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How Window Coverings Provide Protection to Your Home and Family

Family Window Treatment Ideas

Family Window Treatment Ideas to Protect Your Home and Family

The top priority for every one of us is to keep our family safe and healthy. When it comes to the safety of your loved ones, we go to great extents and do everything in power to keep them protected. Spending money to install safety measures like high-tech security systems, replacing regular locks with the strong ones, keeping the surrounding area of your house well-lit at night etc., are rewarding investments.

But did you ever get the thought that window covering can also play a vital role in ensuring the privacy and safety of your home and family? Family window treatment ideas are about more than just a window covering that adds beauty and style to your home. Most homeowners overlook the aspect that blinds and shades can be used for safety and security as well. The right kind of window covering can create a safe and worry-free environment both inside and outside your home.

Here, we will discuss the top ways in which a window covering can give you tranquillity and a sense of safety at any time of day.


  • Window Coverings Protect Your Privacy

The most important function of a window covering is to keep prying eyes away. Nobody likes snoopy strangers or neighbors to be able to see inside their home. Most homeowners opt to hang curtains and soft draperies around windows. When closed completely, you can cover windows and stop others from viewing inside. Virtually all blinds and shades are capable of protecting privacy. However, there are some family window treatment ideas that can provide more privacy than any other window treatment idea. One of the best options in privacy control is to install top-down shades. These can be lowered from the top to allow natural light to enter while still blocking views in from the bottom. Moreover, you can also order many varieties of blinds and shades with optional blackout fabrics and privacy liners, or even remote control window blinds to enhance your family’s privacy.

 Remote Control Window Blinds


  • Window Coverings Protect Your Skin

When spending the day out in hot summers, we apply sunscreen to protect our skin from getting damaged. Ultraviolet radiation is the main reason for skin problems and the sun’s damaging effects even though they constitute only 40% of the sunlight. It results in premature ageing, sunburns, and in the worst cases, even skin cancer. Sunscreen can protect you and your family from these harmful radiations whenever you go out of the house but, what about when you’re inside your home? It’s simply not practical to have sunscreen on all day, every day.

According to the researches, windows can block only 40% to 50% of the ultraviolet radiations entering your home. This means another 50% is still entering your home and this is more than enough to cause harm to your skin. In the absence of appropriate family window treatment ideas, these radiations can cause serious damage to your family’s health and wellness.

It is better to install blinds and shades that can absorb the UV rays from the sun. Solar roller shades are among the best heat-blocking window treatments to counter the ultraviolet rays. They are good enough to block 90-99% of the UV rays while maintaining a decent view to the outside. In this way, you have sufficient natural light entering your room and you won’t have to rely on artificial lights.

Heat Blocking Window Coverings


  •  Window Coverings Protect Your Home

One of the main reasons criminals try to target a house is that they are able to take a peek on the valuables in your possession. Once they become aware of their target, even a strong lock or low tech security system can be easy to get through for someone determined enough. The situation gets worse during nights because the lights inside your home make it easier to see inside while you can’t see out.

The easiest way to stop someone from getting a view inside of your home is to install blinds and shades. They can be closed at night time or even all day to block the view from outside. This increases the privacy of you and your family and the security of your home and your belongings. Some modern blinds can be used to create complete darkness inside your room even during the day, while some allow natural light to enter your home and while blocking the view from the outside. The choice between them depends on your preferences, but they all are very capable of keeping you safe from prying eyes.

Blackout Roller Window Shades


  • CPSC Compliant Window Coverings are Safe for Small Children and Pets

In recent years, there has been a lot of development and changes in designs and mechanism of blinds and shades to neutralize the potential damage they pose to small children and pets. Earlier window treatments were mostly made of nylon and cloth while utilizing the chain lift cords. These cords were easy to reach by small children and pets especially after climbing small furniture, and so they presented a choking and hanging threat.

Now, such threats have been eliminated by the invention of CPSC compliant window coverings. These child safe window blinds and shades come with cord cleats to keep them safely out of reach. Moreover, you can also choose to install cordless blinds and shades to eliminate any kind of injuries related to cords.

Child Safe Window Shades


  • Window Coverings Enhance Your Sleep and Overall Health

For you and your family’s wellness and liveliness, nothing can beat the benefits of a good night’s sleep. However, the presence of outside lights and unwanted noises keeps us tossing and turning, causing frequent wakeups which results in complete loss of rest and unpleasant sleeping schedules.

With the help of the right window treatment, your bedroom can be converted into a sleep sanctuary that can block light, reduce noise, and also keep the temperature under control. This enhances your health and gives you more energy to complete your daily errands during the day. Such insulated window coverings also play an important role to provide a quality and uninterrupted sleep to support the growth and development of the immune system in babies and small children.

Smart Google Home Cellular Shades


  • Window Coverings Protect Your Furniture

The UV radiations from the sun have a damaging effect on your skin as well as your furniture. You must have noticed partial fading or discoloration on your chair, table, and other furniture in your home. This is due to the damaging effect of UV rays on natural materials like wood and fabrics. When exposed to UV rays for a long time, wood stains lose their shimmer and dyes fade and change color. Moreover, due to excessive heating and cooling, wood furniture tends to warp as a result of frequent expansion and reduction of wood fibres. In addition to protecting you and your family, family window treatments protect furniture and walls from damage. They filter out the UV rays (up to 99%) and allow soft natural light to enter your home, protecting everything inside.




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