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Flowing Sheers of Horizontal Sheer Shades

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Sheer Shades are an excellent choice when furnishing your windows. They offer a fresh, airy atmosphere and a modern sophisticated look. Relax and enjoy the beautiful summer and winter exterior views from inside your room in style. Recently the number of styles and options available in the window treatment market has increased, and sheer shades have been wildly popular. The main types of Sheer Shades available are the contemporary style of horizontal sheer shades like Zebra Sheer Shades or Zebra Flat Shades and Crown Sheer Shades. Both Zebra Sheer Shades and Crown Sheer shades are designed with different functions and patterns. Most of the sheers come in white, off-white or light gray at retail stores. ZebraBlinds supplies a choice of colors and attractive styles of Custom Zebra Sheer Shades and Custom Crown Sheer Shades. One can easily select and customize them online, and with free shipping.

What are Zebra Sheer Shades?

Zebra Sheer Shades are made from a particular style of alternative horizontal two to three inch wide room darkening or light filtering band and two and a half inch sheer band material. The dual layers of this uniquely designed opaque or semi-opaque band fabrics hang on a durable aluminum headrail alongside a bottom hem bar to provide smooth operation. The additional option of a color coordinated fabric wrapped headrail or cassette valance provides an extra level of elegance that is just not available anywhere else. With the Zebra Sheer shade, we can control light on multiple levels and provide a level of privacy that is just not available with anything else. Without raising the zebra sheer shades, you can easily see outside by simply realigning the sheer bands on the shade. When we need maximum privacy the zebra sheer shade can be closed by overlapping the opaque and sheer bands. The lovely continuous loop beaded chain or the metal chain lift option with a chain guide provides a smooth and easy way to operate the shade. The chain guide that can be fixed tightly to the adjacent walls or window side sill provides a clean appearance and makes it safer for young children and pets. The light filtering fabrics of zebra sheer shades gives lets light into the room even when the shades are closed while the room darkening fabrics of this shade gives reduces light and darkens the room. This ultra-style and functional Custom Zebra Sheer Shades is ideal for small and large windows or doors and ensure a sophisticated elegance any room in one’s home, restaurant, cottage, apartment, etc.


What is Crown Sheer Shade?

Crown-Sheer-Shades - ZebraBlinds.ca
Crown Horizontal Sheer Shades



Crown horizontal sheer shades are made of floating light filtering vanes in between two soft, smooth, sheer materials under a durable and quality aluminum headrail and bottom rail. The crown sheer shade can close and open without raising the sheer shade; allowing you to enjoy the sunlight while maintaining your privacy. It is closed and opened by tilting the dual layers of sheer panels that hold the floating light- filtering vane. Crown offers four different bright colors of floating vanes such as white, ivory, beige and chocolate. These smooth, colorful silky vanes are available in two inches and two and three-quarter inches width. During day time if this sheer shade is in the closed position the shades can filter light. During night time, when the lights are on, and the crown sheer shades are in closed, a silhouette can be seen outside if someone stands close to the window. The Crown Sheer Shade is custom made and ideal for all small or large wide windows and sliding doors. These horizontal sheer shades are available from  a minimum of 18-inch wide and to a maximum of 96-inch widths and a minimum length of 12 inches to a maximum of 96-inch longer. These alluring, stylish light filtering Crown Sheer Shades are perfect for all rooms except the bedroom (due to their light filtering properties). The crown sheer shades are available with a continuous loop beaded chain or a metal chain lift in terms of control.
The light control of blinds with the elegance of sheer fabric beauty, versatility and performance combined adjustable fabric slats are connected between front and back sheer fabric layers adjust the slats to get exactly the mix of natural light and privacy that you desire three light filtering layers provide substantial privacy when fully closed, or choose a room darkening style for optimal privacy diffuses sunlight and helps filter out UV light and cut glare a continuous loop cord control makes positioning of the slat panels easy and precise aluminum head rail and bottom rail hidden bracket system for a trim appearance. Easy to care by just dusting or vacuuming using the soft brush attachment.


Point of differentiation: The Manhattan Crown Sheer Shade is a woven, single piece, cellular fabric.
Silhouette, Shangri La and variations are made of several pieces of fabric using a vane construction. It is important not to confuse the two. Crown Sheer Shade does not achieve its light control through vanes, rather through a cellular system with walls of varied opacity. There are several key advantages to the single piece cellular construction:
No gluing, so there’s never a de-lamination, which is quite common in the multi-piece “vane” construction.
● The single piece weaving method ensures consistent tension which eliminates waviness and lack of full opening/closure; common defects of the multi-piece “vane” construction.

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