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A Buyer’s Guide for Window Decorating Fabrics

Fabric Window Shades

Fabric Window Shades – A Buyer’s Guide for Decorating Windows

Are you done with the look that the old windows in your home present you with? If you failed to give your creativity free reign when it was time to get fancy and beautiful windows, then now is the time to dress the existing windows in a fun and new way. With amazing accents, incredibly beautiful furnishings, and an endless number of options within your fingertips – you can accomplish a lot more than you could possibly imagine and it will set the tone of your room. However, if you feel paralyzed by the overwhelming number of choices, then we can help you deal with the matter in hand. Take a quick look at our expert advice when it comes fabric window shades and you will be able to spread magic to every corner of your home.

Are You Considering the Fabric and the Color?

Take a moment to consider the mood of your room. Fabric window shades, though a good choice, can vary heavily depending on the materials that they are made of. You can choose heavy velvet or silk if the tone of the room is more formal. If you want, then you can go with the cotton sateen and silky rayon blends. However, for a more casual feel you can go with the crinkle crushed velvet look. A touch of cotton will work perfectly with almost every room or décor. They offer a neat feel and a crisp look. Another thing that you have to decide here is whether you want your window treatments to pop or simply blend in with the décor.  If you want them to blend in then you can choose the fabric which is of the same tone as your wall – you can choose a subtle, non-dominant color that is a few shades darker than the room.

In case, you wish to add a ‘wow’ factor to your room, you need to go with a bold choice. This will make your shade the focal point of your room and the centerpiece of your decor.

What about patterns? Fabric window shades can come in a wide range of patterns, however, there is a rule of thumb for you to remember here. In case you own elaborately decorated rugs or patterned bedding, or furniture then don’t go for anything else but solid colors. But, if you own solid, monotone color furniture, then you can choose patterned shades.


Draperies Layered with Roman Shades


Window Valances – Things You Need to Know

This is a kind of window treatment which will cover only a portion of your window, specifically the top portion. You can choose from a wide range of choices when it comes to valances. Scalloped, cascading, inverted box, Charleston, and imperial are some of the choices that you can go for. However, one option that stands out is window scarves, which are an undeniably amazing option for decorating your windows. These are continuous, long pieces of fabric which can be draped over the pole or rod. You can even use it in conjunction with the drapery sconces. A soft framing around your window will be created using this. You must remember that the direct rays of sun will not be blocked with this as they are mostly decorative. You can also pair it with blinds, shades, and even drapes.


Fabric Window Valance


Customized Drapes for Your Rooms

There are an endless number of choices for custom drapes online. But, there are a few things that one has to keep in mind before they proceed forward. You have to keep in mind that the panels need to look full and drapery should look enchanting when closed. However, to do so you have to keep in mind one small rule. The combined width of the drapes should be two and a half times more than your window. If you are using curtains to simply add a framed look to your window and don’t plan to close the drapes, then a width which is one and a half times more than the windows will be enough. The use of pleated panels offers fullness to the window. That is why their width should be either more or less than the span that is covering the window.

 Pleated Drapes


Fabric Window Shades – What Do You Need to Know About Them?

Shades are a very common kind of window covering which can be lowered or raised according to your demands, exposing either the full view of a window or a small portion of it. Today, you get any abundance of choices in material, types, and patterns – all of which will be based on your taste and preference. Shades are the best choice for they add an aesthetic value to the room along with providing functionality. They are the best thing to pair with the curtains or drapes. Fabric Roman Shades are the most popular choice. Pleated shades, Roman Shades, Cellular Shades, and Roller Shades are some of the best options that you have.

  • Roman Plain Fold Shades

These are very similar to the flat Roman shades. These shades not only lie flat but the seams which roll down every few inches will allow proper folding of the fabric. It is an amazing choice for both bedrooms and bathrooms. Use them in places where you will frequently open and close the shades.


Fabric Roman Shades


  • Flat Shades

If you choose Roman flat shades, they will lie flat against your window – this will happen when the window is fully extended. But, when you raise the Roman flat shades they will be stacked up in the form of a neat accordion. It is generally designed using solid pieces of fabric without the use of any seams. This particular option is for those who crave a neat and uncluttered look. If you have shallow windows, this is a great choice.


Flat Roman Shades


  • Waterfall style Roman shades

The hobbled or soft fold Roman shade will offer soft and cascading appearance when then is fully extended. It features enchanting and gentle folds of fabric. If you are in search of window treatments that can block light, then this is a good option. It will also offer extra volume and way more depth to your windows.


Waterfall Style Roman Shades


  • Fabric Roller Shades

The roller shades can either be made out of fabric or vinyl, which is then attached to a spring roller. This is then mounted on the inside of your window frame. Do you want your shades to stay hidden from sight once you roll them up? Then, fabric roller shades are a good choice as the fabric sits neatly in the roll at the top. For better insulation and an additional touch of charm, pair it with window scarf treatments or valances.


Fabric Roller Shades


Do You Want to go with Blinds for Your Windows?

The vanes or slats in window blinds define its beauty or marks its authenticity. They can be lowered or raised and the slats can tilt inward or outward based on your preference of sunlight in your room. Not only are they available in vertical or horizontal styles, but they also come in a wide range of styles, colors, and materials. However, most blinds are made of hard materials such as PVC, aluminum, or wood, and not with fabric, although fabric vertical blinds have been growing in popularity.

Consider the above fabric window shades and blinds when looking to purchase for your home. Consider your needs and your wants for your shades and weigh them against the available products and your budget. Your windows are a defining part of your home, and much of that comes from the final fabric that you choose, so make sure that your window shades reflect your style and personality.

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