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Geometric Patterns – The In Thing – Custom Drapery Panels

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The Use of Patterns to Create Bold, Dynamic and Electric Interiors

I have been decorating homes for my customers for quite a few decades now. I have seen the rise and fall of many trends in home furnishings and interior décor. My policy is to please the customer with what they require. When it comes to window treatments, I have seen a rise in the popularity of geometric patterns among the consumers today.



Different Patterns

Window dressings are available in many types of patterns, some are modern, and others are well-established classics that continue to be popular among some elite groups of people. At times, I come across homeowners in their 80’s who prefer the bold modern designs, whereas the youngsters would love to go with the most established style, which kind of surprises me.
When it comes to popular pattern on fabrics, I observe that the Gingham, Glen Plaid or Glenurquhart check, windowpane, Seersucker, Pinstripes, Chalk stripes, Houndstooth, Nailhead, and Herringbone are some of the classic patterns that have been popular and been in trend through the decades. They are popular on clothes as well.



Creating Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns in home décor are created using many of geometric shapes like the square, rectangle, dots, lines, arcs, circles, triangles and many more. The arrangement and repetition of these patterns create the final design of the product. Many consumers do not realize that the formations of patterns they see on fabrics are created by elite craftsmen who follow certain rules to create them. If you closely observe patterns on your furnishings, you will see that the designs are created using two different patterns in terms of size. The thick lines will never be combined with more thick lines but will be blended with small lines, and polka dots or squares with more smaller similar anchors for the final visual effect and sometimes optical illusions which gives the fabric dynamic appearance. I love to play with the patterns when decorating a home to create a great visual vibrancy in the rooms.
Geometric patterns are at times picked up from nature as well. For example, many window treatments have the Snowflake Pattern, which illustrates a beautiful form known throughout the world. It is found in every culture on every continent and is popular even to this day. The ancient Greek mathematicians and philosophers were intrigued by a pattern commonly now known as Six-Around-One and the principles it displayed. In this pattern, six equal circles are arranged around one in the centre, clearly showing the relationships that occur in a Six-Around-One pattern. It is said that the Greeks observed it in nature and taught it in their schools. Today, it is used to decorate window coverings in various different forms.
Chevron is a popular pattern with a bold design created with the repetition of V-shaped patterns. The wavy designs, when used in home décor, creates a really strong impact on a room with its hard edge visual appeal. The design looks great on window treatments if the floor has a similar pattern. Chevron pattern is created by arranging wooden floorboards or tiles in the pattern as well. Drapery that has chevron pattern makes the interiors more vibrant and interesting, especially if the other furnishings compliment it. Artisan Pleated Naturals Graber Drapery Panels in Chevron Woodsage 3424 fabric would look great on windows in a room which has wooden flooring in Chevron as well.


Artisan-Custom-Drapery-Panels-Canada -



The Trending Style

Geometric patterns were quite popular in the past with their striking and versatile appearance. We do see extensive use of hexagons, diamonds, quatrefoils, and many more patterns in ancient architecture as we see them today. Unlike the loud designs that are used in many patterns, geometric designs can be created with light, subtle colors effectively. They can also be monochromatic with a little variance of shades. The best example of monochromatic geometric patterns can be seen on Artisan Rod Pocket Whites Graber Drapery Panels that are available in the different variants of the color white. The different fabric styles of these Drapery panels can lend a superior look to the decor of your home in addition to giving your window chick and modern appearance. These drapery panels are the personification of modern day design that looks superbly fashionable. The white color of these drapery panels can match well with different styles and designs of the interior decor that might be prevalent at your home. You can observe the geometric patterns on Solace Seasalt, Grace Candle, Trusses Truffle, or Vista Wedding, which would give you the best example monochromatic geometric patterns.
You can let your creativity loose to decorate your home with clear geometric lines in various patterns. Some designs are known to increase the energetic vibes. The clean geometric lines can instill an energetic environment in your home.
Floral patterns on window dressings are things of past. Geometric patterns in home décor are the trending styles, and they are also available in wide range of colors today. Be it window treatment or any other home furnishings, people prefer geometric patterns over natural designs because they blend in well with modern home architecture and dress styles. With changing designs of home architecture, bold geometric prints are the ‘IN’ thing today. From fashion designers who design clothes for the ramp to interior designers who decorate our homes, everyone prefers geometric patterns, so do my customers and I am more than happy to play with the geometric patterns.




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