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Finding the Perfect Privacy Curtains and Window Treatments in Vancouver is Now Easier than Ever!

Privacy Curtains

Whenever someone asks us what we need window treatments for, the first thing that pops in our mind is, ‘we need them for our privacy and safety.’ The rest of the necessities only follow this very first instinct. It may be for spending some family time without the interference of any strangers peeping through our windows. We may want to feel safe while we are having some alone time or changing clothes etc. It may be for setting a safe and private ambiance while having a romantic dinner date with our partner. Whatever the reason may be, when we think of privacy, the first thing we do is shut the window treatments. Privacy is the epitome of all the requirements when we think about choosing a window treatment for our house. Hence privacy curtains are more of a necessity than a luxury.


Blackout Window Curtains


The Importance of Privacy Curtains in Our Lives

If you have ever stayed alone at home, I am sure you have felt this queasy feeling that makes you feel unsafe, like someone is spying on you. Whenever such a feeling of uneasiness comes upon us, the first thing we do is to walk to our windows and pull the curtains close. It is an instinctive action and all of a sudden we feel a lot safer and secure. This is just one of the many functions that is provided by the privacy curtains.

Privacy curtains are window treatments designed to block out the view for any onlookers from outside the house. These curtains are built using a range of fabrics and materials based on the kind of ambiance we would like to achieve in a given space. Putting up a window treatment that provides complete privacy does not mean that you have to compromise on the view from inside the house or settle for a very dark and dingy room. There are wide range of fabrics that provide privacy as well as light control in such a way that neither your view nor the ambiance of the room will be affected by these blackout window treatments.

It is possible to darken the room and set the ambiance for rest and rejuvenation. It is also possible to achieve a romantic ambiance in a given space with soft light streaming in through the curtains and filling the space with a dreamy glow. It is possible to fill the space with the light and breeze and keep the space lively with all the natural light flowing in. And the best part is, you can achieve any of the above-said ambiance without having to compromise on your privacy.

 Blackout Window Treatments


Complete Blackout Shades for Privacy and Rest

Whenever we think about curtains providing privacy, the first thing that pops into our mind is the complete blackout shades, that can make our room sleep-ready at any point of the day. If there is no way for light to pass through the curtains, then there is no way for anybody to look through the curtains as well. Blackout window coverings are used to trap the light and keep them away from the room. They can block away up to 99% off the light and provide a dark and cool ambiance. This kind of window treatment is best suited for bedrooms and media rooms where we need and value absolute darkness.

Blackout shades also happen to come in very elegant and sophisticated looks that add to the beauty of the interiors. They do not necessarily have to be in black or dark shades, as it is not the color of the shade that blocks the light. It is actually the fabric of the window treatment that is woven together in such a way that it does not let any light pass through them. Hence this kind of window treatment can be found in a range of shades and colors to choose from. Apart from providing the right kind of privacy, they can also help in blocking away the light and the harmful UV radiations from the sun. This way, you can cuddle into your duvet and get some rest at any point of the day. It doesn’t matter if the sun is blazing outside your windows. Your room can be turned dark and sleep ready at your beck and call with these window treatments.

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Privacy and Comfort with Motorized Blinds

It is a well-known fact that when everything else is taken care of, the only other thing that a human mind can think of is comfort. Now that you have chosen a window treatment that provides better light control, complete privacy, and that protects your home, why not take it a step ahead and motorize these shades for more comfortable operation.

Finding motorized window treatments is both easy as well as a necessity when it comes to modernizing your home. Today, homes have become Smart homes, gadgets have become smart gadgets, and devices have become smart devices. So it is only fair to switch the window treatments into smart window treatments as well so that they can fit into your home and integrate with your other smart devices. Motorization of the window treatments makes them simple and easy to use. Since they are also cordless, they are also a safer, more secure, and hassle-free option at home that is filled with toddlers and pets.

Motorized Blackout Roller Shades


This kind of window treatment is an amazing option for specially shaped windows as well as windows that are hard to reach. You can operate these window treatments with the press of a button over remote control system or you can integrate it with your smartphone as well. Blackout Blinds can also be integrated into your smart home system so that it can be operated over nothing but voice commands. You can achieve various levels of privacy and view from the window based on the type of voice command. You can raise the curtains by 25% or close the curtains by 100%. It is entirely up to your requirement and how well you have integrated the window treatments with your voice commands. That is all it takes to operate these smart window treatments to achieve a lot more than just privacy. This kind of privacy curtains window treatment option is surely well suited for every smart and modern home.

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