t exactly the way you wished it to be but you nevertheless need the natural light in your room then the best option is naturally woven Roman-style shades. They will perform an incredible task of distracting you from the view you choose to avoid while flooding your room with an abundance of light. It is always about the design of the window shades if you aren’t concerned about light control or privacy. Though, the most preferred material has always been fabric. You can always make fabric window blinds and curtains with natural fibers like that of wicker, bamboo, metal, wood, and even paper. What you need to do to dress your windows will totally depend on the form and function that a window serves.

Naturally Woven Roman Style Shades


Want some more helpful advice? Understand the ways you can strike a balance.


  • Selecting the right style

What is it that you want your window shades to do? Should they blend in with the décor of your room or do an amazing job and stand out creating the perfect contrast? Choose a fabric which is of the same color as your walls but offers different kind of texture. This will offer a subtle yet dramatic effect. However, if you want a high contrast then choose intense or bold colors against the natural color of your room.


  • Can you mix patterns?

Yes, this is currently in trend now. But, you need to remember something before you do so. Try to compare the patterns of the room and your window coverings so that they don’t clash. You have to make sure that the large, medium or small-scale pattern have some similar colors which can connect them together. If you can keep this in mind you will master the ongoing pattern trend. The fabric you choose along with the pattern will determine the extent of formality in your room. Velvet, sateen, and silk are more formal choices than linen, natural fibers, and cotton.

Sateen Window Curtains


Fabric Window blinds and shades have an amazing ability to enhance the look of your whole room. That is why it is crucial to pay attention to the fabric and texture that you choose to decorate it.


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