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Cover Your Garage in Style With These Garage Window Covering Ideas

Garage Window Treatments

Most Effective Garage Window Treatment Ideas

Window coverings are often overlooked by many homeowners while redesigning their home, but windows play a very vital role in making or breaking the ambiance of your space. Whether the windows are in your bedroom, your living room, kitchen, bathroom or in the garage, they still contribute to the overall look and feel of your home. The garage is a very creative and important space of the home which not only stores vehicles but is also home to many other recreational works like DIY projects, working out, gaming, and sometimes even office work. Garages are more like an additional room for homeowners. It is where people spend a considerable amount of time doing various work and physical and creative activity.


If you are also among those who love to spend time in your garage for experimenting with things, then it is quite possible that you have dealt with the scorching sun entering from the windows and directly throwing harsh glare in your eyes. If so, then wait no more and start thinking about implementing window coverings. As UV radiations can be harmful to your skin and even for the tools and vehicles placed there, garage window treatments will shield your garage and make it comfortable and safe. The sun rays make working and completing any task even more difficult as they raise the temperature of the space and irritate your eyes. If the windows of your garages are not covered, then there is no privacy control which makes the place unsafe. So for keeping prowlers away from peeking inside during day or night, you should opt for garage window treatments.

 Window Blinds and Shades for Garage


ZebraBlinds is a one-stop solution and the best place to order blinds online whether you want blinds for bedrooms, living rooms, lobby area, backyard, kitchen, garages, bathrooms, etc. We offer a great collection which is durable, long-lasting and affordable. Our every product is available in numerous specifications like color, texture, materials, functionalities, shapes, sizes, and designs. You can select the one which matches the theme of your home as well as which fulfills the requirement of heat, light, noise, and privacy control.


Before opting for any garage window treatments, you must know about the options available in the market and which one suits you best. We have collated a list of various window covering ideas to help you out and to guide you in selecting the most suitable one.


Best Garage Window Treatments Available at ZebraBlinds


#1.Thermal Window Blinds & Shades:

These sun blocking window treatments absorb the UV radiations and help to maintain a nice temperature inside. They not only block the harsh sun rays but also block unnecessary noises outside, making the ambiance peaceful and relaxing. We generally keep so many tools along with vehicles in the garage which being in direct contact with the sun can get damaged. So filtering these sun rays is essential.


#2. Cellular Blackout Shades Cordless:

Blackout shades are to completely block the sun rays entering the garage. This will keep your garage cool and comfortable. A comfortable atmosphere also affects productivity and focus.

 Blackout Shades for Garage


#3. Sheer Roller Shades:

For maintaining your view and light control, you can opt for sheer roller shades for your garage windows. They block any excess amount of light and let in a suitable amount to merge with the artificial light for creating a perfect ambiance.


#4. Vertical Blinds:

If your garage has a large size or long windows, then vertical blinds are the most suitable option. Vertical blinds block the light with overlapping slats. These blinds come in various colors, textures, and shapes. These windows coverings are also best for patio doors.


#5. Exterior Solar Shades:

Solar shades offer perfect insulation from outside weather conditions. They absorb the sunlight and pass only the diffused light inside for a comfortable ambiance.

 Exterior Solar Shades for Garage


#6. Smart Dual Shades:

These shades are two-in-one. They have the features of both kinds of shades – blackout and sheer. You can customize them as per your requirement and choice. With these blinds, you can have control over light and privacy and can also adjust the level as per the time of the day. Two types of window coverings are built into one headrail which makes this option versatile and useful.


#7. Natural Shades:

Bring nature to your garage and make the ambiance perfect and soothing to complete various DIY projects by implementing natural shades. These are crafted from wood, jute, bamboo or other natural materials. These window coverings are nature-friendly and budget-friendly as well.


#8. Shutters:

Shutters are the most popular window covering solutions for garages. They can be crafted from vinyl, wood or wood composite. They offer gentle illumination to your home with the natural light. They provide an elegant and sleek look to the garages.

 Window Shutters for Garage


Benefits Of Garage Window Treatments


Temperature & Light Control:

Garages are outside the home so they are in direct contact with the harsh sun. They get the maximum amount of light and heat which raises the temperature and make the place hot and uncomfortable. Windows are the major source where harmful UV radiations enter into the garage. Covering them will keep the temperature maintained and also block any excess amount of light. Your garage will become a comfortable space than where you can do any kind of work without any disturbance. Our sun porch window treatments block the sunlight and harsh glare from entering inside, keeping the ambiance of the inside soothing and relaxing. They shield the space from outside harsh weather conditions.



People can peak inside easily from uncovered windows which are not safe. So, to make the garage safe and sound, window coverings are an important implementation. Privacy remains a major concern for most of the homeowners as garages have expensive vehicles and other tools or office instruments as well. Window blinds and shades give you control with which you can adjust the privacy as per your requirement. You can block the entire view or can also keep the view while blocking the harsh light. The choice is yours.


Saves Energy:

The lower the temperature of the garage, the less reliable you’ll have on your air conditioner, and the lesser your energy bills. Thus, the implementation of window blinds and shades is a worthy investment which will allow you a considerable amount of savings.


Neat and Clean Appearance:

Garages create a messy, rough & tough look in the mind but you can enhance the look and feel of your garage with window blinds and shades. They, along with serving the purpose of blocking the scorching sun, also give a neat look. You can select the color and design of the window coverings as per your choice or you can also get them customized under your budget.



These window treatment solutions have no side effects on the outside environment, unlike an air conditioner which emits harmful radiations. These radiations make the environment unhealthy and polluted. Garage Window Treatments are affordable as well as nature-friendly. They serve the purpose effectively without hampering the mother nature.

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