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Factors to Consider When Installing Window Treatment for Homes

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When Little Changes Make a Huge Difference


“It’s like Forrest Gump said, ‘Life is like a box of chocolates.’ Your career is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get. But everything you get is going to teach you something along the way and make you the person you are today. That’s the exciting part – it’s an adventure in itself.”
Nick Carter
The saying is perfect for my career as Interior Decorator and Design Consultant, where I work with new families, new homes, and new demands so often. I always come back rich with some tidbit of new knowledge after completing my projects. There have been times when I work as a realtor for the families who are looking for the perfect homes to bring their children up in. I can tell them what can be fixed, what cannot, and how much it would cost them to make necessary changes to the house they are looking at. Knowing where they stand, it is easy for them to make their decisions.

One of my clients had once confessed to me, while clearing the payments, that she had been a little skeptical when hiring me because I seemed too good to be true. Their family was amazed by the way I worked within the budget to bring about the changes in their home with some additional benefits, at no extra cost. They were highly impressed with the changes I made to their loft that now appeared much more spacious, with its striking color making it stand out in their home.

I put my heart and soul into any project a family hands over to me. Be it the replacement of old window treatments with modern ones, creating a nursery for arrival of a baby, organizing a playroom for children, making adjustments to accommodate people with health issues – you name it, and I have done them all. More than the work, I enjoy the connection I share with people who share their lives with me.

When it comes to installation of window treatments, there are many aspects that we should look into before placing our orders. From aesthetics, luxury, and convenience to durability and efficiency, there are dozens of important factors to consider when choosing new blinds, shades, shutters, and drapes for a home. I prefer checking out the family and their needs before placing a proposal with the approximate budget for them. It is very important to find the product with features that would be necessary for the family. When overlooked, they may have to replace the window treatments or go for returns, which can be avoided with proper evaluation in the first place.



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First, I check out the rooms for my clients and ask them, how they will use the space. Bedrooms, media rooms, playrooms dining room, living room, nursery all have different requirements. Also, the window treatments will depend on the activities the residents will undertake in the rooms. The information my customers provide will help me define the ideal design style for window treatments that are perfect for the specific room.

In rooms where my customers will use electronic screens that include televisions, computer monitors, or other devices that are sensitive to glare, I prefer window treatments with high glare control or blackout cellular shades.

For homes with children and pets, it is necessary to give preference to window coverings with safety features such as motorized and cordless lifts to prevent strangulation hazards. Since children and pets can be messy, I also prefer to have these window treatments in materials that are easy to clean and maintain.

For every family, privacy is a primary concern in bedrooms and bathrooms. I pay extra attention to enhance privacy for these rooms so that my clients will have their peace of mind. Light control and insulation are also important in a bedroom to ensure a peaceful sleep.

Every homeowner will love to save few bucks on utility bills. I check out the direction of the windows and sun exposure it would have before arriving at a decision. I have to keep in mind the interiors and fading that may occur due to sun exposure where the sunlight enters the room directly. Some windows may require vertical window treatments based on the angle of impact the sun rays would have on the windows. My customers can further redirect the light or change the complexion of a room by rotating or tilting the slats or louvers.

For homes that have a great view, I recommend the Bottom-Up-Top-Down option, available on cellular, Roman, pleated, and natural shades for my clients. The benefit of this window treatment is that my clients can lower the shade from the top to let in natural light while enjoying the view to outdoors without compromising on their privacy.

Some of my clients do not open or close the window treatments too often, whereas others may keep moving them throughout the day. For frequent users, I would definitely propose lighter blinds and shades whereas the other customer can get sturdy and durable ones.
Customers who prefer automated homes should opt for motorized window treatments since it can be included in their programs.

Putting in some extra efforts and asking questions has made me stand out among other consultants in Ontario. My customers provide me loving testimonies and referrals that keep me on my toes all the time. Like the box of chocolate Forrest Gump was talking about, I never know what project I would get next, but every project I get teaches me something along the way, which has made me the person and professional I am today.




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