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Fancy Window Blinds to Dress Up Your Bay Windows

Fancy Window Blinds

The Ultimate Fancy Blinds for Your Bay Windows

The angular window frames of your bay window add classic charm and elegance to your home. At the same time, finding a window treatment for these windows is a truly tricky business. The job cannot be done by any regular window treatments. A fancy window always needs a Fancy Window blinds to cover them perfectly, without disturbing the beauty and charm of the windows. In this post, you are going to learn about how you can dress up your bay windows to make them look even fancier than they already are!


Top Fancy Window Blinds and Shades to Decorate Your Bay Windows

1) Bay Window Drapes


Bay Windows look like they are projecting outward from the main walls of a building. These windows were often found in chapels and churches. Researches have shown the windows to be used during the medieval and Gothic period mostly. Victorian houses also use this beautiful window formation in their architecture.

These protruding window constructions can both be at a ground level or at a higher level. They are usually three or four-sided. The bay windows add character to the house when we look at it from the exterior and at the same time, it creates a free space within the house that looks like a cozy little corner. Since they are angled, finding window treatments for these kinds of the window has been proven to be a tough job. However, dressing them up is absolutely necessary at times when we need privacy or reduce the amount of light falling in through these Windows.

Bay window drapes have become a popular solution to dressing your bay windows. Since the fabric falls and conforms to the shape of the window, they can elegantly curve across the angled windows and make them look as one. Their different materials allow you to cover the window for privacy or to let light in if needed.

 Bay Window Drapes


2) Exterior Window Shutters for Your Bay Windows


As mentioned before, bay windows add character to the house but when it comes to adding character to the windows, that job is done well by the Exterior Window Shutters.

Window shutters are usually made up of wood and come in two different styles. They can either be louvered shutters which have slats and gaps to let in light to enter your home. On the other hand, they can be a single board shutter that can be opened or closed as and when required.

These shutters create a huge impact on the appearance of a house from the outside. At the same time, they are also one of the first window treatments to lose their charm since they are used and abused extensively in most houses. Over time, it may actually look very dirty and decrease the value of your home. However, these shutters can be easily fixed and the beauty of your home can be reclaimed with a little effort. The yesteryear charm brought forth by these wooden shutters to your home is worth the efforts it takes to maintain them.

Exterior Window Shutters


3) The Option of Bay Window Shutters for a Charming Looking Interiors


Bay window shutters are just like the exterior window shutters, but specifically designed for the Bay windows. They also work from the interiors of the home rather than the exteriors, but otherwise, they look very similar to the exterior shutters.

Shutters are preferred for generations now as they are very easy to install and maintain. They also provide absolute privacy from the people on the streets or the bustling traffic outside the house. They are able to block away the light to a huge extent so that you can set the ambiance of the room as per your requirement. Since they are made of wood, they look all time classy and add a lot of elegance to the home. These window shutters come in a range of neutral colors making it look all the classier.

Finding fancy window blinds or shades for the bay windows can be quite challenging due to their angular appearance. The window treatments should be able to cover the window completely, at the same time, they shouldn’t overlap at the corners where the windows are angled. Since shutters are specifically designed to be fitted for bay windows, you can worry less about the shortcomings of your window and enjoy their unique style and classy look instead.

Wooden Shutters for Bay Windows


4) Modern Window Blinds for Bay Windows In Your Home


You can always find more modern window blinds or shades for the bay windows since window designs are constantly changing. There are options for cellular shades and blinds that can be the best choice for your bay windows. They are able to block the light without compromising on the view, unlike the wooden shutters. At the same time, they also provide the required amount of privacy to your house. Cellular shades are also said to be able to trap external air so that space is protected from temperature fluctuations due to external factors.

Motorized Cellular Shades for Bay Windows


However, when it comes to drapes and blinds, one of the biggest issues is the fixtures of the window treatment. Since bay windows are unique, they are also irregular and most of the curtain and drapes fittings are pretty standard. In such cases, you may have to install fixtures specific for bay windows so that you can install the window blinds without too much of a struggle. Otherwise, you may have to involve an interior decorator to find the right way to install the fixtures and the drapes.

Now that you have taken care of dressing up your bay windows with a few fancy window blinds, it is up to you to use the space as you wish. You can put in some sofa chairs and use the space to have a cup of coffee while you enjoy the view. Or maybe add a few bean bag chairs and turn the space into a relaxing spot for reading.

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