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Fit For A King – Window Shades for your Large Mansion Windows

Mansion Window Treatments

Mansion Window Treatments

Window treatments can set the tone for any room by adding natural sunlight or taking it away. Having large windows is a major plus in any home – they add character and provide much coveted natural light. Without window treatments, however, space will look unfinished.


No matter how proud you are of your home, we’re willing to bet you don’t want passers-by to be able to constantly look into your windows. Window treatments help you to protect the privacy of your interior spaces by obscuring the view from outside. They can also work as energy efficient window treatment by blocking drafts and heat loss from leaky windows in the winter, or full-on sun at the height of summer.


Whether you choose blinds, shutters, or curtains, windows are a good place that can change the look of your overall room by designing and injecting your own personal style. Before deciding on treatment, determine what function the window covering needs to serve and the aesthetic you want it to reflect. Is it for a bedroom or your living room? Blinds that shut out glare from the sun are a good choice. Are you looking for an elegant touch to a dining room window? Do you need privacy?


So think about both utility and design before making your decision. There are so many options for great window treatment ideas that work for every budget and skill level.

Below are the most popular window coverings for large mansion windows:


Window Treatments For Large Mansion Windows


Smart Motorized Blinds Canada –

These types of shades keep glare off your screens, block the UV rays from damaging your furniture, artwork, and even health. Motorized Blinds and Shades are cordless, and are great for child and pet safety. Graber uses a unique Virtual Cord motorization system that communicates using Z-wave plus. By connecting the shades with a Z-wave compatible smart hub like Samsung SmartThings, Wink, Vera Plus, you can control your shades using a smartphone app. For voice control, connect the Smart Hub with compatible Voice assistant speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home and allowing you to monitor, control, and secure your home from anywhere. If you don’t have a hub, keep it simple and use the included single channel remote control to control single shades or a group of shades simultaneously. Choose from a variety of valance and fabric types to match the look of your room.


Smart Window Blinds


Faux Wood Blinds Canada –

Want the look of beautiful wood blinds to decorate your home? This incredibly economical and flexible choice is available in a wide range of decor styles and is customizable to fit your windows perfectly. Faux Wood Blinds are the right choice when you need total privacy and darkness at night, but you want to enjoy the bright sunlight during the day. You can choose from our wide range of selections for your beautiful mansion windows.


Faux wood Blinds For Mansion Windows


Window Shutters For Mansion –

Shutters are the original window treatment, which simultaneously blocks unwanted sunlight, protects interiors, and provides ventilation. Window Shutters Canada are mainly used in warmer climates. The shutters can be a perfect fit for your windows and can sit comfortably on the frame of the windows. If you wish to gently illuminate your home with the natural light from outside, then just place the louvers in an open position. If you do not want the light and heat to enter your room, then just place the louvers in a closed position.


Mansion Window Shutters


Window Curtains –

Want to have a distinguished look for the enormous windows of your mansion? Window Curtains Canada are one of the unique window treatment ideas. They are a brilliant and surprisingly affordable solution for bedrooms where you want to be able to block light easily.


Curtains For Large Windows Mansion


Every home is unique and requires it’s own consideration. Whether you’re looking for something to complement your historic home or treatment that is more contemporary, let us help find the right window treatments for your beautiful mansion.


Browse our full selection to get the best products to give you a beautiful and modern look to your large windows.

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